7 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas For Your Big Day Celebration

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Eco Friendly Wedding

There are numerous methods to have a wedding, but there are also some simple ways to reduce waste and stay away from plastic during ‘Indian Shaadis‘ making it an eco-friendly wedding. There are also some simple ways to reduce waste and stay away from plastic during Indian shaadis.

Though eco-friendly weddings have been popular in India for a long, it has only recently become less difficult to plan one. More than ever, there are many possibilities for hosting an eco-friendly wedding.

You may go green for your wedding in a variety of ways, whether it’s with the décor, invitations, or favors. The best thing about these weddings is that every choice, no matter how small, matters.

Invitation Cards That Are Environmentally Friendly

Consider getting a wedding invitation printed on biodegradable paper. You are immediately pleased by the newlywed couple’s initiative, and you eagerly await the wedding date.

Image: SeedBalls.in

Choose digital or e-invitations over traditional prints. These are both economical and eco-friendly.

If you must use printed cards, consider choosing eco-friendly materials such as recycled paper, which are biodegradable and contain seeds that really can grow into plants.

Wedding Favours For Guests

Wedding favours for guests have also become an essential part of Indian weddings. From unusual favors to those that your guests will actually utilize, the possibilities are endless. However, you can make an environmentally aware effort by providing eco-friendly wedding favors such as seeds, sapling, plantable paper cards, jute bags, and so on.

Makeup that is cruelty-free

One method to make your wedding more environmentally responsible is to use cruelty-free bridal makeup. Pick vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics made in India.

To get ready for D-Day, you can try these 5 skin rejuvenating mists before the wedding day. To save the environment and go cruelty-free, you could try BEJO products that make vegan accessories made up of Cactus & Pineapple leather.

Plan A Daytime Wedding

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Having a day wedding is the greatest choice to be environmentally friendly because night weddings necessitate heavy usage of electricity and fuel-powered generators. For daytime outdoor events, there is no artificial lighting needed. It will again help you save a great deal of money and electricity. 

We spend a lot of time, effort, and money on our honeymoon. If you are really conscious of your environment, you could try eco-friendly stays that have very little carbon footprints.

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Choose Reusable Decorative On You Eco-Friendly Wedding

The secret to being eco-friendly is sustainability and reusability. By using potted plants as table centerpieces, you can decorate sustainably and give your wedding a lovely, rustic feel. You may even have handmade chalkboard signs for the signage that can be scratched off and modified once more.

To make your own décor, think about recycling items like coconut shells, glass bottles, vintage furniture, clay pots, and so on. The traditional plastic ornaments can simply be replaced with paper and fabric ones.

Be inventive on your special day. Use jute as decor to give the space a rustic feel, as well as chalkboards at the entry, signs on the mirrors, dried flowers or leaves to shower the happy couple with, and signage.

Choose to only use in-season, locally accessible flowers. This would boost nearby farms or sellers while lowering transportation-related carbon emissions. Utilizing reusable artificial flowers made of paper or fabric is an additional option.

For your marriage disposables, you could also try these 5 brands that make eco-friendly cutlery.

Manage Food Waste Sensibly

At weddings, a lot of food is wasted. However, you can donate it to an NGO or feed the stray animals rather than simply throwing it away. Several organizations voluntarily collect extra food from wedding venues and distribute it to the disadvantaged. Talk about this with your caterer so they can prepare the necessary packaging.

If you have extra food left at your wedding, you can donate that to RobinHood Army, which collects food from your location and distributes it to the poor and needy hungry people.

On Your Big Day Plant A Tree

Include a ‘plant a sapling’ session. This is a wonderful way to thank nature while also helping mother earth at your special eco-friendly wedding. If Jadav Payeng can plant the whole forest alone, why can’t we just plant one tree on our special occasion?

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