How ReCircle collects and recycles waste for free to protect the environment

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The amount of waste generated by every individual is increasing exponentially every year. The waste generated is not processed responsibly and it eventually lands in the landfills. Our waste is a big hazard to our environment.

Even the recyclable waste is neither segregated nor disposed of correctly. Poor waste disposal techniques are a great environmental threat. In this scenario, ReCircle is here for our rescue. ReCircle is a waste management system that collects disposable waste and then recycles the collected waste to protect the environment.

The Minds Behind ReCircle

ReCircle was the idea of three friends Gurashish Singh Sahni, Rahul Nainani, and Raunaq Sahni. It is a Mumbai-based startup.

Raunaq mentioned, “Growing up, I have observed that people dispose of garbage wherever they feel like. There is no proper waste management, segregation, or disposal system. The idea then entered our minds to bring such a system in place.”

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Asking Raddiwalas to Join

The first step taken by the trio was to find raddi collectors to join the cause. After roaming around the city for some time, the trio roped in 80 raddiwalas.

The team then onboarded five Non-Profit Organizations working in different areas like – orphans, women empowerment, rag-pickers, schools, cancer patients, etc.

Rahul mentioned, “One of the biggest challenges was to raise awareness about the usefulness of waste and convince people to donate it for a good cause.”

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Free Door Step Service for Everyone

ReCircle provides free doorstep services to offices, schools, individual homes, and institutions to dispose of their recyclable waste (raddi). The startup further supplies the waste to authorized recycling centers, ensuring sustainability and safety. Apart from collecting the recyclable waste for the benefit of the environment, the aim is to empower the local raddi collectors. 

Rajesh Gautam, one of the raddiwala, mentioned, “Initially, I could not understand the idea behind the whole process. Once I understood that the entire process benefitted the environment in several ways, I felt proud to be a part of it. Not only it benefits the environment, but it has also helped me boost my work as well. The startup has added meaning to my work.”

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Support of Customers

Over time, the number of customers increased. Today, ReCircle is highly in demand. The demand shows how people living in Mumbai are concerned about the environment and want to do their bit to protect it.

One of the customers mentioned, “I donate to ReCircle every month. What is the use of waste to me anyway? If donating the waste of my house is good for the environment and cleanliness of Mumbai, then why not? The initiative has helped me to dispose of my waste easily. The process of collection of waste is quite convenient. I have advised some of my friends to do the same.”

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Process of The Collection of Waste

People who wish to donate can visit the website and select the pickup time, date, and location. A raddiwala then visits the given location to collect the waste. The customer is given a receipt for their contribution to the NGO.

The raddiwala collects the proceeds and delivers them to the NGO. He also gets to keep a share of the proceeds. The raddi has predetermined and standardized rates. The customers are informed about the rates before a raddiwala visits their house to collect the waste. Raddiwalas do not get enough respect for their work. This initiative makes them feel good and respected.

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Impact Made

ReCircle has raised 17.5 lakhs to date. The purpose of ReCircle was to empower the customers as well by letting them play a part in helping the environment, all while saving effort and time along the way.

Hundreds of kilograms of waste have been recycled to date. ReCircle plays an active role in protecting the environment. Mad4India hopes that every other person becomes conscious about the environment too and takes inspiration from this entire initiative!

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ReCircle was formally known as RaddiConnect.

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