Niqo Robotics Using AI Robots To Work In Farms, Making Farming Smarter & Easier For Farmers

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Niqo Robotics

India is the world’s largest agricultural society, with a huge farming community and time-tested technologies. However, traditional farming methods required a large number of people to work long and hard hours. Is it still appropriate to use old methods in the age of AI robots?

AI robots have shown us better ways to do everything, even farming. And many tech brains are already prepared to make the most of the advancing technologies.

AI Robots – The Future of Indian Agriculture

Niqo Robotics, formerly known as TartanSense, is a trailblazing force in robotics solutions. With a vision to spearhead a sustainable Agricultural Revolution in India by harnessing the power of AI-driven agricultural robots.

They want to make farming in India better and more eco-friendly. Niqo Robotics is making a bunch of AI robots to help with farming. These robots are green and smart, and they’re the biggest group of their kind in the world!

Jaisimha Rao Niqo robotics
Jaisimha Rao – Founder & CEO

This article tells you the story of Niqo Robotics and its Founder, Mr. Jaisimha Rao. It’s a story that will inspire, but more than that, it will leave you proud of the agricultural advancement India is making!

Foundation of Niqo Robotics

Jaisimha Rao was born to parents from Karnataka, India, but he grew up in Kuwait. He started his working career on Wall Street, a famous place for money business, with a company called BlackRock. He did this for seven years and even became vice president there.

But then, Jaisimha Rao wanted to try something new. He left his job at BlackRock and came back to India. He had a special idea in his mind. Rao wanted to start his own thing. So, he left his job and came to India.

Niqo Robotics

Hailing from a locality near Chikmagalur known as Sakleshpura, his family owns a coffee plantation in the area. During his stay there, he came to recognize the potential of technology in enhancing farming practices.

Jaisimha Rao started Niqo Robotics to make AI robots that can help farmers in India. These AI robots, which are like really smart computer stuff, spray just the right amount of chemicals on plants. This helps the plants grow well and saves a lot of chemicals too.

The name “Niqo” comes from a word that means “Victory of the People”. The logo has a flag that represents the company’s goal to make farming better and to help people.


Niqo Robotics, renowned for its innovative AI-powered robots and visionary concepts, is headquartered in Bangalore. The company’s mission revolves around fostering environmentally friendly farming practices to benefit communities both within India and on a global scale. Achieving this objective involves leveraging intelligent robotics and AI technology, essentially akin to exceptionally intelligent computers, to carry out various farming operations.

Niqo Robotics doesn’t just think about AI robots. They also want to work with farmers, people who make farming stuff, and companies that give services to farms. They want to help farming in a big way, so it’s not done in old, not-so-good ways.

They made 50 of these AI robots, which is the biggest group of their kind. These robots are really smart and can spray chemicals on plants in a way that saves up to 60% of chemicals and water.

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Challenges for Niqo Robotics

Jaisimha Rao, the person who started Niqo Robotics, wants to help a lot of farms. He hopes that by the end of this year, his robots will be used on a large area of land—around one lakh acres!

But it wasn’t easy to make this happen. At first, Rao and his team tried different things, like drones, to help farmers. They asked farmers to try these things on their farms, but the response wasn’t very good. Many farmers were scared to try new things.

They didn’t understand words like “robotics” and “artificial intelligence.” These words might sound fancy, but they don’t mean much to farmers. What really matters to them is how new things can help them make more money. If they can see that something helps them earn more money, then they might be willing to try it.

Rao tried different things from 2015 to 2019. Farmers didn’t like what he showed them. They didn’t want to take risks with new things. Fancy words don’t mean much to them. They need to see how a new thing can make their farms better and give them more money.

The way the AI robot sprayer works is really interesting. It’s like a small robot that can spray chemicals on plants to keep them healthy. The whole process, from taking pictures to deciding where to spray and actually spraying, happens very quickly. It only takes 150 milliseconds. And guess what? Everything happens inside the AI robots themselves, not on a big computer somewhere else.

Future Ventures for Jaisimha Rao and Niqo Robotics

Jaisimha Rao and his team made these AI robots to help farmers. It’s amazing how technology can make such a big difference in how we grow our food. Right now, Niqo Robotics has a team of 51 people. Out of these, 38 people work on designing AI robots. They are also busy making more AI robots.

The founder believes that the most important thing is to make a real difference in the lives of farmers. Rao’s focus is on making farming easier and more productive for farmers. He knows that if his AI robots and technology can truly help farmers make more money and improve their lives, then the future of farming will be very promising. He’s excited about the possibilities of creating more helpful machines for different parts of farming, and he believes that these innovations will lead to a better and brighter future for farmers.

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