Natural Ice Cream – A Poor Fruit Seller’s Son Is Making Us Fall In Love With Flavours Of Our Nation

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Naturals Ice Cream

Many people are forced to abandon their dreams because they lack the means to achieve them.

But the man we’re talking about today made sure that he got what he desired. All because of his dedication and determination to succeed and built an empire of Natural Ice cream.

Ice cream is a magical invention that everyone loves. Ice cream is a global phenomenon that brings joy to people of all ages, cultures, customs, and traditions.

Most of us grew up fantasizing about having our own ice cream parlour. A place where we would be able to make extravagant choices and create masterpieces. The icing on the cake would be that there would be no restrictions on how much ice cream we could consume.

Well, while our ice cream dreams might have remained unfulfilled, for one man who goes by the name of Raghunandan Kamath, the dream has come true. His Naturals Ice cream empire is one of the most popular ice cream brands in India. With over 135 outlets across the country, Natural ice cream’s net worth is over Rs. 300 crores and still growing.  

Natural Ice cream Flavours
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About The Ice Cream Man Of India 

Raghunandan Kamath was born in 1954 in Karnataka. He was the seventh and youngest of seven siblings. Raghunandan had a very idyllic childhood in his native village, despite his humble beginnings.

He devoured his days climbing trees, digging through the neighbourhood, and causing mischief whenever possible.

The Kamath family’s financial situation has always been precarious. Raghunandan Kamath’s father was a meagre fruit seller who barely supported his seven children and his wife’s needs.

Natural Ice Cream founder and owner
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The Natural Ice Cream Story And Heritage Began On…

Raghunandan’s family relocated to Mumbai when he was fourteen years old. His father was a fruit vendor, and his family’s financial situation was less than ideal and their monthly earnings were as low as Rs. 100. His parents enrolled him in a regular school to ensure that he received a proper education. Raghunandan, on the other hand, was not interested in sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher’s lecture. As a result, he did not pass the tenth grade.

He would frequently accompany his father to the fields and sell fruit at the market. During this time, Kamath learned to identify good, ripe fruit. Kamath, who has type 2 diabetes, will benefit from the knowledge.

After failing to clear his exams twice, Kamath was asked to accompany his eldest brother, who ran a South Indian restaurant called ‘Gokul Refreshments,’ restaurant also sold homemade ice cream.

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He was too thrilled with the idea of going beyond chocolate and vanilla flavours and making ice cream with real fruit pulp.

The simple idea of serving something cold after a hot and spicy dish worked, and he earned Rs 5,00,000 in his first year from the tiny shop in Juhu’s Koliwada neighbourhood. A year later, he discontinued the restaurant in order to launch his own Natural ice cream company. 

The six-table restaurant scooped frozen dessert in five flavours: Sitaphal (also – custard apple), Kaju-kishmish (also – cashew-raisin),along with mango, chocolate, and strawberry. 

Blink an eye and move onto 2022, that single six-table restaurant has grown with over 20 flavours and produces more than 20 tonnes of ice- cream daily. Not just that it was named India’s top 10 brands for consumer experience and expertise by KPMG.

Natural Ice cream story
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Natural Ice Cream Owner’s Lesson From ‘MA’

Natural Ice Cream Company is responsible for creating some of the most unusual flavours, such as kheera (Cucumber), Gajar Halwa (Carrot Dessert), and the crowd’s favourite coconut ice cream. The founder of natural ice cream is also thankful to his mother.

He used to notice her sincerity and hard work when preparing food, giving enough for the dish to be prepared. He adheres to the philosophy that there is no such thing as a ‘quick recipe’ or ‘instant food’. That’s what their brand story is all about.

Naturals Ice Cream is inspired by a homemade concept of using minimal ingredients to create maximum flavour. While Raghunandan expresses gratitude to his father for teaching him everything he knows about fruits, he also credits his mother’s cooking for instilling the value of patience and quality food in him. He actually built a machine to deseed fruits like Katahal (Jackfruit) and sitaphal (custard apple), thanks to her teachings.

A four-decade-old company and the story of a generation of talent. Raghunandan Kamath wanted to create a completely unique type of ice cream using only natural ingredients, and as a result, he continues to stand out from the crowd.

You can taste the flavour of love from your nearest Natural Ice cream store.

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