From The Streets Of Motihari, Bihar To NASA, Dr. Anshu Kumari Has Made The Whole Country Proud

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Who Is Dr. Anshu Kumari?

Dr. Anshu Kumari, 30, has brought honor to Bihar by being accepted into the postdoctoral program at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). This fellowship has been given to her so that she can work on a potential solar-focused space mission.

She joined in office at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre (NASA GSFC) on February 1st, 2023, as a NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) Fellow. She specializes in creating ground-based radio equipment for tracking space weather and the sun. She will be researching the sun and its activities over the course of the next three years, primarily solar eruptions.

Anshu Kumari

Anshu Kumari has journeyed to NASA from the Motihari’s streets, a village in Bihar. The villagers, who were delighted with Anshu’s accomplishments, claimed that the daughter had given the district a distinctive international identity.

Where Does Dr. Anshu Kumari Belong, Too?

If a person desires to do something, he will overcome the obstacles and arrive at his goal. Similar events occurred in the life of Dr. Anshu Kumari, a daughter of Motihari from Bihar.

Dr. Anshu Kumari’s success has brought joy to the entire village today. She is the younger daughter of Dr. Chandrama, a professor who retired in 2022 after teaching zoology at KCTC college, and Savita Devi, a former block education officer.

Chandrama Singh, Anshu’s father, raised his daughter after her mother passed away in 2008 due to cancer. Anshu’s father, Chandrama Singh, made sure that Anshu received the best education possible.

Because of Chandrama Singh’s upbringing, Dr. Anshu Kumari has made the journey from the village’s litigants to NASA.

What Is The Education Of Dr. Anshu Kumari?

In terms of Anshu’s education, she completed the 12th standard at Piprakothi, Motihari’s Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. After that, Anshu kumari relocated to Jaipur, Rajasthan, where she earned a B. Tech degree.

From IIA Bangalore, she later earned an M-Tech and an integrated Ph.D. in astronomical instrumentation and solar physics at the Gauribidanur Radio Observatory of the IIA, Bengaluru, under the direction of Prof. R Ramesh and Dr. C. Kathiravan. After that, she spent two years as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki in Finland. She has now been chosen by NASA to work as a scientist in America.

Much Deserved Awards

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Dr. Ashu, Motihari’s daughter, raised the talent flag and brought honors to the neighborhood, state, and nation on the international stage. The news that Dr. Anshu has a job at NASA, the most renowned research organization in the world, has caused a wave of joy among the villagers. Residents of Raxaul (East Champaran) claim that his daughter Dr. Anshu Kumari has changed the district’s identity.

Dr. Anshu Kumari has already received numerous honors. She received the IIT Roorkee Best Thesis Award for Astrophysics last year. She also received the IIT Indore Young Scientist Award in December 2022. She was given the Young Scientist Award by MSET in Ranchi last year (Jharkhand).

Additionally, renowned engineering institutes across the nation have given Dr. Anshu a number of young scientist awards. She received the Madhawi-Shyam Educational Trust’s Young Scientist Award in 2021 as well as a visiting scholar grant from the Royal Observatory of Belgium in 2020.

It was really challenging for Anshu Kumari’s father to care for the kids after their mother passed away. Anshu has worked extremely hard for her career and has proved that if one has a daughter like Anshu, gender quality finds its place on its own.

Anshu Kumari
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