This 50 YO Began Teaching Underprivileged Kids For Free After Losing A Child To Tumour

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It takes a special kind of person to dedicate their time and energy to help those in need, and for these two women in their 50s, that dedication has become a driving force in their lives. These two women have made Teaching poor kids their mission and have resolved to provide them with free education.

Meet Suman Dua – Teaching Godmother

In a world where tragedy can break us, some people find the strength to transform their pain into something beautiful. Suman Dua is one such person.

This 50 Year old experienced more heartache than most people will in a lifetime. She lost her 16-year-old daughter to a tumour, a devastating event that could have easily consumed her. But instead of giving up, Suman channelled her grief into a remarkable act of kindness that has touched the lives of many.

Source – Suman

In honour of her daughter’s memory, Suman decided to give back to society in a meaningful way. She started teaching poor kids in her society for free, using her time and energy to make a difference in the lives of those who needed it most. Suman’s generosity has made a real impact, giving children who might not have had the opportunity otherwise the chance to learn and grow.

Suman Found Her Force In Jazzy

Jazzy had always wanted to do something meaningful for society but wasn’t sure where to start. One day, she happened to meet Suman Dua, who was teaching kids in their society for free. Jazzy was immediately drawn to Suman’s kindness and generosity, and the impact she was making on the children’s lives.

Source- Jazzy

Jazzy Kaur is a 49-year-old mother of 2 sons. She was a homemaker all her life. Her sons have reached good growth in life, and much credit can be given to this mother. Jazzy always believed that education is the key, but when she used to see poor kids roaming around without a means of right direction or correct guidance it used to hamper her mental piece. But as she met Suman and came across her work, Jazzy was really inspired to accompany her.

Light That Shines From Within

Source- Jazzy

It all started in the year 2019 when to honour the lost liveliness of her ailing child Mrs Suman Dua went to her nearby EWS quarters to donate some books to underprivileged kids on Christmas. However, upon reaching there, she realized that the children couldn’t even read as they were not attending school. Suman was heartbroken to see the reality of their situation, but she knew she had to do something to help.

She decided to begin teaching these children on her own in her own home, and she invited the children to her home to learn everything she was teaching them. As she began teaching underprivileged children, she met another divinely-sent soul, Jazzy Kaur. Jazzy and Suman were neighbours who shared a community and were connected by their shared Sikh heritage.

In no time, both women began catering to the children of their EWS neighbourhood. Some of the children who paid them a visit were the children of housemaids, while others were the children of vegetable vendors or potters, etc. Jazzy started volunteering alongside Suman, helping with teaching and organizing other community initiatives for kids.

Source – Suman

Jazzy and Suman knew that the parents of these kids will never focus on education. Determined to make a difference, Suman & Jazzy started talking to a school nearby called Shree Niketan School and convinced them to allow these kids admission with zero admission fee and charge them minimal on the overall expense of their education.

They not only assisted in enrolling the children but also encouraged them to attend school on a regular basis. Suman and Jazzy continued to teach the kids after school to catch up on the basics and provide extra support even when they were in school. These two ladies raised funds from the community to provide these children with school bags, tiffins, shoes, clothes, and other necessities.

Chardi Kala

Suman’s dedication and hard work have paid off, with the help of Jazzy she has successfully enrolled more than 50 kids in school & the kids are now thriving in school and learning to read and write.

teaching at home
Source- Jazzy

These students have been instilled with a sense of confidence and self-worth in addition to academic success. Suman and Jazzy devote 6 days a week to academic teaching, and on Sundays, they practise painting, poetry, story recitation, and other activities.

Some children joined me when they were in UKG or LKG and are now in 4th grade, and believe me, they have improved tremendously. I recall assisting them with notebook covering activities to assignment submission and homework compliance. The development I see in these children fills my heart with joy; these children have learned to talk well, dress well, live well.

Jazzy Kaur

Suman named her teaching class “Chardi Kala,” which means “positive attitude” or “ascending energy.” Jazzy & Suman believe that education is more than just getting good grades; it is also about developing character and a sense of responsibility towards oneself and the community.

Suman and Jazzy, as spiritual ladies, have specifically focused on developing the character of these children; the kids have now learned Gayatri Mantra and Vande Matram, which are exactly the kinds of teachings that only caring mothers can provide.

inspiring teaching
Source- Jazzy

Suman and Jazzy both believe that it was not only their dedication that made this initiative a success, but also the support of the members of their residential society who continually helped, motivated, and funded them to stay focused on what they began. These ladies’ never-ending motivation can be attributed to their relatives, friends, and families.

On January 1st, 2023, Suman was given a special room in the area to continue teaching the children of the economically weaker sector. These women’s efforts have not only changed the lives of these children but have also inspired others in the community to get involved in helping the less fortunate.

The impact of their work is evident in the lives of their students. All of them come from underdeveloped backgrounds, but they have been given a chance to succeed in life. They are motivated, confident, and eager to learn. They know that they have a bright future ahead of them.

Rising Start is a Facebook group started by Jazzy Kaur to connect like-minded people who want to help underprivileged children and become a part of their daily dose of goodness. Follow her page and keep the good alive with more stories by Mad4India.

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