Inspired By IITian Father’s Plastic Recycling Buisness Son Starts EcoLine: Transforming Plastic Trash Into Fashion

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Meet K Sankar and his son, Senthil Sankar, the father-son duo behind the Tamil Nadu-based company, Shree Renga Polymers and Ecoline. Their companies are on a mission to recycle an astounding 15 lakhs of PET bottles every day, taking a significant step towards preserving the environment.

However, their environmental stewardship doesn’t end there. Through their sustainable fashion clothing brand, EcoLine, they are revolutionizing the concept of fashion by repurposing discarded bottles and transforming them into stylish, eco-friendly garments.

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Ecoline – From Trash to Trendy Clothing

EcoLine is at the forefront of the sustainable fashion movement. By recycling PET bottles, they produce a range of fashionable clothing items, including jackets, T-shirts, blazers, and bottoms.

Astonishingly, it takes just eight PET bottles to make a T-shirt, twenty to make a jacket, and thirty to make a blazer. Senthil, the managing director of EcoLine, is passionate about transforming the fashion industry and creating awareness about sustainable fashion among consumers.

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Tackling Plastic Waste: The Journey Begins:

K Sankar, after witnessing the detrimental effects of plastic pollution during his extensive travels in India and abroad, was determined to find a better way to utilize discarded plastic and clean up the environment.

In 2008, he founded Shree Renga Polymers, which has since been manufacturing yarns and fibers from plastic waste for the automotive and textile industries, producing products like carpets. With an annual turnover of Rs 100 crore, the company has made a significant impact in tackling plastic waste.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Continues:

Inspired by his father’s vision, Senthil also desired to make a difference. Instead of settling abroad like many of his peers, he decided to explore entrepreneurship and contribute to his country.

After working with an IT company for three years, Senthil founded EcoLine in 2021, leveraging the manufacturing strength of his father’s company. The brand aims to revolutionize the fashion industry by producing end-to-end products made from recycled PET bottles.

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Sustainable Fashion for a Better Tomorrow

Senthil understands the disastrous consequences of climate change and believes that any development must consider its impact on the Earth. By creating fashionable clothing from PET bottles, EcoLine ensures that these discarded bottles take a significantly longer time to reach landfills.

The brand is proud to be India’s first fashion company to recycle PET bottles for end-to-end products and is determined to promote sustainable fashion worldwide.

Recognitions and Impact

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EcoLine gained widespread acclaim when Prime Minister Narendra Modi wore their blue Sadri jacket, made from 25 PET bottles, to Parliament, as well as during international visits to Japan and Australia. This recognition catapulted the brand’s popularity, resulting in a 25 percent boost in sales.

With unique garments priced between Rs 500 and Rs 6,000, EcoLine receives approximately 20,000 orders per month, generating an annual revenue of Rs 12 crore. The brand has managed to create a positive social impact by empowering thousands of ragpickers and preventing millions of PET bottles from entering landfills and oceans.

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Innovative Production Techniques

EcoLine sets itself apart by utilizing dope dye technology, which eliminates the need for water in the dyeing process. Unlike conventional methods that require 2.4 trillion gallons of water annually for textile dyeing, EcoLine adds color to the polyester during the PET bottle conversion process.

This innovative approach not only saves water but also reduces environmental pollution caused by conventional dyeing methods.

Changing Mindsets and Creating Pride:

EcoLine recognizes the challenge of convincing consumers to embrace eco-friendly products made from recycled materials. However, Senthil firmly believes that over time, mindsets can be changed, and people will take pride in contributing to the preservation of the planet. By wearing sustainable fashion, customers can make a statement, redefine luxury, and actively participate in protecting the environment.

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The father-son duo behind EcoLine, K Sankar and Senthil Sankar, are leading the charge in the fight against plastic waste. Through their innovative recycling techniques, they are transforming discarded PET bottles into trendy, sustainable fashion garments.

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EcoLine’s commitment to protecting the environment, empowering communities, and raising awareness about sustainable fashion sets them apart in the industry. By embracing EcoLine’s eco-friendly clothing, consumers not only make a fashion statement but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

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