5 Water Startups That Dealing With The Water Crisis Solutions In India

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‘Jal hi Jeevan hai ‘…without water, we cannot imagine our lives. Despite water being the most important part of our lives; It is the most under-prioritized and overused commodity. Water is a renewable resource but due to its overconsumption; nowadays it is counted among the non-renewable resources.

Which Startups Are Solving the Water Crisis in India?

The water crisis is a natural and man-made problem faced by millions of people living in India and in the world. We at Mad4India, have brought you the list of 5 startups that are working hard to deal with the water crisis solutions in India.


Swajal is derived from the Hindi language which means ‘water for all’. This scheme was launched by the Government of India with an aim of providing piped water supply for rural areas. Under the National Rural Drinking Water Programme, the Ministry in February 2018, initiated a project in the name of “Swajal” that is designed as a demand-driven and community-centered program to provide sustainable access to drinking water to people in rural areas. They have also installed ‘Water ATMs’ at railways, hospitals, and public paces which are operated both on solar as well as with electricity.

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Under this scheme, the government has provided water crisis solutions for the rural area is taken care of; and ladies who used to walk miles to fetch water is solved.

Their main aim is to provide a clean water supply to rural areas. To have better hygiene conditions they have built numerous washrooms in the area as well. This water crisis solution is also working towards better hygiene in rural areas and environmental sanitation facilities.

You can also read about Anirudh Yadav; who with his venture ‘Sukriti’ has made public toilets and provided clean water for new India


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Source: Kheyti

The founders of Kheyti – Saumya Sahay and Satya Raghu; were so affected by the rising suicide cases of the farmers that they wanted to do something for them.

They started this project greenhouse -in a -box(GIB); launched in 2015- which is a low-cost farming method and uses less water in the process. Modular greenhouse with services that enable farmers to grow seven times as much food while using 90% less water and help smallholder farmers in India. 

water crisis solutions
Source: Source – Kheyti

To read more about Kheyti which has helped thousands of farmers save 90% of water and grow almost 7% more food. Click here

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This unique and one-of-a-kind water crisis solutions program – Uruvu labs is a startup co-founded by Swapnil Shrivastava and Venkatesh which extracts 100% renewable water from the air. The story of this unique program was when the co-founders were studying at NIT Calicut. And while traveling to the remote areas of Gujarat and Rajasthan for their project; they saw that water scarcity is a big problem prevalent in many parts of India. That’s what guided them to do something in the water crisis solutions sector.

They have done a breakthrough in water crisis solutions. They have developed technology to extract 100% renewable water from the atmosphere.

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Agua wireless system works especially in urban and developed areas and provides water crisis solutions to the people who are struggling with acute water shortage. Though urban areas are much more developed and advanced than rural areas- most of the waste generated in the river bodies is from the waste from factories and our daily waste which is harming the environment and marine animals in a big way is produced in the developed areas only. Their main aim is to tackle freshwater scarcity in the cities and developed areas where due to pollution the water is extremely polluted.

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They are using innovative technology solutions for various supply and demand inefficiencies that plague the water infrastructure within the country and provide water crisis solutions using technology and innovative ways.

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Last but not the least, Ecostp technologies are also among the top water crisis solutions in India. This Bengaluru-based startup was founded by Tharun Kumar. Their main aim is to purify every drop of wastewater. The idea is that every single drop is valuable; in a place where thousands have to walk miles to fetch water, we as privileged ones should ensure that water reaches every place.

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All these amazing startups are doing noble and applause-worthy work in managing water crisis solutions and ensuring that no one suffers from the pollution of water and scarcity of water.

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