This IIM Grad Left His Career & Started GreenJoules: An Eco-petrol For A Greener Future, Now Has A Paid-Up Capital Of Over 4.4 CR

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We live in a world where energy demands are increasing daily. But the traditional fossil fuels are depleting with each passing year. Moreover, the world is grappling with issues like increasing carbon footprints, pollution, global warming, and other environmental issues related to burning traditional fuels.

Yet most of us wish to drive our petroleum-fueled car because it doesn’t give us range anxiety, we love the sound of the engine, the petrol stations are easily available, or we just don’t want to shift to an electric vehicle.

But is there a way for us to use our petroleum-based cars with so many reasons not to use fossil fuels? Yes, there is one, and it is to use a “drop in bio-biofuel.”

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Scientists are battling to find solutions in the form of electricity, wind, and solar energy as alternatives. However the majority of these technologies lack qualities that make them inferior to fossil fuels, i.e., petroleum and diesel.

For example, an electric vehicle may need 30 minutes to 10 hours to refill itself completely, and solar power generation doesn’t happen during the night. Such issues do not occur when we use fossil fuels.

In this situation, renewable biofuels that possess the quality of petroleum fuel and are fully compatible with existing petroleum refining and distribution infrastructure are nothing short of revolutionary.

Viraraghavan Sankaran GreenJoules
Source – GreenJoules

In simple terms, drop-in biofuels have the quality of replicating the functionality of conventional petroleum fuels.

What Is GreenJoules Doing?

Lucky for all of us, one company in India is making waves in such fuel generation and that is “GreenJoules.” Viraraghavan Sankaran, who has more than 25 years of experience in fields like FMCG and personal care, co-founded it as a Pioneer Enterprise.

Sankaran is showing a path where his company, ‘GreenJoules,’ is realising the dream of using biowaste to create a high-quality drop in fuel. You will surely be interested in learning more about Green Jules and Viraraghavan Sankaran. So keep scrolling to learn more about him and the ecologically responsible alternatives his company creates.

Source – GreenJoules

GreenJoules: Turning Waste Into Fuel and Contributing To Sustainability

The GreenJoules company possesses the technology to convert agro-residues and industrial waste, which are hard to recycle, into biofuels. They have a state-of-the-art plant in Chakan, Tahsil, Khed, district, near Pune in Maharashtra state.

This 2018-founded refinery and recycling facility produces fuel of such high quality that it can replace high-speed diesel with virtually no sulfur. The company’s efforts are also helping various companies realize that they have a responsibility towards the environment, and by using the technology Green Joules offers, they have a way to achieve it.

But how? Many companies generate environmentally hazardous waste that is hard to dispose of using conventional methods, but green joules convert it into valuable fuels.

Source – GreenJoules

Viraraghavan Sankaran- Brain Behind GreenJoules

A veteran of FMCG, Viraraghavan Sankaran is a seasoned campaigner who has experience working in high-demand jobs in important positions. Sankaran is a mechanical engineer who graduated from M.S. University Baroda and later completed an MBA from IIM Kolkata.

Sankaran is not someone who suddenly got the idea of recycling waste into high-quality fuel. As stated, he has worked in important positions in personal care and FMCG for giants like Godrej and PepsiCo. He has seen from close quarters over the years how different industries produce industrial waste and how their disposal handling is unprofessional and environmentally bad.

There he got the idea and motivation to do something about it. His last venture in the job sector before he founded his ambitious project, GreenJournals, was at METNA, a big international FMCG company, where Sankaran held the position of business head.

Viraraghavan Sankaran GreenJoules
Source – GreenJoules

Risking It All

Sankaran gave up his smooth career to found “GreenJoules” in 2018. You are mistaken if you think the company is limiting its reach to biofuels. They have a broad vision displayed in their motto, “Re-modelling waste to power the future.” The company is already doing a commendable job.

For instance, if you ask any farmer, they will tell you that disposal of agro-waste, such as paddy straw, rice husk, etc., can be a headache. And who knows it better than the people living in Delhi and adjacent areas who come across pollution issues every year due to paddy burning?

A company like GreenJoules can be a big respite from such issues. Do you know how? Aside from the byproduct of their recycling and refinery processes, which is biofuel, greenhouses also manufacture another important by-product called biochar that can be used as fertiliser using agro waste.

Moreover, more refining can convert it into silica and activated carbon. Both of these have various applications in many industries. The company is already working on the expansion of its refinery in different parts of the country.

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The future is planned to offer more products and better solutions. A company’s core values and targets define them and help them remain a force to be reckoned with. With the aim of producing products that can help with sustainability, where the company doesn’t have to jeopardise Mother Earth’s health, GreenJoules’ heart is in the right place.

With the mingling of biofuel with other alternatives to energy like electric, wind, and solar, we can live on our planet for a long time without creating imbalance and chaos, and companies like GreeJoules and bright minds like Mr. Viraraghavan Sankaran are critical for this cause.

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