50-YO Saw How Hard Ageing Was, So Created A Place For Senior Community To Live Happy, Independent & Fun Lives

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In India, there exists a stereotype that when people grow old, they get to retire and live their lives completely dependent upon their children for all of their needs. But being dependent on someone else can be extremely taxing for the senior community and as time goes on, it can be hard for adults to keep up with the changes.

Breaking such stereotypes and adding sparkle to their boring – dusty lives with lots of interesting activities, SeniorWorld was founded by M.P. Deepu and Rahul Gupta to promote healthy, independent and fun aging.

Seniors Community
Source – Seniorworld

Senior Community – & The Struggles Of Aging

With time, families prefer to stay nuclear, forcing the seniors to stay away from their own children. The Internet, along with keeping them connected, enlightens the now vulnerable and shy senior community with new doors of infinite opportunities for those who want to reclaim their retirement.

SeniorWorld encourages seniors to come out of their old and dull retired lifestyle by traveling around the world, motivating them to follow their passions for which they never had time earlier. The basic philosophy of SeniorWorld is that people don’t grow old. When they stop growing, they become old. 

With a motive in mind to help the senior community live their lives to the fullest and also give back more to society, This unique venture provides seniors with great services and products to inspire their retired lives.

The Journey of Encouraging and Empowering Seniors

Seniors Community
Source – Seniorworld

SeniorWorld was founded with the vision to enable the Indian senior community to live happily, engage with similar people like them, and have fun and independent lives.

SeniorWorld started its journey in 2015. When one of the co-founders, Rahul Gupta, entered his 50s, he realised that seniors had to face a lot of struggles once they entered seniorhood. He Shared his thoughts on an eco-system that was senior-friendly with the co-founder, M.P. Deepu.

Both of them, used to be C-suite executives for a long time, but when they realised that the senior community was becoming a forgotten society, they decided to step in to make a change. They tuned in with the voice of their hearts to serve the seniors of the country.

Seniors Community Seniorworld
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When they started to think about it, they understood that there was a huge gap between the rest of the society and the senior community. Their main motive was to bridge the gap. But the question arises: how?

A lot of ideas came into their minds to complete the objective; however, their minds came back to this one thought, where they thought of creating a community of senior people. The idea of SeniorWorld had a great social impact and was fulfilling for the founders. Their sole purpose was to serve the elderly of the nation.

SeniorWorld began to work on filling the gap between the various sectors and the seniors by launching the latest technology products and services generated for the easement of life for the seniors. Started as a small community, SeniorWorld is now a family for lakhs of the elderly.

Seniors Community
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Seniorworld was founded with the vision of enabling Indian Seniors to live happily, engage with similar people like them, and have fun and independent lives. The vision was influenced by senior citizens who want to enjoy their lives and redefine the stereotype of how seniors should spend their lives.

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The Effort to serve the comfort 

‘Seenagers’, is what they prefer to call the senior community with love. While entering this world, the founders found out that the main problem was the lack of knowledge and technology among the Seenagers.

It became the motto of SeniorWorld to solve this issue since no other company with the same goal took the Seenagers’ battle into account.

As a result, SeniorWorld came up with technologies that were easy to use for the seniors and served the purpose of their safety as well as being fun. They simplify the technology for easy use. ‘Digital Equity for all ages’ is the main challenge today.

Seniors citizens
Source – Instagram

During the pandemic, when it was a tough period for everyone around, it was toughest for the senior community. Seenagers used to feel isolated and depressed, so SeniorWorld decided to engage with them, make them learn new technologies, and hold various fun programs and games.

SeniorWorld comes with a lot of services and products that are specifically designed with features for seniors. The products are designed with the intention of providing extreme care and ease for our seniors.

SeniorWorld also provides ‘Silverwings group holidays, which include exploration of various tourist destinations along with relaxation, just like fun with comfort, to various destinations like Dubai, Australia, etc.

It involves similar-aged people for better sharing of experiences and interests and establishing new friendships to have a memorable holiday. Most of our grandparents have this thought: they are done with their lives, and there is nothing left for them to do.

SeniorWorld encourages seniors to change their mindset and evolve to lead a better and more independent lifestyle.

And it’s not just about products and services. 

When we understand what SeniorWorld is all about, we learn that it is not just a bunch of products and services. It is about the revolutionary idea of killing the stereotypes of living an old and boring lifestyle.

There is a concept among the people of Okinawa, Japan, that there is no such word as “retire” or any other word that has a literal meaning of getting retired. People there work as long as they want and can.

They follow their passions, regardless of their age. With the belief that 70 is the new 40, SeniorWorld is committed to this large senior community to help them connect with each other and provide them with the greatest life experiences of all time.

Following up on the concept of positive aging SeniorWorld teaches us how simple habits such as regular workouts, having hobbies, staying social, and laughing easily help promote the good health of Seniors.

The SeniorWorld is a thriving and fast-growing community; their blog stories consist of Inspirational Seniors from around the country and much more. Mad4India wishes the best to the SeniorWorld for their amazing initiative with such pure and good-hearted intentions.

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