This MBA Grad Turned To Guava Plantation, Now Earning Crores In Profits On Just 5 Acres Land

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Life is full of unplanned turns and events, and the paths of life are unpredictable for many. This thought is true for Rajiv Bhaskar, whose life took unexpected turns, turning him from a regular professional working in a sales team to a successful Guava Plantation owner who earns crores.

His story is inspiring not only because of his commercial success but also because it demonstrates that it is possible to cultivate high-quality agricultural produce in large quantities without using chemicals or pesticides. Moreover, his success is an example for all those who believe farming is not fit for educated people and leads to low earnings.

Guava Plantation Owner: Rajeev Bhaskar

Guava Plantation
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Rajeev Bhaskar hails from Nainital, Uttarakhand State, and has an MBA and BSC degree to his credit. This 30-year-old guy did a 4-year stunt for a company called VNR Seeds in Raipur. His life’s unexpected turns took him down another path of becoming a farmer.

While working at VNR Seeds,  where he worked on the sales and marketing team, he came across several farmers and became interested in seeds and saplings. He also gained knowledge about how it is possible to find alternatives to chemical and pesticide-laden farming.

More importantly, he discovered innovative methods, such as biocides and biofertilizers, that simultaneously improved the harvest quality for human consumption and the quantity of produce.

Unexpected Unfolding Of Events

Guava Plantation
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The first step towards any set target in life often proves to be the most difficult and critical one. The same was the case with Rajiv, as he had the urge to start his farm business but was reluctant. This is where an unexpected life event paved his way.

 In 2017, he got the opportunity to take care of 5 acres of a guava plantation in Panchkula district in Haryana, which belonged to a Thai Guava Plantation farmer. This particular farmer was struggling to take care of his land and asked for help. Right there,  Rajeev took a leap of faith and resigned from his job to become a full-time farmer. Since then, there has been no looking back for Rajeev.

Residue-Free Farming

Rajeev Bhaskar wanted success in his endeavor to earn just enough money in the business of farming, but not at the cost of people’s health.

I wanted to make sure that my produce was safe and clean for consumption. Therefore, I adopted residue-free farming.”

For the folks who do not know what residue-free farming is. It is an agriculture technique that uses biocides and biofertilizers to keep the use of chemicals and pesticides to a minimum. The proper use of this technique leads to higher production, unlike organic farming.

Guava Plantation
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Apart from this technique, Rajeev also makes use of three-layer bagging. Under this agro-technique, the farmer bags the fruits as soon as they sprout from the flower using a foam neoprene, anti-fog polythene bag, and a piece of newspaper in the top layer.

According to Rajeev, this is his mantra for success because using the combination of these two techniques keeps the fruits in good health, away from the ill effects of pesticides, and ensures even color dispersion.

Thai Guava Plantation Turned Profits Of Lakhs Into Crores

Thai Guava Plantation is an attractive option for farmers looking to make a good profit. There are a few reasons, like the fact that farmers can take advantage of two harvest seasons in one year when growing this fruit. It is easy to grow, offers great quality and taste to consumers, and is preferred for export and local markets. Moreover, per acre, Guava Plantation produces about 600 fruits.

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Furthermore, if a farmer’s employee is knowledgeable, he can aim for good profits even if the fruit sells for 20 to 25 rupees per kg.

Rajiv, riding on the knowledge he attained during his time at VNR Seeds about this all, got the most out of it when he turned farmer. According to him, in the first year itself, when he harvested 5 acres of land, he made 20 lakh rupees

Guava Plantation
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Encouraged by the results, he invested in a new plot of land of 15 acres close to the Mohali airport; however, because he struggled to promote his produce, he couldn’t earn as much as he wanted.

But he was still relentless, and in 2019, he found investors to back his efforts. They invested to help him get an agreement for 55 acres of land in the Rupnagar district of Punjab. Now, he has been harvesting Guava Plantation using his personalized technique for the last 3 years and makes over 1 crore.

According to Rajeev, “We deliver all our goods in 10 kg crates to the Delhi APMC market.  There, we receive it within a week. The price of Guava Plantation sold per kg varies between INR 40 and INR 100 depending on the season and quality, and we earn an average of Rs 6 lakh per acre.”

Until 2021, he was harvesting both in Panchkula and Rupnagar. However, from there on, he shifted all focus to the land in Rupnagar and is making efforts to produce more. His land has about 12,000 Guava Plantation trees, and because of his diligent efforts, his profits have soared from Rs. 20 lakh in 2017 to Rs. 1.5 crore in 2022.

Guava Plantation
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Due to the characteristics of Guava Plantation trees, his current 25 kg harvest per plant is anticipated to increase to 40 kg, and he anticipates that his income will rise even further in the upcoming years.

A Remarkable & Inspiring Story For People Who Aim Or Hope To Turn To Agriculture

In a country where people are turning to professions and businesses related to education and moving away from the traditional agriculture sector, the story of Rajiv Bhaskar is truly an inspiration.

He was a person who neither had knowledge of agriculture nor any ambition to become a farmer. But fate had different plans for him. His tale of becoming a knowledgeable and successful farmer through a career in sales and marketing is nothing short of extraordinary.

The best part about his journey is that he has achieved success without using harmful chemicals and pesticides and has made sure the quality of his Guava Plantation is always excellent. So if you are someone who has any interest in agriculture, you can look up to him and take inspiration from his stupendous tale.

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