29 YO Left High-Paying Government Job To Plant Trees And Build Green Planet, Now Makes Lakhs

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“A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house.” Beth Ditto.

Having a green planet & some plants in the house is a connection that makes you enjoy and appreciate nature in the crowded and bustling world of cities. After all, who needs an action movie when you can star in your garden adventure?” No wonder some people are just hard-core and passionate about them and can go to any extent to pursue a green planet.

Green Planet
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This is what a young girl from Bihar did as she left the comfort and perks of a government job, swapped her secure career for a green oasis, and became an internet sensation with a million subscribers for her desire to have a green planet with a terrace garden. Mad4India is back with a real-world aspiring story filled with passion, knowledge, and an indomitable spirit.

Meet Reshma Ranjan born and brought up in Bihar, Banka district, Now living in Jharkhand since 2015, who left a high-income government job because nothing meant more to her than her passion for gardening and plants to create a green planet. Now, she is a well-known expert who shares her immense knowledge about plants and gardening using YouTube and social media to create a green planet.

This green planet spirit-filled soul is a master’s degree holder in plant breeding genetics and has also completed a bachelor’s degree from the Indian Council of Agriculture Research. Apart from spreading knowledge about plants, the green warrior earns more than a lakh rupees just by running her own channel and website of e-commerce, where she sells plant seeds, bulbs, fertilizers, plant-based home decor items, and terrace gardening tips.

Green Planet – A  Little Backstory About How The Channel Came Into Existence

Reshma Ranjan got a government job after completing her studies; however, she was not satisfied, as she thought the prickly world of government jobs was only cutting her wings to soar high in her quest to have a green planet.

This energetic soul decided to move out of the mundane and truly pursue her true calling, a green planet, and gardening and her love for gardening and plants motivated her to do something different. The calling of her mind to create a green planet was to share her knowledge of terrace and kitchen gardening with others.

Green Planet
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So what did she do? She looked to explore the potential of the internet to make an impact, and boy, has she delivered!

She first launched a YouTube channel named “Nature in Pot” in 2016, where she created content for making terrariums and plant arrangements. However, on that channel, with the help of feedback from people, she got to know that the main issue for the majority of people was to keep their plants healthy, and here she made up her mind to create a different channel to help people facing issues related to gardening and plantation through her acquired knowledge.

As they say, “Where there is a will, there is a way” The same happened to her when one of her videos of her planting rose flowers went viral, and she got attention online. This is how she got a big push toward pursuing her dream of making a green planet by sharing her knowledge about plants and gardening.

From then on, she has not looked back and has more than 1 million subscribers on Youtube and thousands of subscribers on social medial channels. Most importantly, she is making a difference in people’s lives and winding their hearts by proving them with a green planet.

What’s Her Main Motivation

Her passion for plants was instilled in her from childhood.  She comes from a family that loves plants, and her elders adored the plants as musicians adore their instruments. It was at the age of 3 that she first encountered how to care for a plant.

Her maternal grandpa gave her some abandoned plants, claiming that they needed to be saved. Reshma understood the worth of a plant’s existence at this age, and she absorbed those teachings as a sponge absorbs water.

Armed with this sacred knowledge that she continued to learn, she has now become a horticulture ninja who wants to bring her garden party to as many people as possible.

She wants people to create a beautiful green corner in their homes, ultimately leading to a healthy, sustainable, and green planet.

If you go through her videos, you will find she teaches gardening techniques and horticulture secrets for using household waste as compost and fertilizer.

She has shared many practical tricks and hacks that help people grow different types of flowers and plants in their gardens, keep them healthy in different climates, and use waste to encourage sustainability.

Green Planet terrace gardening
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Sincere and honest love for plants is on display everywhere.

We live in a time when millions of individuals dream of getting a decent government job. But this green girl from Jharkhand left her high-salary government job, which is remarkable and unheard of.

A quick overview of her site and her YouTube channel reveals that she is not only knowledgeable, but her love for plants is pure. The pricing of the products on her website is not expensive, and she shares her tips, tutorials, and content videos on practical and day-to-day concerns that people encounter while terrace gardening.

When the efforts are honest, success becomes inevitable. The same is true with Reshma’s Parikrii Garden channel, which has over 1 million subscribers and many followers on Instagram & Facebook, while earning handsome money.

Green Planet
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 Her home in Bokaro has over 2000 potted plants that she has grown over the years, and she takes care of them wholeheartedly. Among thousands of channels, influencers, and social media crowds, her channel is nothing short of a breath of fresh air.  Her magic is helping other thousands of enthusiasts who own little green corners and give something back to nature making a green planet a possible reality.

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