With Soil-Based Abstract Paintings, This 28- YO Literally Brought A Piece Of Nature To Rapidly Developing Cities

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We can all agree that our parents, if not us, miss their lives in their villages. They often talk about the alluring scent of the soil, the wonder of newly sprouting crops, abstract paintings made by the clouds, the artistically textured walls with an earthy feel and the sweet smell of nature.

I won’t comment as to whether it is the magic of maturity or age, but there is something about peace that we can all relate to in nature. While we have seen mountains or the calming breeze of the ocean, our parents miss the traditional ways of their hometowns.

The majority of us look for a day trip or an escape from the busy cities in order to spend some time in the tiny towns we finds close to nature. We all desire peace and end up relating to nature.

Just like us, Pooja too loved the vibe of the earthy walls and the scent of the wet soil of her village. A girl close to nature always desired to keep a piece of nature in her pocket.
However, this 28-year-old woman literally brought a piece of nature in the form of Abstract Paintings made of soil.

Abstract Paintings
Source – Instagram

Pooja & Her Love For Soil

Pooja Rathore comes from a Rajput family in Rajasthan, and that says a lot. The community is famous for its extensive heritage, impeccable lingua franca, and long-standing customs. The community identifies themselves as descendants of the sun, moon, fire and earth.

Pooja, an introvert by nature and an earth lover by soul. She not only adored where she came from, but she literally wore the idea of being a child of the earth. She was born and brought up in the metropolitan city of Jaipur. But her roots belong to a small village called Kanota.

Abstract Paintings
Source – Instagram

Every Diwali, my dadisa (grandmother) used to make these beautiful mandanas, and I used to help her, and it was one of the best parts of the festival; I can say that it is the source of my love for mud, soil, natural art, and the earth.

Pooja observed that while there is a lot going on in cities and everything moves quickly, life moves slowly in villages. Close to nature, life walks at its own pace, peacefully & blissfully.

Source – Pooja Rathore

She had no particular reason for her connection to the earth, but she loved earthy things more than anything else in the world.

She finished her master’s degree in the arts and shortly thereafter got married. Following her marriage to Abhiyant Singh Shekhawat, Pooja was relocated to Udaipur.

Living in a city that was rapidly growing, she noticed how desperate people were for peace.

Sustainable living is the new way of life, and nearly everything that is currently available has found a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative. However, there were still very less eco-friendly, sustainable art and home decoration options available in the market.

People who appreciate peace and the natural world today are searching for sustainable solutions in every industry. whether it be environmentally friendly fashion, food, architecture, or lifestyle. and since this is so crucial, why not art? 

Abstract Paintings using natural ingredients
Source – Instagram

Her love for the soil, nature, and the earth was something she often wondered how she could share with others. Up until the day she decided to use some dirt on a piece of paper to decorate her wall.

The best mirror of society, as the saying goes, is an artist. Pooja convinced herself that she should start her own Renaissance and give soil, one of nature’s most basic building blocks, a new aesthetic look. She started making abstract paintings using ‘earth’.

Studio.The Soil – Abstract paintings With Soil

She started with her research work as to how one can use natural things to make art out of them. She discovered that not many people are aware of the magical natural elements.

Source – Pooja Rathore

In July 2022, she decided to give a name to her obsession with earth and soil. She started her own brand called the Studio.the.soil. Pooja uses natural materials to create mind-blowing, astounding, and extremely unique abstract paintings in her studio the soil.

The inspiration for the creation of @studio.thesoil comes from nature. It combines happy childhood memories of playing in the mud, dancing in the rain, watching the sunset on the beach, going to the mountains, and feeling a cool breeze on your face.

The primary theme that manifests in the colors and textures on the canvas is the unadulterated, raw beauty of nature. Studio. The soil wants to transform any area into a haven for nature.

Abstract Paintings with soil
Source – Instagram

She is creating abstract paintings that are eco-friendly and sustainable, using soil, dried grass, dried flowers, natural herbs as paint natural pigments, rocks, found materials, etc. With her natural abstract paintings, she is giving a visual representation of Inner Peace.

It is well known that a short walk in nature or just sitting in nature, can reduce our stress levels. So why don’t we bring nature in? On our walls. Udaipur is still raw as a big city, i wonder how the people in Delhi, Mumbai, or Bengaluru survive without the ease of nature.

Pooja is out in the world with a very unique idea—”it’s a piece of earth for your home”. She has introduced abstract paintings that will give your home a touch of nature sitting in your drawing room.

Pooja is giving everyone an aesthetic choice by opting for a natural, sustainable lifestyle.

Eco-friendly paintings with earthy textures and colours , reminiscent of the nature around, perfect art to turn your home into an Oasis of Nature. It is nearly impossible to replicate the tranquilly that we all experience in a village, on the shore, or while watching the sun set from a hilltop, but one can still make an effort.

A New Way Of Decore

Through @Studio.thesoil  she aims to make abstract paintings that are ”totally” natural. For her abstract paintings, every material, and the pigment is sourced from nature, either directly or in other ways. Even the base for these abstract paintings is made of natural materials rather than commercially available paints.

It’s Pooja’s humble attempt to bring nature into our spaces, and these paintings not only give an earthy vibe to a space, but the viewer can actually feel the calming effect of these paintings.

I believe that if we begin to make our luxuries eco – friendly, the change will become ingrained in our thinking. Hope you all find a piece which resonates with you, for your beautiful spaces.

Source – Instagram

She is causing a new kind of revolution in the world of art with distinctive names for each of her abstract paintings. Isn’t this picture, which Pooja calls “You are my ocean” the most calming thing you have seen recently?

Most of us are mountain or beach people, or maybe we are just people of the soil. We all run

Support the artist on social media and enjoy what she has to offer on her page – @Studio.thesoil

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