777 Charlie : Heartwarming Movie Starring A Dog Spreads A Word To ‘Adopt & Not Shop’

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777 Charlie

We all need a narrative that makes us believe in love and redemption. A new story that will allay our fears and alienation, which have become all too prevalent in a world where there is an excessive emphasis on social and material achievement, as well as a great deal of suspicion and distrust of the other. 

777 Charlie, a most awaited movie, was released on June 10. It is not just a movie but an emotion. The movie shows the complexities of the new prevention of cruelty to animals guidelines, breeding, and adoption is very inspiring and creates awareness amongst people.  

The film, directed by Kiranraj K, delves into the more recent waking realities of animal welfare, such as adoption, the common crime of unlawful breeding, and even the devastating genetic disease.

Human-Animal Relationship Through A Heart-Warming Movie 

Rakshit and Charlie will take you on a roller coaster of emotions while exhibiting a great human-animal relationship. 

K Kiranji, a first-time screenwriter, writes an original script and directed it. A few moments depicting stray dogs being mistreated are hard-hitting and serve as a societal mirror, pleasantly pinching the spectator. 

777 Charlie: If You Are Lucky, A Dog Will Find Your Way 

In the script, the line “If you’re lucky, a dog will come into your life” is brilliantly used. A scenario in which Rakshit opens up and realizes himself as a consequence of Charlie is quite powerful. 

The story takes you through a variety of locations, from Mysuru to Kashmir. The old streets of Mysuru, the idli shop, Rakshit’s rustic residence, the valleys of Kashmir, and other spots along the way are all beautifully shot to captivate you.

The Movie Pays Tribute To Charlie Chaplin 

777 Charlie pays homage to Charlie Chaplin as well. The labrador Charlie’s original name is Keaton, so you’d see a reference to Chaplin’s peer, Buster Keaton. Overall, every scene in the film will keep you engrossed.

Dharma’s home features multiple references to Charlie Chaplin’s work, including “A Dog’s Life” on TV at one point and “The Great Dictator’s” finale speech at another, as well as other dog films like “101 Dalmatians.”

The Ultimate Message 

Now for the most crucial part: 777 Charlie is aware of the challenges with pets in India and has the politics mostly straight, which is an infrequent situation in Indian movies. The story’s choice of Charlie’s disease alludes to India’s widespread practice of inbreeding among breeders; the issue of gated communities and residential colonies precluding pets is used to incite dispute between Dharma and other citizens, and a brief scene in which the mother tells her child not to touch Charlie after noticing lesions on his body highlights our prejudice against sick animals.

In the climax of 777 Charlie, Dharma is shown holding a newly born puppy – presumably Charlie’s– which is ironic for a film that finishes with a message flashing from across the screen encouraging people to adopt animals. The dog show scenario will make many animal welfare workers grimace, as it is generally recognised that excessive enthusiasm for dog shows may harm our pets’ life. 

777 Charlie is a feel-good movie that would attract everyone. It is the first Kannada film to include a dog in the starring role. However, a word of advice to all dog lovers: don’t forget to bring more than enough tissues and hankies.

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