Even With Full-Time Job, He Is A Full-Time Mountaineer, 37-YO Climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, More Than 40 Treks Done

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The mountains are calling, and I must go.” John Muir

Mountains are nothing short of a wonder of nature. They attract and intrigue humans, and why wouldn’t they? They offer majestic and unforgettable beauty, towering peaks, endless stories, cultural wonders and the opportunity to experience the ultimate adventure of trekking while being close to nature for the mountaineer.

No wonder they attract many adventure-hungry individuals like magnets. However, such an adventure is not for everyone. Especially when you know trekking, or mountaineering is not everyone’s cup since it requires muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility, not to mention the financial requirements and life-threatening risks involved in it.

Therefore, if you are an average individual who is part of the everyday crowd making efforts to pursue the dream of conquering the highest and mightiest peak of each continent, people will not be able to stop themselves from admiring your feat.

Source- Sameer Muley

And there are some crazy individuals who are part of the crowd, living an average life filled with responsibilities but also experiencing their passion for mountaineering and the joy of conquering the highest peaks. One of these exceptional individuals is Sameer Muley, a mountaineer who happens to be a professional engineer, from Aurangabad.

Mountaineer – engineer

This passionate mountaineer, despite his family responsibilities and being from a humble background, is living his dream of conquering the highest mountain on earth. He has already trekked on 40 mountains, and the biggest accomplishment of his kitty is Mt. Kilimanjaro, which is the highest mountain peak in Africa. 

If you are into nature, this will sound like a fairy tale to you, and this is the kind of life you would wish to live. However, this fairy tale is based on experiences that have been filled with difficulties, challenges, and struggles.

It is also the story of a person who not only overcame the challenges life threw at him but also made sure he started living his life as he wanted, close to nature, on the top of the mountains.

Triumphing Over Challenges

Sameer’s started in Aurangabad, where he was born into a humble family as the only child. His life was filled with challenges, and he experienced the difficulties that come with poverty.

Source- Sameer Muley

In such cases, dreams remain limited to coming out of such a dreadful situation. With time, he worked hard in his studies, and with the support of his parents and hard work, he completed his engineering degree in 2008.

As it’s said, success is a slave to those who master the skill. With a stubborn heart and sharp brain, Sameer not only overcame poverty but also reached a high that many of us dream to reach.

He got selected by a company based in Poland, due to his extraordinary skills. And then after, he had the opportunity to go to the USA, along with 13 other countries in the world.

Sameer not only won the fight against time and situation but also earned a respected, well-settling life, but even with a perfect life, he still craved more from it: more thrill, adventure and nature. 

He used to get satisfaction from being close to nature, and mountain peaks always intrigued him, and this is how his interest in mountaineering started.

mountaineer sameer muley
Source- Sameer Muley

Because Mountains Were Calling

Sameer got his first real-life taste of trekking in Poland. He got an opportunity for a trekking trip to Tatra Mountain. It was at the top of Mount Tatra that Sameer felt the most alive, he experienced the winds of the earth touching his hair and heart. It was at this moment that Sameer found a place where his soul truly belonged.

There, he realized his real identity should be of a mountaineer. With the confidence he got from Poland, he started doing more research, and when he came back to India, he prepared his body and mind to become a remarkable mountaineer. Even while still performing his duties for his family and while working as a professional at an organisation, doing a 9-to-5 job, the heartfelt desire to become a mountaineer kept growing.

 He says that after preparation, he even went to the Mt. Everest camp, where he came across several difficulties and struggled, but that experience was invaluable. He knew he needed to make himself even stronger. The will of a person can move mountains, so with the lessons he learned at Mount Everest base camp, he started preparing again and set his eyes on Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.

I was 98 kg, when I started my mountaineer journey. I did prepare myself, but it was a whole struggle trekking without a fit body. Now I am experienced enough to know that I should not go above 5000 metres without preparation. So for Kilimanjaro, I prepared a lot, running, exercise, and what not. I used to climb 700 steps up and down daily for two months, and that helped me a lot.”

Mt. Kilimanjaro: The experience that was filled with greater challenges

 The biggest and most significant moment in his life as a mountaineer was climbing the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in South Africa. It was not easy, and the challenges involved, climbing a steep wall of around 230 meters and overcoming storms and other obstacles. But his resilience and preparation came in handy, and he conquered the mountain and put the Indian flag over it.

“This was truly my biggest moment. I can’t even put into words how it made me feel. Climbing Kilimanjaro was not just a physical challenge, but it was also a deeply meaningful experience for me. I felt like I had accomplished something truly significant in my life.”

indian mountaineer
Source- Sameer Muley

Now, he has turned his attention to climbing the highest peaks on each continent, he even has a plan to climb Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, within the next three years. And given how passionate he is, it should not be a surprise that this common engineer from Aurangabad is going to make himself and the country proud by becoming a remarkable mountaineer.

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 Getting family members on board was not easy.

 The support of family and friends is one aspect that is indispensable to such a success story. Sameer says that his family and friends have been very supportive, but they have always been worried about his life because of the nature of the tracks he makes, which are life-threatening.

Source- Sameer Muley

However, given his love for nature and trekking, they understand they can’t stop him. He has taken his wife Mrunmayi as well to the Kedarkantha (3810 m). And he says that now she understands the risks involved in mountaineering and has been very supportive. She knows that without living this passion, her husband will be living a directionless and purposeless life.

“That has always been a challenge for me, especially considering I’m still just a child in the eyes of my parents. They are always aware of the potential dangers that can occur in different ways, especially at high altitudes. It’s not just about the risk of landslides, snowfall, or avalanches; there are other health risks too, like high altitude sickness, cerebral edema, pulmonary edema and so much more. Despite their initial concerns, they have been supportive and encouraging throughout this journey. They understand that sometimes tragedy is a possibility, but they recognize that taking risks is a part of life.”

famous mountaineer
Source- Sameer Muley

If Sameer were to begin thanking all of the individuals who helped him along the way, from his first playmates to his current coworkers, the list of names would be a meter long.

It’s been my good fortune to be surrounded by so many encouraging folks. I am also thankful to my Rakhee Sister Vibha, who has been a constant source of inspiration for me. and I simply cannot thank enough to Mrunmayi, my wife, my partner in all ups and downs. Who not only supported my passion but always took care of things back at home when I was away so that I could do what I wanted to.

The passion is not limited to mountain peaks but also to forts.

Sameer has already done about 40 treks all over the world. However, the unique thing about this mountaineer is that he also sets his sights on climbing or trekking about 394 forts in India, and whenever he completes the trekking of any fort or peak, he puts the Indian flag on it.

Source- Sameer Muley

His passion is one of the ways to pay homage to his great land, This shows his love for the country And with the kind of will Sameer has shown until now, it shouldn’t be a surprise if he achieves all of his set goals, and our good wishes are with him.

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