Krimanshi – Startup by a young biotech engineer who helps farmer increase their cattle produce by using products made from surplus food

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By 2050, our agriculture system would be burdened to feed almost 9 billion people. The resources present are limited on earth. And growing food to feed the livestock will also become a burden. It is prime time to switch to alternative means and develop cost-effective solutions for large livestock.

The government, too, has recognized this problem. We need to use agricultural waste to create value and employment. Krimanshi works on the same model and uses an unconventional and sustainable system of feeding. It valorizes surplus food and food residue into highly nutritious to feed animals.

The Founder of Krimanshi

Nikhil Bora founded Krimanshi in 2015. He is a biotech engineer. He has done in-depth research in harvesting and cultivating microalgae as an alternative food resource. Nikhil has developed an animal feed that can increase milk production naturally.

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Problems Faced By Farmers of Rajasthan

Nikhil Bora mentioned, “I found Krimanshi to address the problem of feed and fodder deficiency in Rajasthan, where every 4th year is a drought year. The natural ecosystem does not support the agricultural activities, and most of the farmers in the villages depend upon raising livestock for their livelihoods.”

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One farmer mentioned, “It gets freezing during winter. Our cumin and mustard crops get destroyed by the chill. This loss adds to our difficulties. Water scarcity is also a tremendous problem for farmers in Rajasthan. The survival of our cattle is always at stake. With no water, we travel 8-9 kilometers daily to arrange some amount of water. “

The Purpose of Krimanshi

Krimanshi was started with a purpose, to re-utilize and reuse the resources that are already in place. The startup is not inventing any new solutions rather it is trying to upcycle the surplus, agricultural, and food remains to feed the vast cattle population. The aim is to decrease the load on the environment by reusing the waste that is generated either in forests, farms, or urban areas.

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Krimanshi works with farmer organizations and small retailers in the villages. It helps them get direct access to the farmers and they can provide cost-effective solutions to end-users.

Another farmer mentioned, “I started using the Krimanshi products 4 months ago and since then I can observe a big difference. I have seen the milk production of my cattle increase, the quality is better and the health of my cattle has improved. Milk fat has also increased and now I am feeding it to my calves now.”

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Benefits to The Farmers

Cows are sacred in India, especially in Rajasthan. Cows are an important source of livelihood for the people living in rural areas. Rural communities have thrived for ages by selling cattle milk. Milk and other products have also been the major source of nutrition for these communities.

Krimanshi tries to live up to the expectations of the farmers by helping them keep their cattle healthy. By increasing the potential of the cattle to produce more milk and better milk ethically.

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Helping Animal Shelters

In India, apart from their economic importance, cattle also hold a special place religiously and culturally. Krimanshi supplies their feed to some of the animal shelters that take care of sick and unproductive cattle. One woman working at a cattle shelter mentioned, “We provide the best living conditions for the cattle. We provide water to the cattle and food. Taking care of cows makes me happy.”

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Reusing Resources for Animals

With climate change and decreasing grasslands, it is important for the dairy sector to upcycle and reuse. We should use our existing resources to feed our increasing animal population. Krimanshi is trying to increase the income of dairy farmers so that they can keep producing the milk to keep feeding the ever-increasing human population.

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To know more about Krimanshi, please check – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

To know more about Nikhil Bora, please check – LinkedIn.

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