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Smile as bright as the products of natural skin care she provides for the glow. Jhelum Anikhindi, a young, enthusiastic entrepreneur from Mumbai, developed a line of self-care products that are sure to entice you to buy them. Her skincare line Sui Cura will encourage you to find self-love above all odds.

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1.SUI-CURA: Natural Skin Care
2.Meet The Founder- Jhelum Anikhindi
3.How and When did the Sui Cura Start?
4.From Being Employed to Becoming her Own Boss
5.There Is No Limit For Dreamers – One Woman Show
6.Connect with Sui Cura

SUI-CURA: Natural Skin Care

Sui-Cura Artisans is a conscientious company that strives to produce handcrafted, cost-effective, and sustainable natural skin care items for the home and body. Sui Cura’s goal is to create distinctive skin care products from straightforward, well-known natural ingredients.

The brand believes in dedicated efforts & wishes to provide a space for self-care that is easy to use and reduces the cacophony of infrequent components. All of their goods are made in small batches, and the majority of them are freshly mixed and customized to meet customers’ needs.

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Meet The Founder- Jhelum Anikhindi

Jhelum Anikhindi had an idea as innovative as her name, She wanted to make all she would use. Jhelum has always been fascinated by homemade cures over commercial ones but it was difficult to put forth the necessary effort in her hectic everyday life. She was battling psoriasis, an auto-immune illness that severely affected her skin and to keep her condition in control she would read each and every ingredient label very carefully and then use any commercial skin care products.

Jhelum came to understand that the preservatives and unhealthy chemicals used in commercial skin care products can harm skin without having any apparent effects. Her skin condition slowly discouraged her from using over-the-counter cosmetics. It’s not really difficult to create your own products but correct knowledge and dedication are inescapable. like  5 SuperHealthy Homemade Moisturizers Are Already In Your Kitchen but sad that you are not aware of.

For a few years, she depended on coconut oil, a staple in Indian households, and aloe vera to treat her skin condition. Over time, she learned that DIY and natural skin and hair care require a little work but yield superior long-term benefits and fewer side effects. Using her obsession and expertise to better herself and those around her she started making customised natural skin care products. This is where ‘SUI-CURA’ meaning Self Care came into being.

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How and When Did The Sui Cura Start?

In March 2021, Sui-Cura Artisans was created. Being a careful consumer herself, she always wanted to establish a company that provides reasonably priced skin-care items to benefit a wider audience because we all deserve it. She not only mixes every recipe herself, but she also tests every recipe on her own sensitive skin and scalp before adding it to our product list. She made her products of Natural skin care affordable and approachable. She believed that good health and glow are something everyone deserves.

While sharing her story, Jhelum told us about the innovative idea and concept of her business. Before pursuing her passion Jhelum used to work as a B2B marketing professional at a sports media company.

After a good work experience when she felt that staying in the same firm might not help her grow anymore. Seeing stagnant growth Jhelum decided to quit her job for a while and take a healthy break before rejoining another office but destiny had something else planned for her.

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From Being Employed to Becoming Her Own Boss

Destiny had something unique planned for this creative head. While being on a break from the job Jhelum started looking after herself more than usual and explored the real meaning of health and glow. She prioritized her mental and physical health over everything else.

While on this journey of self-care she realized how important some self-time is and she wanted to spread this idea. Initially, she made healthy changes in her near and dear ones’ lives by simply adding some handmade products for health and glow. And in no time her market grew, and people started reordering her homemade skin care products. This is how the apartment turned into her manufacturing unit.

In 2021 when i quit my job, I started giving samples of my homemade skin care products to my friends and family and that is how the business started. My friends really liked the products and told me how helpful the products were for their skin and hair. The feedback persuade me to convert my hobby into my a profession and start something of my own.

You can make your own products too – 5 All Natural Exfoliators – The Secrets To A Flawless Skin Are In The Drawers of Your Kitchen

Currently, her products vary from skin and hair to home decor and mental health. A few of her products are Bioenzyme Surface Cleaner, Curry Leaf Hair Oil, Feelings Check-In Combo (Guided Journal) etc.

I love DIY-ing everything and it accidentally expanded into skin, hair & home care and I couldn’t be happier with this shift. I have always loved giving advice and helping people find solutions for literally any kind of problem and now I have something for their skin and hair issues, this makes me so happy.

The idea behind Sui Cura was to fulfil the needs of someone who doesn’t do heavy daily skin or hair routines but wishes to do basic self-care and the occasional pampering. She personally uses limited products and prefers keeping that cosmetic shelf as decluttered as possible. So, Sui-Cura’s (self-care) objective for all their products is – simple recipes.

There Is No Limit For Dreamers – One Woman Show

She is a master of many traits, Jhelum has a lot going around in her life. Besides being the founder of Sui-Cura a skincare brand she also helps other budding entrepreneurs with basic skills such as ‘Canva’, ‘Picsart’ and other useful apps that help new businesses to be more attractive and appealing. She decided to make things easy for newbies in any buisness as she faced many issues when she started. We can actually say she has been a guide to many new startup companies.

I and my co-founder at Sui-cura also own other venturs like growth nursery and entrepreneur Connect where we help other budding businesses with their youth-business struggles, basically we work as a business consultancy company. entrepreneur Connect is a WhatsApp community with 75+ members. We help businesses connect with other businesses to learn and help each other grow

Not Just much, this girl has wings on her growth, now she is all set to launch a mental health boosting range in her products. So the idea behind mental health products is to inculcate good habits and to make people acknowledge their own emotions through these mental health products.

At Sui-Cura she intends to bring a more holistic approach to their self-care products as self-care is not merely using skin products instead it is more about being healthy mentally as well as physically in that way, they try to provide the customers with a wider range of products that keep a check on not only their physical health but also gets a deep understanding of their mental health.

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Jhelum and her natural skincare brand Sui Cura can be a fresh start to your daily life, she inspires and her products stimulate self-love. The Complete-Package girl Jhelum has some real startup tips for all those who wish to start a skincare line. we did a rapid-fire with her, and the answers given by her will surely add inside to your plans and the day. You must read our next article on this Powder-puff girl: Jhelum Anikhindi.

To explore more products of Sui-Cura you can visit their official website Sui-Cura Artisans and you can also visit Sui-Cura’s Instagram handle @Sui-Cura Artisans® & @jhelumanikhindi. Take my personal note, give Sui Cura’s coconut aloe vera gel a chance, you will not regret it.

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