Solar Chai Thela – A Blazing Innovation That Lets You Sip Tea Without Harming Planet

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Solar Chai Thela

For many years now, the phrase “climate change” has been used and discussed. But do we actually understand what Climate Change means and even if we understand are doing something about it? Actually, the answer is NO! Unluckily laymen are not even aware of what climate change is and how to deal with it. To create a change, small steps are needed. While we all were busy cursing the government for not doing anything substantial for climate change this man introduced the market with a revolutionary innovation – the Solar Chai Thela. Not just much he in fact is on a Gandhian mission to change our everyday lifestyle step by step.

To make India solar-powered, one man embarks on a Gandhian mission. He is accomplishing this by setting out on a ten-year journey in a solar roof bus that has 3.2 kw of solar energy for his “household” needs. While on this journey he introduced a solar Chai Thela that will bring a revolution in the market.

Tea is something that we all love. It’s the new energy drink and the innovative tea startups have made its presence even more graceful. In fact, these 5 Top Chai Startups Of India are Beating Starbucks When It Comes To Being Unique & Popular

Solar Chai Thela
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Inventor Of Solar Chai Thela On A Gandhian Mission

An IITB researcher who lectures to students while cooking, sleeping, and living in his solar bus, is showcasing the effectiveness of solar power and encouraging others to lead sustainable lives. Prof. Chetan S Solanki claims that the only way to help accelerate a people’s movement is through emotions.

He set out on his journey from Bhopal on November 26, 2020, travelled all the way down to the south, and then returned to the north of India. Along the way, he spoke with a variety of people about the environment, solar energy, and leading a simple life—a message that Mahatma Gandhi once propagated.

Some of Solanki’s ideas are ground-breaking and cause you to sit up straight and adore his courage. Out of many innovative ideas, this solar roof thela caught our attention, for the reason that it will very easily briskly walk into the lives of common people.

He asserts “The ability of governments around the world to combat climate change is insufficient. Governments are only in office for 4 – 5 years, which prevents them from taking enough action to slow down climate change.

According to the IIT professor, we cannot lessen the effects of climate change unless each individual takes responsibility and contributes.

“We need a general populace movement for this, Keeping this agenda in mind Solanki observed that we need to start the change at the very base level. And on his drive on the road, he realised that tea shops are something that can be found at each gali nukkad in the country. chai is an inseparable entity of Indian culture.

Solanki is not the first one to do something this impressive to bring in a positive chnage in the enviournmnet India’s Elon Musk – Kashmiri Maths Teacher Toils 11 Years To Invent Solar Car or India’s First Solar Ferry & Electric Boat Which Is Powered By Solar Energy. But what makes Solanki’s innovstion uniquie is his idea of bringing in more people in the mission of living a sustainable life.

Solar chai Thela
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Energy Swaraj Foundation’s Mission With Solar Roof Business

Chai (tea) from the roadside is consumed by more than 96% of Indians, enabling lakhs of people to get going with their day. This roadside chai is prepared by numerous vendors using LPG and kerosene. The fumes these fuels emit, however, are hazardous to the Chai Thela business owners as well as the environment. And to reduce the use of non-renewable sources of energy, An eco-friendly Solar Chai Thela was created by the Energy Swaraj Foundation under the guidance of Solanki.

Energy Swaraj Foundation was established in 2019 by Professor Chetan Singh Solanki and aims to empower local communities to reduce the negative effects of climate change. The focus of the Energy Swaraj Foundation is raising awareness for energy production and consumption. Energy Swaraj Foundation is committed to offer complete solar solutions in response to the climate emergency.

What is Solar Chai Thela

Energy Swaraj Foundation has created Solar Chai Thela keeping in mind the vision of Chetan Singh Solanki. The Solar Chai Thela has a solar roof with an 800 W panel, 1.8 kWh of LFP batteries, and a 1 kW DC induction cooktop. About 250 glasses of tea can be made using the system each day. The Solar Chai Thela costs approximately Rs. 70k.

Energy Swaraj Foundation
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The use of fossil fuels excessively has caused catastrophic climate change. Switching completely (100%) and right away to clean energy is the answer (in a very short time). The two basic sustainability principles of “limiting consumption” and “localising production” must be followed in order for this to be accomplished.

Energy Swaraj aim’s in the process of switching to cleaner fuels by establishing a new strategy of solar Chai Thela business for every small tea vendor on the roadside.

Solar energy is primarily used by consumers to lower their electricity bills rather than for environmental reasons. They switch to solar, and as a result, they use a greater amount of electricity. Individuals must comprehend that solar energy should be used to improve global health, not just to lower costs. Let’s learn everything there is to know about the “Energy Swaraj Movement”:

Solanki promotes the AMG concept of sustainable energy, which includes first “Avoid” the use of energy by 1/3rd, even when it is solar energy, then “Minimize” the use of energy by another 1/3rd, using energy-efficient appliances, and finally “Generate” only the remaining 1/3rd of energy locally using renewable sources, we can encourage over 100 million families to become electricity independent (grid-free).

How To Start A Solar Chai Thela?

Evniournmnet conscious people are making a noticeable change in the lives of tea buisness owners and with it in each one’s life. Prof. Solanki is on a bigger mission than we all can even imagine. With this innovative invention, he is not simply going to make the future of chai buisness owners a much brighter one. If you plan on starting your own Solar Chai Thela, now the road is a simple one, simply get in contact with Energy Swaraj Foundation and start your own tea buisness while keeping the concern for mother earth alive.

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