Fostering A World Of Innovation, Largest Innovation Campus T-Hub 2.0 Helping Startups To Scale Faster

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t-hub -Largest Innovation Campus

A startup is born to solve a problem bringing new blood and innovative ideas into the industry. These high-growth organizations accounting for 15% of the industry generate 50% of the total jobs focusing more on innovation, research, and development. What numbers startups bring to the economy is enormous. Keeping in view the growth opportunities and building a robust startup ecosystem, T-Hub 2.0 declared the opening of the largest innovation campus-T-Hub 2.0 in the world in Hyderabad, with a strong emphasis on technology.

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T-Hub 2.0 Innovation Center

T-Hub 2.0 will serve as a platform to improve India’s innovation ecosystems. Building a synergy to drive transformative change, gives entrepreneurs access to the 6Ms Mentors, Manpower, Methodologies, Market, Motivation, Money, and 2Ps – Policy Advising and Partnership.

Purpose Behind T-Hub

T-Hub was founded on the concept that cooperation is essential for creativity to flourish. All the stakeholders in the startup ecosystem will be together at the campus to establish sustainable enterprises, with a focus on industries including EV/mobility, health tech, enterprise tech, gaming, and artificial intelligence. By giving startups access to the 6Ms and 2Ps through international alliances, they wish to support more than 2000 businesses and give them the necessary boost.

It has established itself as a reputable Indian icon for innovation and entrepreneurship over the past six years. Strong connections with multinational firms and academic institutions have grown due to the innovative startup policies and friendly business climate implemented by the Telangana government. The T-Hub concept, which began as an incubator, has grown into the greatest innovation hub in the world, scaling up more than 1000 firms, with plans to have a similar influence on thousands more in the upcoming years.

Inauguration Ceremony

K Chandrashekar Rao, Jayesh Ranjan, Vani Kola, and Varun Thamba were present to inaugurate the largest innovation campus in Hyderabad.

 t-hub Innovation Center
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Trailblazing Telangana was the emphasis of the first event, which included interactive events including T-Hub Talks, a TEDx-style session, fireside chats, masterclasses, and panel discussions. Rana Daggubati, an actor turned investor and entrepreneur, gave the keynote address to kick off the event.

Inside T Hub 2.0

This T-shaped building with a prominent depiction of technology at its centre spreads over an area of 5,82,689 sq. ft. covering 10 floors. There will be 1000 starter seats spread across six floors of activity. Each of the groups that were established at T-Hub 2.0 in cooperation with the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), NITI Aayog, CII – the Confederation of Indian Industry, and the AIC T-Hub 2.0 Foundation have been allotted the sixth floor.

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The Department of Science and Technology’s (DST) Center of Excellence, which promotes machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), is located on the seventh level (ML). The 8th and 9th floors are proposed for the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) project, coupled with social impact businesses and young entrepreneurs (Y-Hub).

T-Hub is subjected to a hybrid style work model strategy and new normal standards. The Charminar, Hyderabad’s famous structure, served as a drive for the design. The largest innovation campus building, which is supported by four pillars, is the longest simple cantilever structure in the entire country.

The campus has a canteen, meeting rooms, floor pantries, and private, fixed, and flexible office spaces. A grand atrium with 400 seats, two rooms equipped with the most up-to-date AV systems, and designated spaces for CoE- Corporate Center of Excellence, which is seeking to scale and accelerate its innovation projects, as well as a startup innovation experience centre, are all offered.

Team Size and Affiliations

T-Hub 2.0 has enabled the journey of innovation for business owners, corporate executives/CIOs, and investors worldwide with a staff of more than 50 people from a variety of backgrounds. Through a variety of programs, T-Hub 2.0 has assisted over 1.8 million entrepreneurs as well as over 600 big corporations, including Boeing, Otis, Facebook, Uber, and more.

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It has made it possible for businesses like Zenoti, DrinkPrime, MyGate, WhistleDrive, Outplay, and AdOnMo to continue raising money during these trying times. Additionally, it has helped 300+ Indian entrepreneurs and 200 international enterprises scale up abroad through 10 access programs and 18 global interventions, in alliance with important players in the global ecosystem in 42 countries.

In order to help the entrepreneurs scale sustainably, it loaded 75 premium service providers and a group of more than 100 mentors.

T-Hub is creating a future-ready innovation environment by collaborating with partners and enablers in Telangana, India, and throughout the world. With a vision to feed the hunger for innovation, T-Hub2.0 is enabling and empowering a world of startups.

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