This Mom Is Using A Unique Right Brain Education Programme For Her Kid – Pankhuri Is Set To Make Childhood More Colourful

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Teaching starts from the day we are born until the day we die’

Rightly said since the first 5 years are the most formative years of a child’s life. Left & Right Brain Education starts when a human is born. Do you know that brain development reaches up to its maximum potential limit by the time we reach 5 years of age! At birth, an infant’s brain is developed 25% and at 2 years its 75% and by the time a child is 5 years old, it is developed up to 90%.

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From 0-6 years of age, kids are mostly right brain dominant and it reaches its maximum potential by 6 years of age. Therefore, it’s important to focus on the development of the right brain education for the holistic development of a child. But are most parents even aware of these tricky facts?

Meet Pankhuri Bindal, a mother by tag and a mentor mom by profession. Pankhuri knew the psychological facts and not only that she decided to let the words spread out loud and clear. She is the founder of Braintastic, which focuses on the right brain education of young kids aged between 0-6 years old.

right brain education
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What is Right Brain Education & Why Is It So Important For Young Kids?

Do you know that the right part of our brain is responsible for our photographic memory, analytical skills, creativity and concentration. The right part of the brain is active in 0-6 years of age only, and toddlers are very creative in those years, every day they are learning something new by observing objects – patterns and learning languages sub-consciously, that’s why a good right brain education is very important in those primitive years.

Braintastic, the brain baby of Pankhuri is a Right Brain Education programme that focuses on nurturing the right hemisphere of the brain of toddlers for the holistic development of a child.

right brain education
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More About Pankhuri & Her Journey To Start Braintastic -‘ Right To Brain Education Programme

The founder of Braintastic, Pankhuri Bindal has a degree in Mathematics(Hons.) from St. Stephens(DU) and completed her MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai. She got herself a good job and was doing just great as an HR in the corporate world for almost 10 years, but her heart never belong to the corporate sector fully. She always yearned to start her own venture. She, in fact, had invested herself in two different projects – The first one was ‘ was a venture for retired professionals who are often regarded as a burden by society. With this initiative, older people could look for a second innings after their retirement but due to monetization, with a broken heart and a broken pocket she had to shut it down.

Her second venture was ‘Rentot’ in which people could rent out costumes in Delhi-NCR but Pankhuri had to shut it down as she was shifting to Hyderabad. Pankhuri was driven to be an entrepreneur but life was examining her passion.

And one day the universe told her ” It was time to start writing a new chapter in life, & she invested her heart and soul in something that she did best – Motherhood.

right brain education
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She was settled in Hyderabad, doing a corporate job, enjoying her married life and finally embracing motherhood. Pankhuri’s different prospects for everything in life made her realise that her own son was learning things very quickly yet in a pattern. It was at this point that she started studying the right brain development.

With A Human Baby, A Brain Child Was Also Given Birth

The idea to start Braintasticright brain education programme came to Pankhuri after she became a mother herself. While going through the articles about the importance of right brain education in early years; she was so moved by this whole concept that she wanted to practically see the impact of it on her own kid. Right-brain education is a Japanese concept, which focuses on the holistic development of a child from a very young age.

Desi parents are careless about such stuff yet she wanted to let each and every mother know about these facts. With the help and motivation of her husband, she started her very own right-brain education programme in India.

How Braintastic – Right Brain Education Programme So Different?

The right Brain Education programme can be started even at the age of 3 months/ 4 months old – when babies begin to recognize objects and patterns in their surroundings.

Most of our education system is left brain dominant which focuses predominantly on reading, writing, calculations, and speech or also known as the ‘logical side of the brain’. But, in today’s day and age, it’s very important to be creative and to be able to think ‘out-of-the-box’; which is the responsibility of the right side of the brain. No one cared to introspect this prospect but our mentor mother Pakhuri did, and did it so well that a good number of parents understood her calling.

right brain education
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Braintastic – Right Brain Education programme in India is one of a kind and peculiar. They do not just focus on taking a full-blown course that many others offer. Their main focus is to build a parent-child bond as well. Pankhuri Bindal’s main aim was to make this programme more fun-filled so that every kid enjoys it. They have a digital programme which is self-paced. All parents have to do is just spare 5-10 minutes from their schedule for their child.

High-speed flash card videos– These are very different from your regular flash card videos. They cover speed reading, even Mathematics and English. They are very specific ones and are done in a proper way which stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain.

The main USP of Braintastic:-

1. They have made learning more of a fun-filled activity.

2. Parents will only have to spare 5-10 minutes only and this will help in developing the parent-child bond.

3. Braintastic – right brain education programme starts at a very young age; when a child isn’t even going to school.

Currently, Braintastic is looking forward to collaborating with pre-schools as well.

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Pankhuri Bindal gives utmost importance to her customer’s feedback and suggestion since she believes that being a mother herself; she wants to choose what’s best for her child. Not only that, but she also tweaks as per her customer’s requests in her programme.

You can also read more about Braintastic at

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