20-YO CEO Ravinder Bishnoi Along With A Friend Makes History By Finding Patented Solutions For Automotive Industry

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Ravinder Bishnoi

All across the world around 40% of people die in a bike accident due to the parked position of the bike stand. On a busy road, even if somebody wants to help by pointing out your bike stand then the unnecessary honking can make it difficult to hear what the other person is saying. Ravinder Bishnoi, a young innovative mind developed patented solutions for these real-life problems of the automotive industry. At the age of 20 years, Along with a friend Shubh Sarpal, he founded Kiekie, a company dedicated to developing solutions helping unnoticed problems.

His innovative idea can save the lives of many so, dig more to know how Ravinder Bishnoi is hustling in an early age to save the modern era!

Who is Ravinder Bishnoi?

Just like most of us, Ravinder Bishnoi is a 20-year-old Information Technology student at Chandigarh Engineering College in Mohali, Punjab. Ravinder Bishnoi was born and brought up in Dholiya, Rajasthan to a family serving the Indian Army for generations.

He attended Air Force School in Jaisalmer and completed his 12th from Kendriya Vidyalaya Jaisalmer. With an army background, there were aspirations to become another army officer in the family but Bishnoi had other plans.

Ravinder Bishnoi
Source : LinkedIn

Being a coding nerd, he invested all his spare time in the tech world gaining as much knowledge as he could the result of which is crystal clear today. His achievements today, are noteworthy because of his humble beginning. Having a keen interest in the IT sector, Ravinder Bishnoi used his cyber café visits to dig deep into robotics, electronics, design, and other engineering areas.

As a result, at the age of 20 he is the founder and CEO of Kiekie Private Limited, a company for the automotive industry providing state-of-the-art solutions.

How Ravinder Bishnoi is finding Innovations for a Better World?

Recently incorporated in the year 2022, Kiekie Pvt. Ltd. provides real-time effective solutions to the automotive industry. Their solutions were never thought of or heard of before and the hustling minds at Kiekie are making it possible by their talent. Bishnoi’s distinctive portfolio of creations includes the patented ‘Vehicle Horn Control Assembly’. It is a novel device that aims to reduce noise pollution by cutting down unnecessary honking.

Ravinder Bishnoi
Source : LinkedIn

For the over-occupied roads of India, isn’t this device a much-needed necessity? Ravinder Bishnoi aims to benefit the schools, hospitals, and residential areas with this innovative solution. Similar to the horn control assembly, Ravinder Bishnoi along with his team creates automatic Bike stands. This product automatically senses in which position the side stand should be, either retracted or applied and executes it immediately with the help of technology.

This ensures the rider’s safety and comfort to reduce the number of accidents caused due to the negligence of bike stands by the riders. The innovative solutions by Kiekie have the mastermind Ravinder Bishnoi behind it.

Honors and Endorsements achieved by Ravinder Bishnoi

By creating innovative solutions to the problems that remain unnoticed by the common people and might cost them their lives, Ravinder Bishnoi has surely done something out of the box. His work was acknowledged and appreciated at a higher level.

1. Received Government Funding for Kiekie

Ravinder Bishnoi
Source : LinkedIn

Ravinder Bishnoi presented Kiekie Pvt. Ltd. at the G20 Summit showcasing his creativity and innovation. He even got the chance to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi during National Technology Week solidifying his place as a rising star of the tech industry.

As a result, the government started funding Ravinder’s initiative to have a great impact on social and environmental well-being. And this way, his unique and creative solutions have been appreciated and awarded loudly.

2. Recognized and Facilitated by ATAL Innovation and Niti Aayog

Automatic bike stands and vehicle horn control assembly have been acknowledged and facilitated by both government and private organizations such as Indian ATAL Innovation and NITI Aayog and Chandigarh Intel Network respectively.

3. Ranked No.1 in various Participation

Ravinder Bishnoi Awards
Source : LinkedIn

Ravinder Bishnoi represented Kiekie in various competitions like Ideathon Cafe and bagged the First rank. Also in the Chandigarh Police Hackathon, Kiekie was in the top 3 for giving some of the most creative ideas and execution.

4. Ravinder Bishnoi – Global Student Prize 2023 Top 10 finalist

Ravinder Bishnoi
Source : LinkedIn

Ravinder Bishnoi made it to the top 10 finalists cut for the Chegg.org Global Student Prize 2023. He was shortlisted from 4,000 applicants from 122 different countries across the globe. The Global Student Prize is a platform for all students across the globe to share their creative ideas, connect, and reach influencers in education and beyond.

Paving the way for a technologically advanced India

Ravinder Bishnoi
Source : LinkedIn

Innovation has always helped people live a better life. The achievements of Ravinder Bishnoi, a 20-year-old CEO is a vivid representation of the immense potential the Indian youth holds. It just takes a self analyzation to uncover it and do something big. He aims at eliminating the problems of the automotive industry and is hustling every day in his 20s. A true representation of the saying that age is just a number, Ravinder today employees hundreds of people at Kiekie.

The team of Mad4India wishes Ravinder Bishnoi luck in all the years to come and hopes to discover more such exceptionally talented minds across the nation.

If you wish to know more about Ravinder Bishnoi and Kiekie, then do check out Kiekie.in.

Feature Image – Canva, LinkedIn, Pexels

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