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The first step to falling in love with life is taking care of yourself, and if you do that properly, everything else will fall into place.

The majority of us will concur with the statement above. Self-care is, indeed, the secret to a happy existence. Skincare products are a crucial component of self-care, believe it or not.

However, what do we sacrifice in the name of skincare? Unknowingly, we encourage plastic, pollution, and unsustainability in order to meet the current norms of self-care.

Recent estimates indicate that the global beauty industry produces more than 120 million packaging units yearly and that packaging is to blame for 70% of the rubbish produced by the industry, and we accept it all in the name of skincare.

The worst thing is that we still end up applying layers of chemicals to our skin even after doing this deal with the crossroads demon. But who is at fault, and what is the solution? Most people would probably make a comment about the circumstance and then ignore it, but this sister duo chose not to do that.

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The two sisters spent their childhood in the beautiful hills of Uttarakhand, and while growing up, they observed the problem of plastic waste very closely.

The Himalayan state of Uttarakhand has been struggling with increasing plastic waste and subsequent ecological degradation, much like the rest of the nation. Neha Parmar, 41, and Soumya Parmar, 36, made the decision to promote a sustainable way of life.

As life progressed, their professional pursuits took them to Mumbai, Delhi, and eventually, abroad, their adventures diverged. Yet even when they were far from their hometown, they were still held nearby in the cozy embrace of their motherland.

Gave Birth To Their idea

The two saw that the entire globe is battling with plastic trash, chemical exposure, and other perils of human-made living standards. Chemicals introduced to each human being through the most fundamental aspect of life—skin care products—are a huge problem people personally suffer as a result of living in a vast, chaotic environment. 

They would think back to the natural substances they consumed when they were young and lived in Uttarakhand.

With time, the desire to utilize local, natural materials increased, and a fresh concept began to take root in their minds. They imagined what a magnificent opportunity it would be to demonstrate to the entire world, the beauty and value of the natural resources native to their country. 

They both realized how important it was to protect their children from the harmful effects of the chemicals included in many hair and skin care products as they both became used to becoming mothers. The two finally developed the concept of displaying the best that their state has to offer to the globe in an environmentally friendly way.

After years of thought and planning finally in 2020, Neha (an environmentalist) and Soumya (a digital marketer with experience at Twitter and Zomato) co-founded Himalayan Origins.

They made the decision to create a company that would appeal to their desire to use healthy skin care products while highlighting the charms of their city.

What Distinguishes This Skin Care Products Line

Every product of Himalayan Origins is manufactured with materials sourced locally, and the bulk of them are handcrafted. Sourcing is carried out either through an internal system or from neighboring farms. Each product is provided with the least amount of packaging and packaging-related trash possible.

In order to considerably minimize waste, Neha claims that “they were aware from day one that they had to innovate on the form factor.”

And keeping this in mind, the Himalayan origins-made 75gm shampoo bar can last at least 38 washes and can replace three to four shampoo bottles. The group also created bars for conditioner and facewash.

Soumya and Neha then concentrated on packing. Single-use plastic is used in the majority of easily accessible items for both their primary and secondary packaging of skin care products. However, Himalayan Origins has never used bubble wrap or plastic sheets in any of its skin care products. They use newspapers that they purchase from nearby sellers to ship goods.

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The most popular product from Himalayan Origins is their chemical-free Hibiscus Hair Oil, which is made up of 18 ingredients that are either house-grown or gathered from nearby hills. Uttarakhand is home to the hibiscus. They can produce fresh hibiscus oil in the mountains and ship it to cities very easily. The sister duo used a very basic ingredient to flaunt their homeland in the most organic manner.

The startup primarily employs locals and purchases from farmers in the area as well as farms within a 4-hour drive. Soumya thinks that combining hyperlocal procurement with local consumption can significantly reduce carbon footprint.

Much Needed Motivation

Customer reviews were a gift for this skin care product line, especially when the company was new. Feedback can occasionally seem inappropriate, but it helps startups improve their product lines. That was what became the backbone of this startup—learning from mistakes.

Neha recounts some reviews that their soap-free rose face cleanser, Kapaas, received on “Excellent product, however packing was not correct as the unit got has leaked,” the text said. Although the critique seemed harsh, Neha recalls, “It made them rethink our packaging strategy and they decided to raise the thickness of the bottle that covers the aluminium foil to overcome this issue.”

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Himalayan Origins took part in the Amazon Great Indian Festival and Prime Day for the first time in 2022. And due to the higher-than-expected demand, the team had to replenish their supplies at midnight. Final sales tripled projections in terms of revenue.

Each sister in the Parmar family is a pillar of strength for the others. The best part is that, as sisters, they are aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and that became the pearl of this thought.

The girls’ childhood love of the environment and living sustainably has grown with them every day, and it has now taken the form of a very well-known business.

I am sure of trying their skin care products and I’m confident you’ll enjoy using their skincare products too, therefore I recommend paying the website one visit.

To buy Himalayan Origins products, you can visit their Amazon Store.

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