This 12th-Class Student Turned Into An Environmentalist: Planted More Than 5000 Trees, Even Started An Earth Foundation At 17

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Earth Foundation

On average, it takes approximately 300-400 plants to generate sufficient oxygen for one person to survive a lifetime. Tell me, how many have you planted for yourself?

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The world has endless suffering, and in this chaos, we often forget to care about Mother Nature. And the consequence of this carelessness and apathy is right in front of us. Ozone depletion, unpredicted climate change, extreme heat, and dead penguins!

But the world is a brighter place, and there sure are people who dare to prioritise nature’s pain before their own. One such example is a 14-year-old student who, despite having an incurable disease, has taken the responsibility to heal nature and plant enough trees for all of us to breathe.

Earth Foundation
Source- Pandit Yuvraj Pradhan

The legacy of the Earth Foundation established by this student has taken on the responsibility to paint the earth as green as possible. It’s truly astonishing that a student, still in the throes of schooling, has not only established a foundation but has also demonstrated such profound foresight and commitment to the betterment of all of us.

Who is the Founder of the Earth Foundation?

Pandit Yuvraj Pradhan is an unassuming, ordinary boy, but his sheer determination to save the planet makes him much extraordinary. Pradhan hails from Alwar, Rajasthan, and is the young founder of the Earth Foundation.

Pandit Yuvraj Pradhan is studying in the 12th grade and is ready to take the world by storm. He started a plantation campaign at the age of 14 during COVID-19, which has now evolved into a well-established Earth Foundation.

Earth Foundation, Yuvraj Pradhan
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Coming from a developing city where education is still in its early stages, nature is still not all that exploited, and green is not a word from the past, the idea of sustainability, plantation and preserving the environment by a student is purely the good angels talking for this boy.

He is also a budding environmental speaker who passionately spreads awareness about the vital importance of tree planting. Through his engaging speeches at schools and seminars, he connects with people, encouraging them to contribute to nature’s well-being.

Pandit Yuvraj Pradhan- Motivational speaker
Source- Pandit Yuvraj Pradhan

What Inspired Yuvraj to Establish the Earth Foundation?

When I saw people in my neighbourhood dying because they couldn’t get enough oxygen during COVID-19, it made me feel powerless. It broke my heart, and I decided to work towards a future where we can prevent such problems from happening again.

The suffering of people due to the shortage of oxygen and the inability to purchase an oxygen cylinder due to the hefty price left Yuvraj disheartened. He observed that people were selling their vehicles, accessories, jewellery, and all their necessities only to purchase something that god had given us for free, Oxygen.

I saw people sell everything, even the doors and windows of their houses to save lives. We never bothered to care for free elements of nature, we exploited the nature and so we suffered the most horrific way possible in god’s own way.

But this was no enlightenment in vain, Instead, Yuvraj decided to extract the most valuable lessons from the situation. He came to the realization that humanity’s salvation wouldn’t come from miracles but from our own actions. He made a steadfast commitment to dedicate his life to being a compassionate human being who contributes positively to the world.

 Earth Foundation Motive
Source- Pandit Yuvraj Pradhan

Buying a Plant is the Answer

“At first, my parents thought plantation to be my hobby. Later on, when I let them know my thoughts behind planting trees and getting obsessed with nature and the environment, They provided me with full support and motivation.”

The journey to establish the Earth Foundation was started by Yuvraj with the support of his parents. But now he has a team of over 200 determined and selfless people working all over India, such as in Meghalaya, Rajasthan, and Delhi. The team is growing each day, and that is what keeps this young man going.

Earth Foundation Team
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1. Yuvraj’s Incurable Disease

“My biggest struggle was suffering from ankylosing spondylitis, which kept me away from my work for a long time in the past. My body swelled, and I wasn’t able to move without support.

His efforts to help the world around him come from an understanding of his own pain. He suffers from an incurable disease called ankylosing spondylitis.

Ankylosing Spondylitis is a rare and incurable disease that mainly affects the spine. With time, this causes inflammation in the bones of the spine, resulting in a hunched posture. It can also be called back arthritis.

ankylosing spondylitis
Source- Pandit Yuvraj Pradhan

Due to the debilitating impact of this disease on the body, individuals find themselves unable to move or maintain an upright posture. Pradhan candidly reveals that there was a period when he felt utterly helpless, to the point where he couldn’t even manage a short walk to the nearest restroom without the assistance of his family. They played a crucial role in helping him with even the most fundamental aspects of daily life.

But who said about stopping? Even with a physical condition that can break the strongest of hearts, this boy stood upright like a mountain and continued planting one tree at a time. Today, he is an unstoppable force who is ready to dedicate his life to the betterment of the planet. He didn’t let his misery stop him from making this world a better place.

2. Studies or the Duty Towards the Earth Foundation

 Earth foundation work
Source- Pandit Yuvraj Pradhan

“Since most of my team members are also students, So we all work for the foundation every Sunday. We check the maintenance of every sapling our team planted and urge people to treat those saplings as their family members.”

Yuvraj and his team worked tirelessly during the lockdown. Now, he is in 12th grade, and his studies need his attention, but it didn’t divert him from his responsibility towards his foundation, and they all dedicated their weekends to planting trees.

 Earth Foundation Meeting
Source- Pandit Yuvraj Pradhan

3. Finances

Being a student, finances are a challenge. But support came as we connected with the different nurseries and spread the word about our initiative. Other than this, me and my team use our own savings and pocket money to buy plants.”

When we spend our money to meet our own wants but still grumble. Yuvraj and his team, who are still students, put money aside for plants. This is absolutely remarkable, and it is worthwhile to learn from it.

The Earth Foundation’s Moto

“In the future, I want more youngsters like me to connect with us. I want my generation to understand their importance and power for the betterment of our nature.”

Earth Foundation plantation campaign
Source- Instagram

Yuvraj realises that most people start social work late in their lives, like after retirement. With the Earth Foundation, He wants to awaken a sense of responsibility and power in our younger generation and pave the way for youngsters to contribute to social work.

With the motive of making our younger generation aware and giving us a breath of unification, The Earth Foundation is growing, and so is the number of trees.


Yuvraj Pradhan, Earth Foundation
Source- Pandit Yuvraj Pradhan

Pandit Yuvraj Pradhan was also awarded the Bharat Bhushan award for his contribution to the betterment of the environment. He has planted over 5,000 trees and has two Influencer books of world records: The World’s Youngest Team Holder and the Influencer’s World’s Youngest Environmental Speaker.

This boy is a wonder for his age, he knows very well that you get one life to break it or make it. Without wasting a single day of his life, he is utilizing all his time in making his life and the world a better place. A student ready to step into the world of magic and reality, he is a writer by hobby, he also has a book published under his name “Maa se Din”.

Yuvraj Pradhan, Earth Foundation
Source- Pandit Yuvraj Pradhan

The Earth Foundation is a perfect way to make a contribution to society. To join this foundation, you can connect with Pandit Yuvraj Pradhan through Instagram and Facebook.

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