Nitika Sonkhiya, Founded MyONEarth, Earns 50 Lacs A Year By Revolutionizing Sustainability & Leading the Change

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MyONEarth Nitika Solankhiya

Sustainability is no longer a choice; it’s a necessity. With environmental challenges like single-use plastic waste, climate change, and pollution growing by the day, the world is waking up to the urgent need for sustainable living. But finding practical, affordable, and scalable solutions has been a persistent challenge. The question remains: What can replace single-use plastic products or other environmentally harmful items found in our daily lives, like polythene bags and non-biodegradable toothbrushes?

In a world overrun with plastic waste, there’s a young eco-warrior taking the lead, Nitika Sonkhiya along with her brand MyONEarth is leading the way towards a sustainable, eco-friendly future. Let’s dive into the journey that is a reminder that change is possible, and it starts with small steps toward a greener world.

The Visionary Behind It All : Nitika Sonkhiya

It all started with Nitika’s first encounter with a bamboo toothbrush few years ago that sparked her passion for sustainable living. When she observed the lack of organized efforts in this field across India, she knew it was time to step in. She knows that the future belongs to sustainability. In January 2020, she founded MyONEarth, an online store that’s a one-stop shop for all things eco-friendly.

Nitika’s journey wasn’t a smooth ride. She had to convince her family, especially her mother, who was worried about her unconventional choice. Being a woman entrepreneur had its own set of challenges. Nitika had to navigate male-dominated spaces, gain trust, and prove her mettle. Today, MyONEarth has a dedicated team and has already made a significant impact.

For Nitika Sonkhiya, the inspiration for MyOnEarth came from a personal realization. As she grew up, she became acutely aware of the vast amount of waste generated in our daily lives. Her journey towards sustainability began with simple acts like recycling and reusing, transforming discarded items into meaningful products, even redesigning jewelry. Her efforts caught the attention of not just individuals but also celebrities like Nisha Rawal and Nauheed Cyrusi.

While there are other sustainable lifestyle brands out there, Nitika believes MyONEarth stands out. They were the first to provide such a diverse range of eco-friendly, Made in India products under one roof. They have the advantage of being pioneers in this space.

The Success Story Of MyONEarth: A Global Connection

MyONEarth caters to those looking for affordable plastic-free alternatives. They believe in the idea of ‘Waste to Wealth,’ which means helping people create less waste. The products cover everything from personal care and home decor to kitchen and travel essentials. You can also find items related to stationary, conscious gifting, yoga, and wellness.

Source – Instagram

MyONEarth doesn’t just stop at creating eco-friendly products. They source their goods from artisans all over India, ensuring quality and fair wages. They believe in raising awareness about the dangers of single-use plastic and climate change. MyONEarth serves as a reminder that we have only one Earth, and we must do our best to protect it.

They’ve turned to nature, using materials like bamboo, coir, cork, and coconut shells to craft a wide range of home care, personal care, and travel products. MyOnEarth envisions being a one-stop destination for all your sustainable lifestyle needs.

Source – Instagram

MyONEarth, based in Delhi, offers lifestyle products that are kind to our planet. They use materials like bamboo, coconut shells, and cork to create amazing, sustainable products. Nitika and her co-founder, Sameesh Nayyar, are on a mission to bring eco-friendliness to the world. They’ve even registered MyONEarth in the USA and have big plans to go live on Amazon there.

Making Sustainable Development the Standard

Despite starting in the midst of a pandemic, MyOnEarth used the time to build the brand and develop business strategies. Their efforts were rewarded with tremendous growth during the pandemic.

Sustainability is the future, driven by the growing global awareness of the environmental damage caused by single-use plastic and climate change. The future looks promising, with an expanding ecosystem of sustainability-related products under one roof. This approach aims to meet all consumer needs for eco-friendly alternatives in one place.

MyONEarth primarily targets customers who are interested in organic products, wellness, yoga, and eco-friendliness. In just one year, this bootstrap startup has served over 8,000 customers and worked with well-known brands. They’re growing steadily, with a 20% month-on-month growth and revenue exceeding Rs 50 lakh.

The COVID-19 pandemic amplified the importance of sustainable development. It served as a wake-up call for individuals, businesses, and governments. The pandemic reminded us that nature still has the upper hand and that we must take more than we give back. It urged us to be more considerate and sustainable in our actions. You can visit their store on their Website and Instagram.

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