Mukul Kundra Turned From Street Seller To Literary Star: Sold Over 2000 Books On Streets Before Fame Knocked

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Today we have for you an Instagram pop story. This man went from zero to hero in the world of reels. In the video, he is shown selling books on the Janpath and in the next clip, he shows how his dream of becoming a published writer came true.

Source – Instagram

Meet Mukul Kundra

Since forever, Mukul Kundra has always had a wild imagination and a passion for spinning tales. After a hilarious mishap as a kid, he began recording his creative thoughts on paper.

When I broke my nose and couldn’t speak for some time, I turned to pen and paper to express myself, and I haven’t stopped writing since. I discovered that writing was my natural language.

Mukul Kundra, author

Although Mukul Kundra is a travel enthusiast, a bodybuilder, a model, and an entrepreneur (founder of Exploroclub), we were drawn to him because of a viral reel he posted on Instagram.
The reel was about him selling books one by one on Janpath to passersby.

Mukul Kundra
Source – Instagram

When Mukul Kundra wrote his first book, he was only 18 years old. He was a naive boy and knew nothing about books or the publishing industry.

He merely composed a narrative and decided to put it on paper. With the limited knowledge he had, he decided to invest all his savings in this manuscript. Using apps, he designed a cover page for his book and with the cash he had, he turned his manuscript into a real-life printed book. He found a local printer and got around 200 copies of his manuscript printed.

He had 200 books, but he didn’t know what to do with them. Mukul Kundra decided to hit the road. Every weekend, he went to Janpath, a buzzing market in Delhi, to sell his book. He hustled like a champ, approaching potential readers and sharing his story with passion and gusto. It wasn’t easy, though. He faced rejections left and right, with some people brushing him off as just another street vendor. But guess what? Our boy Mukul didn’t back down. He had a fire in his eyes and refused to let setbacks get in his way.

Back then, the goal wasn’t to make money, but to get people to read my book. I used to go to Janpath every weekend, and I always had a goal in mind. Some days the goal was 15 books, and other days it was 20. No matter what, I couldn’t go home until I met my goal, that was the rule for myself.

Mukul Kundra, author
Mukul Kundra
Source – Instagram

In time, Mukul Kundra got the writing bug and was determined to have the world read his thoughts. He quickly began working on his second book. In no time, it was complete and ready for publication. Just like the previous time, he got his book printed and he started selling it by himself, one book at a time. Whether you believe us or not, this young guy has sold over 2000 copies of his narrative to individuals on the Janpath to date.

After having his two novels produced by local printing shops, Mukul Kundra decided to give his writing one more go, but this time he struck gold when he was finally published, not merely printed. With his love for writing, the need to understand what was the right way to go about it came free to him.

Mukul’s third book, The Interview, is accessible on the Internet and in shops. Mukul Kundra rose to prominence when his most recent reel went viral on the internet. The narrative of this young writer is nothing short of remarkable, yet it is also much too realistic to ignore. We all suffer until we achieve success, and it is this struggle that fuels our aspirations, right?

KEEP STRUGGLING, KEEP STRIKING, AND KEEP SUCCEEDING. Mad4india waves luck to Mukul and every other dreamer out there.

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