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Feel like getting out of the monotonous schedule of everyday life and exploring your happiness? Well, you need to exert yourselves with the wonderful adventures a road trip offers.

A road trip not only helps you feel better about yourself but also helps you take a bunch full of memories. It’s a great way of quenching the thirst for wanderlust. There is absolutely nothing like an epic road trip. Adventure unfolds through iconic views, endless highways, the local haunt, and experience the vibe. So why not go on a road trip this weekend?

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Well along with the souvenirs of great experiences and memories, one also brings back another souvenir that generally remains unknown during the trip: Small things that damage nature.

Generally, most of us don’t even want to think about it during our annual trips but no one can hide the truth that it damages the environment around us. Little things that we choose on ignoring impact nature in huge ways.

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Sustainability is a great concept to talk about, but is it possible for us to follow and abide by it? well, the answer lies in your level of commitment. What we believe is- little steps can do wonders and they will take no extra effort believe us.

If a road trip unravels so many adventures and proves to be a great break from the monotony of everyday life, why not break the regularity of carelessness and try new practices, only for 5 days ( days you are travelling, it would be beyond great if you pick them for life long).

Well, here are some of the best tips which are going to help you stay sustainable while you unravel the adventure of a road trip.

Prioritize Public Transportation

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Apart from the picturesque views and exploring the wonders of nature, Roadtrip also has to offer a bunch full of memories. So why not make it more memorable by connecting with a bunch of people?

This will not only make your road trip cost-effective but also offers great help in reducing pollution. The emissions that occur while transportation bring a drastic increase in pollution and account for the industry’s largest source of greenhouse gases.

We all know that emissions from the aviation industry are very harmful to the environment as airplanes use fossil fuels to run which release loads of carbon dioxide and numerous other harmful gasses including nitrogen oxides, which in turn lead to global warming.

In order to reduce the carbon footprint, you should avoid travelling by airplanes and go for the means of transportation like Trains, and if your destination is nearby then you can always opt for buses or carpooling, that way you will not only make your trip eco friendly but also budget-friendly.

So why not be more cautious about how you are going to reach your destination? You can explore people along the way, and maybe end up finding good friends on the run.

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Packing Up For Your Road Trip

The most important part of going on a trip is packing up, many of us find it a boring job at hand while others are always excited about packing. Packing is a curial job for a road trip, imagine forging your charger while you are on the road to a new land, sick I knew!!

The hardest part of packing up is what you need to carry and what is usually not needed for a sustainable road trip. by sustainable road trip means a way out that is easy, joyfully, and manages no one- by no one I mean absolutely no one, not even the roads, rivers, nature or air! so while packing takes care that no plastic gets space in your bag which you will end up disposing of on your trip.

And yeah, pack as less stuff as possible, only the most important things are worth carrying. what’s the logic behind packing less? buddy, if you pack less – it will weigh less and less weight in your vehicle means – more mileage-, more mileage means less use of fuel, and less use of fuel means – voila you did the trip the right way.

Make Use Of Reusable Bags

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A trip is nothing without going out SHOPPING!

Be it for family, friends or even yourself, shopping does make a trip more enjoyable and the things you shop for, are memories for a lifetime. Well, you won’t want to get your small mementoes of memories wrapped up in plastics. Right?

So, always carry extra reusable bags or jute bags with you, this way you won’t be charged extra for baggage and also wouldn’t be using that much plastic polythenes. This practice can find space in your everyday life very easily. Now that single-use plastic is banned in India, carrying your one cloth bag or jute bag will make life easy.

Still not sure how to increase sustainability in your daily life, buy stuff that makes your decision smart and nature-friendly, 5 Indian Brands That Will Throw Plastic Plates Out Of Your Kitchen – Plastic Alternative

Carry Your Own Water Bottle & Steel Glass

We all need to hydrate ourselves, especially when we are travelling somewhere and no one can deny this fact, for sure.

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So to make your trip more sustainable, carry your own water bottle along with you as when you do so you’re not only saving the cost of buying water bottles along the way but will also be limiting the usage of plastic water bottles

You can also pack up one or two steel glasses when you travel and want to taste the delicious street food or drinks. Use your steel glass and reduce plastic wastage while enjoying your drink.

Pack Your Utensils.

Plastics should be a big no-no while going on a road trip as these contain harmful chemicals and can never be completely decomposed or completely destroyed.

So if you want to make your trip a more sustainable one, you can always pack one set of utensils like steel glass and a plate for yourselves and enjoy the delicious food items the local street has to offer. 

Introduce the usage of reusable things, which you can even use after the road trip ends.

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Go Local

You can always explore the culture of locals by trying home shares like a paying guest or can also opt for a nice Air BNB and prefer the ones which run on solar panels by asking the availability from the local tourism authorities

This will also save you from the expensive things a hotel offers as going local is much more inexpensive. If you are willing to be more adventurous then you can always opt for camping outside.

All the socially conscious people are opting for sustainable lives, & you will get many options for a sustainable stay in almost every part of the country. Choose a nature-friendly place for your stay, that practices absolute plastic ban, organic farming or simply believes in vibing with nature. Top 5 Organic Farmhouse Stay Near Delhi For Your Next Weekend Gateway – Offers Chemical-Free Food

Shop local and promote small vendors and their hard work, it will not only help them but also will help nature. Ask me how?

If you buy local goodies, you promote a small business that does not use heavy machinery, simply reducing large excretion of pollution, waste and human exploitation.

Eat Local

Food says the story of each and every culture. If you are a foodie who wishes to help support the local economy, consider eating local.

This will help you explore the food culture of that place too and will save you a lot of money in comparison to the services of a 5-star restaurant.

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The catch with local food is, it will help you promote local business, and with it, you give yourself a chance to promote organic farming. Go for local restaurants or food hubs that use their raw material from organic farms.

Create Memories, Not Waste On Your Road Trip

Last but one of the most important tips to make a road trip more sustainable is to leave each place you are visiting in better conditions than you found it in.

Leave no trace of trash in the place after you have experienced its beauty. Not only the packaging but also food leftovers must be carefully removed so as not to hamper the biodiversity

Well, these were the top tips to make your road trip more sustainable, follow Mad4India for more such amazing content.

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