Italians’ Love For Their Country Inspired This 26-YO To Start Design Clinic India; Captivating Design To Show The Vibrancy Of India

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Design Clinic

Amidst the tapestry of today’s world, let us take a moment to ponder: how many of us, as torchbearers of a fresh era, authentically weave threads of devotion to our country? Also, I wonder, are we finding happiness and a sense of fulfillment in the work we do?

Now picture a scenario where we manage to blend these aspects, creating something truly amazing—work that brings us joy and simultaneously contributes to the energy and strength of our nation.

This is exactly what Parth Parikh, the 26-year-old visionary behind an extraordinary brand, The Design Clinic India, has achieved. He has successfully combined these aspects and given life to The Design Clinic India, a venture that beautifully marries his passion, his love for his country, and the pursuit of creative excellence.

Design Clinic India – By Parth Parikh

Residing in his birthplace of New Delhi, Parth Parekh’s roots trace back to Gujarat, and despite his upbringing amidst the bustling streets of the capital, his heart had a corner painted in the shades of his roots. With a passion for crafting aesthetics, particularly in design, he embarked on a journey that led to the inception of Design Clinic India in 2016.

Guided by a deep yearning to capture the essence of India in his artistic works, Parth found his muse during his time studying Product Design at Domus Academy in Milan back in 2012. It was during a college assignment that the lightbulb moment struck, leading him to beautifully showcase the vibrancy of India through a furniture design project.

India Became The Muse

While living in Italy, I observed the profound connection Italians had with their heritage, evident in their clothing, decor, and wholehearted embrace of their national identity. This sense of pride in Italian art and design intrigued me. It got me thinking, why not center my focus on India and create something reflective of its essence? With a span of three months before me, I delved into researching potential themes and avenues for my project.”

Immersed in a sea of creative musings, Parth dedicated substantial time to exploring various concepts. His path eventually led him to a captivating vision: crafting furniture that mirrored the elegance of India’s national flower, the lotus, while also evoking the vibrant charm of the Rajasthani headgear known as Safa. Over three diligent months, he channeled his efforts to transform these ideas into tangible masterpieces.

Upon presenting his innovative furniture to the project’s jury, Parth received a heartening response. Despite their physical distance from India, the jury members resonated with the designs on a deep level. The vivid hues and cultural motifs resonated with them, offering a glimpse into India’s rich heritage. Parth’s heart swelled with pride, knowing that he had successfully crafted pieces that encapsulated the uniqueness of India.

A Room Full Of Rainbows

The warm embrace of appreciation for his work fueled Parth’s creative fire, inspiring him to keep pushing boundaries. In 2016, Parth brought his aspirations to life by establishing Design Clinic India.

Design Clinic India’s studio is a treasure trove of diverse creations, from stools adorned with Indian floral motifs to benches echoing the country’s heritage, tote bags, asanas, unique gifting items, and much more.

Parth Parikh

Design Clinic India stands as a global, multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in furniture, with India serving as its wellspring of inspiration. The brand’s ethos resonates with the belief that “our country never fails to inspire us,” weaving together Indian arts, crafts, and landscapes to craft contemporary masterpieces.

Flowers of hard work bloom bright

Post his return from studying abroad, he spent several years working, driven by the dream of owning his business and diligently setting aside funds for that purpose. Through this phase, he established a network of connections and nurtured positive relations with his former employers.

Parth’s innate desire was to craft tangible creations that held a distinct aura of uniqueness. His vision found its way into the pages of prominent magazines like Elle Decor and Living Etc., which celebrated his designs for their remarkable essence. Not only did his work captivate people within India, but it also garnered admiration from across the globe.

His debut furniture collection garnered significant attention, shining brightly at esteemed events such as India Design ID, known for its showcase of luxurious and exquisite designs.

Motivated by his desire to create genuinely Indian furniture, Parth faced numerous challenges in obtaining funds and recruiting skilled artisans. The absence of a manufacturing unit or an established team initially posed difficulties, yet Parth’s determination prevailed. Parth deeply appreciated his present team of skilled craftspeople, acknowledging their crucial role in translating his creative vision into reality.

“I don’t have a big team or a huge space, but I have a reliable set of people working with me who understand my work, because for a design artist, the most difficult part is to make artisans understand what image is there in my mind as they have their own understanding of things.”

Parth’s relentless efforts are bearing fruit as he seizes opportunities to showcase his furniture on the international stage, from Dubai to Milan. His brainchild, Design Clinic India, is gaining widespread recognition. While achieving these milestones, Parth remains deeply connected to his roots, deriving inspiration from India’s rich cultural heritage. In the present day, after six years of hard work, he persists in his endeavors, passionately creating pieces that hold immense importance for both himself and his country.

Parth Parikh

There Is No Story Without A Background Story

Parth Parikh’s family background is predominantly rooted in the medical field. Interestingly, while design, art, and real estate were foreign territories within his family, a spark of creativity was ignited by his mother. In his early years, around the tender age of four or five, she enrolled him in drawing classes, setting the stage for his artistic journey.

It was during these formative years that Parth’s skill in drawing began to flourish. Parth’s teachers recognized his creativity and urged his parents to encourage him. Parth’s family, including his parents and Relatives, fully supported his artistic aspirations. They never held him back, fostering an environment of unwavering encouragement.

Undoubtedly, forging one’s path comes with challenges. Parth encountered numerous obstacles, yet his determination persevered. He believed he had carved out a unique journey. Crucially, his family’s unwavering emotional and moral support played a pivotal role, acting as a guiding light through difficult moments.

Success Is A Never-Ending Process

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Parth’s business has exhibited consistent growth year by year. He recognizes that even though Design Clinic India is merely six years old, there is an expansive journey ahead. Parth’s path has been marked by substantial learning and the establishment of a cohesive team. Starting as a solitary endeavor, he has now cultivated a workforce of approximately 20 skilled artisans from the local community, who play a pivotal role in bringing his design visions to fruition.

Creating distinctive furniture presented its challenges. Parth’s vibrant and artistic products might not seamlessly blend into every household, given their unique character. Nonetheless, he acknowledged a gradual shift as attitudes evolve. Increasingly, a growing number of people are embracing and appreciating the allure of unique and unconventional designs.

Looking ahead, Parth maintains an optimistic outlook. He has observed a shift in people’s perspectives toward design and Indian craftsmanship. He holds a firm belief that India’s design landscape is progressively garnering acknowledgment and admiration, not only domestically but also on the global stage.

The road ahead is long for Parth and Design Clinic India, but one thing is certain: he is on the right track. His travels should inspire a new aesthetic not only for Design Clinic India but for all of Indian furniture and design. Inspiring as Parth’s story was for Mad4India, I hope you’ll take the time to explore his creative world and help usher in a new era of design by visiting @designclinicindia or

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