Why Lord Ram Conducted Yagna Here: Unique History Of India’s First 24/7 solar-powered Village, Modhera

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Welcome to this quaint village nestled in the heart of the Mehsana district in Gujarat, India. While it might seem like just another village at first glance, it holds a fascinating blend of ancient history and modern innovation in science and sustainability that sets it apart. Rightly utilizing the blessings of nature, Modhera is now the first solar village in India.

All About Modhera Solar Village

As of the 2011 census, this vibrant village is home to 6,373 residents. But even as a very small average village, today it stands as a shining example of sustainable progress, with its pioneering solar initiatives and groundbreaking projects capturing the attention of the nation.

“Whenever there is a mention of solar power in the world, Modhera will stand out”

PRIME MINISTER NARENDRA MODI (at Modhera in October 2022)
Source: Wikimedia

In the pages of India’s first solar village’s history, we discover that this village was once known as Dharmaranya during the Puranic age. Legend has it that Lord Rama himself conducted a yagna here to purify himself of the sin of slaying the Brahmin Ravana.

The town, originally called Modherak, was born out of this divine act and later evolved into Modhera. One of the key jewels in the historical crown of this city is the Modhera Sun Temple or Modhera Surya Mandir, a marvel built during the reign of Bhima I of the Chaulukya dynasty in 1026–1027.

Behold the Modhera Sun Temple, a testament to the artistic and engineering prowess of the Chaulukya era. Standing proudly, it has weathered the sands of time, telling stories of devotion and architectural brilliance.

Source: Wikimedia

But the Modhera sun temple is not the sole gem of this village; the Gyaneshwari stepwell, dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries, captivates with its unique design. Unlike traditional step-wells, it houses a shrine at its first pavilion, defying conventions in the most captivating way. Additionally, the Modheshwari Mata Temple graces the village, adding another layer to its spiritual landscape.

A Solar Revolution:

In a fascinating turn of events, Modhera has etched its name in the annals of the modern world too. Modhera, which has evolved into India’s first “solar village,” now receives all of its power from a 6 MW solar plant and a 15 MWh battery energy storage system. Spanning over 12 hectares of land, just 3 kilometers from the village, this solar marvel is a testament to the sustainable progress India is achieving. It’s more than a mere project; it’s a beacon of environmental responsibility.

The Gujarat government, recognizing the potential for change, allocated 12 hectares for a transformative project in Modhera solar village. The venture saw an impressive investment of ₹80.66 crore from both the central and state governments across two phases.

The first solar village in India now boasts over 1,300 rooftop solar systems, each with a 1 kW capacity, generating electricity during the day and seamlessly transitioning to Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) for nighttime power supply.

Source: Canva

The Modhera solar village proudly houses India’s first grid-connected mega-watt hour scale battery energy storage system. In a groundbreaking move, it is not just a solar village—it is also the first modern village with a solar-based ultra-modern electric vehicle charging station, symbolizing a leap into the future of sustainable transportation.

A staggering 1300 out of 1600 houses in this village have embraced rooftop solar systems, making the village a shining example of sustainable living. Modhera’s Sun Temple, a protected archaeological site, is not just a relic of the past but a canvas for the future. The Modhera sun temple’s heritage lighting and a cutting-edge 3-D projection, powered entirely by solar energy, bring the village’s history to life. Scheduled for inauguration on October 9 by none other than Prime Minister Modi, this solar-powered spectacle is set to be a historic moment for Modhera. In a world grappling with energy crises, this village emerges as a model of how ancient wonders and modern technology can coexist harmoniously.

Source: Canva

As we conclude our journey through Modhera, we’re left marveling at the intersection of ancient history and cutting-edge innovation. From the divine yagnas of Lord Rama to the hymn of solar panels under the vibrant Gujarat sun, Modhera stands as a living testament to the evolution of time and the resilience of a community embracing progress while honoring its roots. The story of Modhera is not just about a village; it’s a narrative of how the past and the future can dance together in perfect harmony.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is India’s first solar village?

Modhera in Gujarat is India’s first 24×7 solar-powered village.

Which city is known as a solar city?

Sanchi, renowned as the ancient center of Stupa, has achieved the distinction of being India’s ‘solar city.’ This initiative, designed to curtail carbon dioxide emissions by 14,324 tonnes per year, presently encompasses a 3 MW solar plant fulfilling the energy requirements of the city

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