This ‘Tree Teacher of Rajasthan’ Is Creating A Forest In The Thar Desert, Planted More than 4.28 Lac Trees In A Desert

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When we think of Rajasthan, the first thing that often comes to mind is a vast stretch of sand. The western part of Rajasthan is famous worldwide for its harsh desert, the Thar. But, if I were to ask you, can you imagine a cluster of trees in the Thar desert? For many of us, it’s hard to even picture a desert in the Thar. However, there’s a determined tree teacher of Rajasthan who is adamant about bringing some greenery to the landscape.

In a small village called Indroi in Rajasthan’s Barmer district, there’s a man who is like a shining example for taking care of nature. His name is Bheraram Bhakhar, and he’s really good at helping the environment. He started by planting just a few flowers, and now he’s famous for doing things that help the earth. He’s been doing this for a long time and wants people to understand that trees and nature are very important.

In our previous blog, we tried to delve into the journey of this teacher of Rajasthan, which spanned several years. However, today, we’ll uncover the origins of his journey and the myriad experiences he encountered while cultivating the land for numerous years.

Bheraram Bhakhar
Bheraram Bhakhar

Tree Teacher of Rajasthan For A Reason

During a conversation with Mad4India, Bheraram Bhakhar recounts the inception of his journey, which dates back to July 1999 when he was a student. With his friends, he went to a tourist attraction at that time.

For a school activity, they were tasked with planting 50 flowering plants labeled “Safed Aakda” into the soil. It was just one school activity for all the other students but for Bheraram Bhakhar, that was more than just a school out.

Upon returning home, Bheraram was infused with a deep sense of contentment, deriving from the realization that he had contributed positively. This feeling of happiness lingered for several days thereafter.

The simple act left a big impact on him, kindling a sense of love and responsibility for nature. This experience lingered in his thoughts, and he resolved to continue planting whenever an opportunity arose.

Tree Teacher of Rajasthan
Bheraram Bhakhar

In July 2002, Bhakhar’s journey took a definitive turn when he secured a government teaching job. Despite the modest salary this teacher of Rajasthan received, he chose to dedicate his first paycheck to his passion: planting trees.

This marked the start of the “Podha Lagao, Zindagi Bachao” (Plant a Tree, Save a Life) movement. With the support of his fellow teachers, Bhakhar expanded his efforts, reaching beyond the borders of Barmer district to Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and other districts of the state.

Bheraram Bhakhar

As time went on, while his peers became engrossed in their own lives, dedicating most of their time to their jobs, this teacher of Rajasthan stood out. Not only did he carry out his work with unwavering commitment, but he also managed to nurture his profound affection for plants.

Bhakhar was really dedicated, and he started a place where plants are grown. He gave these plants away for free, getting them from special plant places that belong to the government or from people who wanted to help.

Bheraram Bhakhar

He also went from school to school to teach kids about taking care of nature. Bhakhar worked really hard. He rode his bike to many villages, never getting tired, and talked to people about not cutting down trees and taught them about his concept of having “family forestry.”

Family Forestry and Environmental Awareness

At the heart of Bhakhar’s philosophy is the concept of “family forestry.” Like nurturing a child, he encourages people to treat each plant as a member of their family. He recognized that fostering a connection between people and trees was vital for sustaining the environment.

Bhakhar passionately imparts his understanding of the changing climate and environmental adversities to his students, hoping to empower them to be saviors of the Earth.

Bheraram Bhakhar

Bhakar has spent his entire life in the arid landscape of Barmar, an area that has long grappled with water scarcity, arid and dry climatic conditions, and the challenges faced by farmers due to insufficient water resources.

With a deep understanding of Rajasthan’s desert landscape, Bhakhar envisions a harmonious coexistence between development and nature. He acknowledges the need for progress while emphasizing the importance of maintaining balance.

His inspirational approach encourages young people to take responsibility for their surroundings and make informed decisions about planting trees suitable for the local climate.

Bheraram Bhakhar

Spreading the Green Message

Bheraram Bhakhar’s tireless efforts have resulted in the planting of 4.28 lakh diverse plants, including shade-giving trees, blooming flowers, and fruitful trees. An astounding 1.50 lakh medicinal drumstick plants have also found their place in the soil.

Not stopping there, Bhakhar collected 12 lakh jaal seeds, nurturing saplings across eight districts. His dedication spurred him to embark on a 28,000-kilometer awareness journey on his bike, connecting with 1.25 lakh people along the way.

Tree Teacher of Rajasthan
Bheraram Bhakhar

Bhakhar’s concern for nature extends to its inhabitants. Bird houses were installed, providing shelter to 25 thousand birds. His passion also led him to rescue over 500 injured wildlife, emphasizing his commitment to a holistic ecosystem.

The “Plant Trees, Save Lives” campaign, which germinated in July 1999, continues to grow. More recently, the “300 Pedh, Ek Zindagi Abhiyan” was initiated on July 1, 2023. Bheraram Bhakhar, lovingly known as the “Tree Teacher of Rajasthan,” remains an unstoppable force of nature. His dedication knows no holiday, driven by the belief that by saving trees, he is safeguarding future generations.

Connect with Bheraram & His Campaigns

His efforts are not limited only to plants, Bheraram Bhakhar is a man of dedication and love towards everything in nature, apart from plantations, he can also be seen helping animals around.

Tree Teacher of Rajasthan
Bheraram Bhakhar

On Independence Day in 2020, Bheraram Bhakhar was honored by the district administration at the Barmer district level. Bheraram Bhakhar gets ideas from other people who care about the Earth, like him. His story tells us that what one person does can affect others and change places. Bhakhar’s story shows that taking care of nature isn’t just something you have to do, it’s a way of life.

Tree Teacher of Rajasthan
Minister Hemaram Chaudhary and District Collector with Bheraram Bhakhar

Bheraram Bhakhar’s influence extends beyond the soil. You can connect with him through Facebook, where he shares his insights and experiences with fellow nature enthusiasts. You can visit his Facebook profile here.

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