This Man Made Gold Out Of Banana Leaf- One Of The Most Inspiring India’s Youngest Scientists, Gopal Jee

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India's youngest scientist

How the path of conventional theoretical study got this Bihar boy into the limelight and made him India’s youngest scientist. We as Indians have often criticized India for its education system and the methods adopted by it. Still, we never ourselves have tried to do something extraordinary. But this Bihar boy can change your mind within seconds about our conventional style of studying.


When asked where did you got this Billion dollar idea from Gopal Jee, he had the simplest answer,

The place it should have arised from, My School, My education. I always had a practical approach towards studies.

Being from a small village I have usually heard people say, how ineffecient the Education system of India is but I have see this thing the other way round. How inefficent we are in grabing the education inculcated.

Gopal Jee

Gopal Jee as a student was very curious about every bit of education and absorbed every part of it theoretically as well as practically.

Padhai ko pdhna kam, jeena zyada chahhiye!

Gopal Jee
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Gopal jee’s father was a small banana farmer and he often saw his father suffer due to the devastations of monsoon which affected the crops. This led to the bright idea that made him India’s youngest scientist. Gopal jee is a popular name on the internet. and the story of this individual is overtly simple. He was interested in science and with his scientific innovation, he made a name for himself and for Bihar.

1st Step Towards The Solution Is to Have An Eye To The Problem

In our lives, we face several problems for which we are unable to find the solution and that is not because the problem is difficult or the path to a solution is unpredictable but because we don’t see the problem the right way. Problems have never been seen better before. He saw the problem as if nobody could ever see them.

Gopal jee catch the problem from the right angle. His small village in Bihar was famous for two things – The banana plantation and annually occurring floods. Both were his problems, banana plants only bear fruit once and then they are off to waste and floods make everything waste, as we all understand. After witnessing the devastation caused by the 2008 monsoons on his father’s farm, Gopal wanted to use his ideas to turn all the garbage into green energy. He just not wanted to solve the flood problem but also wanted to reuse the residuals of the cultivation: The banana leaf and The tree.

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The banana tree has very least commercial value because no use has yet been explored unlike other crops such as the mango tree or Litchi tree.

This problem provoked me, i always used to think how can we reuse the crop? How can we help the farmers so that they dont face the loss?

Gopal Jee

Know How India’s Youngest Scientist Was Born

Born on April 24, 2000, in Naugachiya, Bhagalpur, Gopal is a young Indian researcher and innovator who is also known as The “Banana boy.” Gopal has researched primarily in the field of microbiology.

Due to financial constraints, he could not get exposure of getting into the most prestigious institutions. He got his education from the Bihar board. With the most basic education and a brain of gold Gopal jee achieved all this because of his own calibre.

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Samay Laga Par Safalta Zarur Mili

He came up with an environmentally friendly way to generate electricity from banana stems while he was in just Class IX for this innovation he received the Honour of “India’s youngest scientist”. After that, the journey of new ideas and innovations never stopped. This bright mind of India kept on doing wonders and gave our country several reasons to be proud of him.

For the past 2 years, he is working on projects like bio-degradable plastic, and the replacement of thermocol and fiber pulp. Their laboratory is located in Delhi NCR- Faridabad. In his interview with MAD4INDIA, he mentioned his current success with regard to the revolutionary idea of the replacement of toxic plastic.

In today’s date we have recieved a 10 billion investmnet and are going to install a 5000 tonne plant.

Gopal Jee

As mentioned prior the banana tree is of lesser commercial value but due to the idea proposed by Mr Gopal Jee the waste banana tree is now put to good use. He sought to help the farmers and bring their residual banana trees to use.

Today’s date, we are purchasing bannana trees from farmers which is helping both us and the farmers.Next year in march -may we will launch our product in the market.

Gopal Jee

Hame safalta mili par samay laga. Hum focused rahe aur hame parinam mila.

Gopal Jee

Vigyan Kya Hai?

When I read a book I feel the things mentioned in the book are something already discovered/invented by the scientist what is expected out of us is to dig in further try to find answer for questions like WHAT NEXT- “yahi vigyan hai”.

Gopal Jee

And this is his advice to the future Batten Holders, you need to find the answers. Try and make people’s life easy with your efforts. Think out of the box and that is the key to an innovative mind.

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The road Was Rough But There Was A Road

Coming from a modest household, it was not a cakewalk for him. His family always wanted him to choose conventional career options. But he was already doing unconventional things as a school kid. When asked the easiest question to India’s youngest scientist, he had the most perfect answer.

My Father. Agar apke sath apki family hai to apko koi hara nahi sakta. And my father took time to understand my way of learning but with time he not only understood me but also supported me the most.

Gopal Jee

While coming from Bihar he faced obvious criticism when he choose to become a scientist.

Sabse pehle to sarkari nukari ki tyari krro, Doctor-engineer nahi to phir IAS-VIAS. Indian parents dont want to risk, they want to play in safe zone. & deciding to get into a new field like being a scientist was really new for my relatives.

Gopal Jee

His parents are his biggest support, Gopal’s father and sister motivate him the most in the field of science. Gopal jee is currently working as a chief scientist in the tech-foo industry. Not just that he helps many kids in achieving and fulfilling their dreams. Gopaljee is a popular motivational and career guidance speaker as well. his venture provides scholarship and guidance to all youngsters who have the zeal to grow and learn.

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Scientific Hollywood movies are what our protagonist sees during his past time. Biographies of famous personalities & scientific Hollywood movies interest him the most. He is really inspired by Milka faraday & Nikola Tesla.

Although Gopal Jee had to face several difficulties which broke him many times but his will to do something extraordinary kept him moving forward. Today he is a role model for many. Maybe he is not literally the youngest indian scientist as we know what Tenith Adithyaa or Gitanjali Roa has achieved at an extremely young age but the success he has achieved at this young age makes him a true inventor indeed.

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