How at the age of 12, Varun Saikia created a machine (Makara), This innovation cleans out plastic waste from water bodies

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Varun Saikia

The young generation, over the years, has become sensitive to environmental issues and is working towards resolving them via innovation. One such motivational story is of Varun Saikia. Three years ago, 12-year-old Varun designed a machine that would help to clean the water by collecting plastic from water bodies.

Interest in Creating New Models

From a very young age, Varun Saikia enjoyed creating new objects. As a child, he used to use his creativity to make innovative models. He used to collect items available at his home and then use them.

Once, while going through the news, he found that a pilot whale died after consuming plastic bags. The whale had consumed 80 plastic bags that weighed up to eight kilograms.

Varun Saikia
Image Source – Facebook

Research on Waste in Water Bodies

Varun Saikia read more about plastic waste and toxic waste in the water. He found that many species of fishes had become extinct by consuming plastic waste in water bodies. This revelation saddened him. Varun Saikia decided to do something about it. He decided to create and design a low-cost machine that would clean the water bodies like ponds, lakes, and rivers.

Varun Saikia
Image Source – Facebook

Birth of Makara

After several trials, Varun Saikia came up with a miniature version. He named his machine ‘Makara‘. With the help of the state municipal corporation, they tested their innovation. They conducted the initial tests in a small pool.

The Makara was finally taken to a local fabricator after three trials. The cost of manufacturing the machine on a practical level costs 11,000 rupees. The Makara then was tested on a local pond. It was successful in collecting up to 33 kilograms of plastic after 11 trail runs.

Varun Saikia
Image Source – Facebook

Features of The Machine

The Vadodara municipal corporation improvised the model and allotted a budget to create the model. The bigger practical model is about 20 feet. The machine is fully automated and the route the machine needs to take can be pre installed using GPS.

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The machine also has a sensor that ensures that the fishes in the water bodies do not get harmed or caught in the machine. It also records data about the amount of waste collected from different spots.

Varun Saikia
Image Source – Facebook

Award and Recognition

For the exceptional work, Varun has received awards. He won the Outstanding Achievement Award in the initiative for research and innovation in STEM national fair, 2021. Varun wants to work further to ensure the safety of marine life becomes better. He wants to clean all kinds of waste from water.

To know more about Varun Saikia, please check – Facebook and Website.

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