Stray Dogs And Yoga Unite For A Fur-tastic Cause, 2 Friends Found New Way To Find Safe Homes For Indie Dogs

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In our ever-changing society, dogs have emerged as more than just pets; they have become our new kids, showered with love and adoration. While we often think of adorable, fluffy pet dogs, we often tend to forget about the plight of stray dogs.

Stray Dogs
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These animals face numerous challenges daily, from road accidents to hunger and diseases. But not much is done about it. Yes, we do have NGOs and individuals working for their good, but can that change the way we see street dogs?

However, an Instagram video recently went viral, showcasing a heartwarming scene of people practising yoga while indie Stray Dogs joined in, spreading love and receiving affection in return.

“Pawasana,” a distinctive initiative working to spread awareness about abandoned indie Stray Dogs and find them loving homes, uploaded this video. 

Hearts of Pawasana

Founded by Annaya Nautiyal and her friend Anwar Khan, Pawasana aims to use yoga as a platform to foster compassion and care for these often neglected stray dogs.

While travelling, I met Anwar, and we hit it off immediately due to our mutual affection for and concern for stray dogs in India. Eventually, we came to the conclusion that we needed to do something to help these dogs find permanent homes. There are over 4 million stray dogs in India, and we’re still not ready to accept them as pets.

Stray Dogs Pawasana
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Despite the love humans have for dogs, street-indie dogs often go unnoticed. People tend to rush to breeders to acquire dogs of specific breeds, overlooking the lovable indie dogs in need. One of the reasons for this neglect is the misconception surrounding their hygiene and potential diseases.

These stray dogs deserve the same love and affection as any other breed, such as the Siberian Husky or Pomeranian. However, due to a lack of information and misconceptions, people are often hesitant to adopt indie dogs.

Stray Dogs
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Pawasana plays a crucial role in bridging this gap by creating awareness and showcasing the love these indie dogs have to offer.

Pawasana: Uniting Dogs and Yoga for a Pawsitively Noble Cause

The idea of combining yoga and stray dogs may sound unusual, but for the creative minds of Annaya and Anwar, it was a stroke of genius. They decided to modify the idea for indie dogs after observing Westerners practicing yoga with breed dogs. 

Stray Dogs
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Yoga, known for its soothing nature, offers a unique, eye-catching, and captivating way to connect with these furry companions. During yoga sessions, participants experience a sense of calm and connection as they interact with the stray dogs. The positive energy and mutual affection foster a sense of community and appreciation for the resilience and beauty of these incredible creatures. Leading them to find a new home easily. 

While good intentions drive Pawasana’s mission, financial support is essential to sustain their efforts. To address this, Pawasana organises yoga sessions in various cities where participants purchase tickets to take part.

Stray Dogs
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The income generated from these Yoga + Dog sessions is then utilised to provide vaccinations, find parents for dogs, offer medical treatments, and support other crucial initiatives.

The journey’s challenges:

Embarking on a noble cause does not guarantee a smooth path, and Pawasana has faced its fair share of challenges. Resistance from breeders and skepticism from some individuals initially tested their determination. 

Financial constraints have also posed obstacles along the way, with both Annanya and Anwar personally contributing to the cause alongside their full-time jobs. Additionally, managing operations across multiple cities has proven to be a significant challenge.

Nevertheless, with the support of like-minded individuals passionate about animal welfare, Pawasana has persevered and continues to make a difference.

Pawasana is currently operational in several cities in India, offering services such as free dog rescue, vaccinations, sterilisation, and medical treatment for street dogs.

Through their growing social media presence, they have built a fast-evolving family of supporters. Requests for events in various cities regularly pour in, demonstrating the increasing interest and support for Pawasana’s cause.

With the unwavering passion of its founders and the dedication of its team, Pawasana is poised to gain even more momentum in its noble and unique efforts. One can easily connect with them on Instagram and watch these adored fur babies helping with yoga.

Stray Dogs
source – Instagram

Pawasana is not just using yoga but also art as a tool to connect souls to adopt more indie dogs and promote their well-being. With their unique approach of combining yoga, art and compassion, Pawasana has touched the lives of both humans and indie dogs, forging meaningful connections and spreading love. 

As more individuals become aware of the potential companionship and loyalty that indie dogs offer, we hope to see an increase in adoptions and witness these happy furry friends walking the streets and parks alongside humans.

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