With Spread Khushi, This 26 YO Girl From Gujarat Helping and Educating Poor People While Pursuing 5 Educational Degrees Parallelally

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Spread Khushi

If I ask you about your 20s, then all you can describe is how difficult it is or was to achieve your goals and figure out your future. Most of us target our 20s and hustle tirelessly to have a settled life in the near future. We are so occupied with it that we don’t even have enough time for our family.

Spread Khushi
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Meet Isha Mistry, a 26-year-old girl who founded “Spread Khushi” NGO in her hustling 20’s to help uplift the suffering kids of the slum areas of Gujarat. She followed her passion without leaving her profession behind. A day-time teacher, Isha has 5 educational degrees and aims to do a Ph.D. next.

Who is Isha Mistry?

A girl who spreads Khushi wherever she goes.

Isha Mistry is an ordinary 26-year-old girl who hails from Surat, Gujarat. She is a teacher by profession and works in an institute. She has been teaching for the last three years. She has also worked as an HR in a company. Being in her 20s, Isha worked on her future goals as she pursued five educational degrees and still aiming to pursue PhD in future. Isha is a simple individual just like us who dreams of learning Kathak and reading as many as books she can. She pulls up late-nighters to fulfil her academic dreams.

Isha Mistry, Spread Khushi
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Isha is an intelligent girl with a compassionate heart. Despite being engaged in her studies, during her college days, Isha has been helping and donating things to underprivileged people. She was not only active in her studies but she also took out some of her time to contribute to the welfare of the society.

Her simple time contribution to social welfare gave her a never-ending soul satisfaction. She noticed and observed the happy faces of those small slum kids, she understood her soul calling. Isha decided to walk on the path of spreading Khushi everywhere she went.

Creating Happiness with her NGO, “Spread Khushi”

Isha founded the “Spread Khushi” NGO when her simple act of service became a passion for her. Isha has been doing all the social work for 5-6 years but “Spread Khushi” was established 3 years back. With a team of 120 individuals including college students and corporate colleagues, Spread Khushi works in the two main fields of education and environment preservation.

Spread Khushi
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Spread Khushi provided basic education and moral values to the little slum kids of Surat with the hope of making their future bright. On the other hand, this NGO also does a cleanliness drive on the river and Taapi ghats hence, preserving our environment. To advocate environmental conservation, Spread Khushi also runs awareness campaigns and seminars in different colleges.

Cleanliness drive by Spread Khushi
Source- Isha
Source- Isha

Spread Khushi also organises the environment mela for students with the initiative to make them aware of the importance of conserving the environment.

Inspiration behind Spread Khushi

Every Cause has a reason behind it. So does, Spread Khushi is also inspired by the joyous smiles that Isha saw on the faces of those kids. The story of this NGO started with the ordinary incident which left the enormous impact on Isha.

There was one such incident when there was a party in my house and I used the balloons for the decorations. So, after the party, I didn’t want to throw those balloons and hence I distributed thwm among the slum kids. There was one little cute girl whose face brightened up after receiving those balloons. The happiness of that little girl is etched on my heart for always.

Isha Mistry
Spread Khushi
Source- Isha

Isha also stated that the “Khushi” that her heart felt at that moment became the inspiration behind “Spread Khushi.” Isha knew that her life had found its purpose i.e. “spreading Khushi as much as she can. She wanted to see more kids smiling and full of joy.”

Spread Khushi
Source- Isha

With this inspiration, Isha also inherited her parent’s genes of helping the needy and underprivileged people. Since childhood, she has seen her parents’ active participation in social activities. As we know we learn from our parents, and so does Isha learnt this valuable lesson from her parents.

Juggling between Responsibilities and Passion

Good initiatives come with great responsibilities and founding the pillars of “Spread Khushi” wasn’t a cakewalk for Isha especially when she was loaded with her personal life goals and duties. But Isha was passionate about her social work just as much as her studies.

There were challenges and obstacles that Isha overcame with her determination and dedication. She used her time management skills and hustled day and night while balancing both her personal goals and social work.

“When it comes to passion, Anything can be managed”

As mentioned, Isha is a bright student with five degrees and still with a dream of pursuing PhD in future. In addition to that, She is also a teacher with a 9 to 5 job. With all this, she is still working on her passion is commendable.

To make it possible, Isha worked with planning and proper time management. She knew her priorities right and understood the need for balance to spread Khushi among the people. Isha managed all the activities in such a way that all the team members be it college students or working professionals can take out time for the NGO.

Educating Children , Spread Khushi
Source- Isha

Isha also made a common WhatsApp group so that any individual can become a member of Spread Khushi. The team Spread Khushi has fixated time working on Sundays as they teach students and organise a cleanliness drive at Taapi ghats and other rivers.

Good things definitely receives support

Spread Khushi is not a registered NGO and yet it is working dedicatedly towards its mission. After understanding the kind of work, Spread Khushi is doing. People from different fields such as business sectors and some thoughtful individuals come forward to help and provide funds to Spread Khushi.

Spread Khushi’s future plans to empower women

In addition to all her work, Isha is also planning some new programs for empowering women like providing basic courses in nail art, makeup course and others. So that in future, these women can find employment based on these learned skills. Spread Khushi also planning to organise a breast cancer awareness campaign to help women take care and understand the importance of health.

Women empowerment, Spread Khushi
Source- Isha

She is also a counselling member of the WICCI – Woman India Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is a platform to share sisterhood. This platform strives to enhance the social and economic well-being and physical and mental health of women.

A never-ending passion to Spread Khushi

Isha is an unstoppable force to reckon with. Her passion for social work is unmeasurable. She also donated her hair on 2nd October 2022 to help cancer patients. She is working with such passion that she states she wants to be alive through her NGO, Spread Khushi and her work. Even though she has her own life goals, she still thrives to contribute to the society even it means sacrificing her little wishes for it.

hair donation by Isha
Source- Isha

Words of Wisdom by Isha

Through the insightful wisdom of the Bhagwat Gita, Isha lives her life with one motto “Human character is built by etiquettes and moral values, not by educational degrees or fame.” With this motto, Isha is stubborn about her passion and values but at the same time, she doesn’t compromise with her life goals and dreams.

With her story, she wants to encourage people to take some time for social welfare and become the beacon of hope for these needy and poor people.

We at Mad4india admire and appreciate Isha for doing social welfare at such a young age and becoming an inspiration for young people worldwide. To know more about spread Khushi, check out its Instagram.

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