Let’s Celebrate World Sight Day With 5 Legendry Visually Impaired People Making History In India

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World Sight Day

Do you also panic when left alone in a dark room for some time? If yes, then ever thought about someone visually impaired who is not able to see any colors of this world? Well, life must be very gloomy for them but not all are born to accept the lifelong depressing darkness. This World Sight Day, let’s know the heroic stories of some great warriors fighting life bravely without a weapon – human eyesight!

World Sight Day
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The theme of World Sight Day 2023 highlights the importance of focusing on preservation of vision in the workplace. Eyes are the greatest gift of god and we must take care of them because there are people who got visually impaired due to some serious eye disease later in life. So, dwelling with the theme of World Sight Day 2023, let’s know about some individuals who are discovering their own ray of sunshine in the dark without any fear. Isn’t it thrilling to know the challenges they face while trying to live a normal life?

Discover 5 warriors without sight on World Sight Day

In advocating normal surroundings for visually impaired people, there are many individuals who are fighting the odds of life bravely. This World Sight Day, let’s take out a moment to appreciate their continuous struggle to get through the tough things and build a normal life for themselves, setting an example for many others.

1. Kanchanmala Pande

Nobody deserves an aimless life and all should have a task list for everyday. Planning your perseverance leads to real success. I decided to never give up on life and you should do it too!

Kanchanmala Pande
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Kanchan is a visually impaired Indian international swimmer. Ever since she was a child, she won several medals, both nationally and internationally. A surprise and shock is that she even competed with sighted swimmers at all levels. Being visually impaired, nothing could break her spirit as her family stood strong by her side. She started learning swimming at the age of 8 and gradually participated in small competitions as well.

Many stood against her idea of being a swimmer but she kept going on and today she is the pride of Nagpur. Her current medal tally shines bright as she owns 112 medals including 106 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze. She never wanted her disability to be seen with an eyes of pity so she created her own path to success and this World Sight Day, she stands strong as an inspiration to many.

2. Ashish Goyal

Ashish was an NMIMS student in Mumbai and during the in-house placement process, a company advised Ashish to go for a government job since it has a quota for the physically challenged. He lost his vision in his teen years due to a serious eye condition retinitis pigmentosa. Facing a big challenge in life, Ashish always kept a positive approach to everything and that’s the reason instead of getting offended by the advice, he decided to go for it.

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So, he got placed in ING Vyasa and also completed his MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, US. Today, this boy from Mumbai is working successfully with JP Morgan’s London Operations. Ashish’s milestone earned him the National Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities by the President of India in 2010. This World Sight Day, we celebrate Ashish’s zeal to never give up in life.

3. Ravindra Jain

A person who was, is, and will always be legendary in the music industry is the late music singer and composer, Ravindra Jain. On World Sight Day, if we are talking about visually impaired people with commendable positive energy in life, then how do we forget a great icon like Ravindra Ji. He overcame his lifelong visual impairment and gave us some eye-conic melodies to vibe forever.

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Despite his disability, he turned his passion into a profession and always stood strong among his healthy competitors. Some of his breathtaking works include old-age gems like Akhiyon ke Jharokhe se, Saudagar, Chor Machaye Shor, Chitchor, Fakira, and many more. Ravindra Jain was also awarded Padma Shri for his great contribution to the industry. World Sight Day 2023 calls for more such explosive musical bombs like Ravindra Ji!

4. Beno Zephine

My parents put a lot of effort in deciding a name for me. ‘Beno’ means the daughter of god and ‘Zephine’ means hidden treasure.

Beno Zephine
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Born in 1990 in Chennai, she completed her schooling from Little Flower Convent Higher Secondary School for the Blind in Chennai. Being studious, she wanted to study more and completed her graduation and post-graduation from Chennai only. 23-year-old Beno Zephine made history by becoming India’s first visually challenged person to serve as an Indian Foreign Services Officer (IFS) since 2014.

On World Sight Day, Mad4India spotlights her adage that where there is a will, there is a way!

5. Tiffany Brar

Born in Chennai, Tiffany Brar is the only daughter of General T.P.S Brar and Leslie Brar. Being blind, verbal communication was her key so she became multilingual and learned 5 different Indian languages. Today, she is an Indian community service worker who lost her eyes to oxygen toxicity right after six months of her birth.

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She founded the Jyothirgamaya Foundation to advocate for a more inclusive society for disabled people. She could not bear the fact that visually impaired individuals are confined mostly to the four walls of their homes due to an unsupportive society. This provoked Tiffany to develop this organization that supports the education of fully and partially sighted children. In 2017, she even received the National Award from the President of India. World Sight Day comes once a year but Tiffany advocates every day and that’s incredible!

Having a fully functional human body is a blessing but sometimes we forget to be thankful for it. This World Sight Day, we at Mad4India celebrate heroic individuals who are killing in life with their zeal to never give up and be normal despite their disability. World Sight Day attracts a huge respect for them and they deserve to be appreciated every day.

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