From A No Buddy To A South Sensation With 7 Million Subscribers – Madan Gowri Became Talk Of The Town For Tweet

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Madan Gowri

How many times you have heard what your heart says? Well enough, sometimes the responsibilities and wishes of our parents come first. Choosing to listen to our heart over anything and taking that faith leap is never easy. The ambitions our parents have for us sometimes don’t align with us. That’s okay! because sometimes our heart-led path brings the same happiness to our parents.

We Mad4india bring you the south sensation, “Madan Gowri”, who comes from a family where parents have expectations that “Humara Beta Engineer Banega.” Knowing and understanding his family, Madan was well aware of his future plans of pursuing engineering but his heart and destiny had different plans.

Madan Gowri
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His heart and his destiny lead him on the path of content creation. Madan Gowri, the engineer became the Madan Gowri, YouTuber and content creator. His story is itself an example that following your heart gives you the best life. Let’s dig into his story and know what is he doing presently.

Tale of this South Sensation- Madan Gowri

A little kid from Tamil Nadu who once saw the dream of coming on television manifested his innocent wish. Madan Gowri was always a kid with extraordinary vision who looked beyond the text books of his school. He was fascinated and intrigued by the glamour world of television.

Little madan Gowri
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With the little disappointment of not being able to participate in school activities, Madan was hugely disheartened and failed to express himself. But his hopes got wings when a cable connection was installed in his home. That was the moment when Madan Gowri took a step towards his unsaid dream.

While working on the aspirations of his parents, Madan worked in Zoho Corporation as a market analyst when he decided to work on his youtube channel too. Working on youtube part-time didn’t felt right to him. So, when his channel got monetise, Madan Gowri left his full time job and dedicated his entire time to his youtube channel.

What inspired Madan Gowri to become a YouTuber?

Madan was not into far-fetched talents like dance and music or acting, but he knew the skill of speaking. He knew how to put difficult and non-understanding information into simple words. This art of simplifying the intricate subjects brought him into limelight.

In 2016, Madan Gowri was shaken when he heard the news that a 16-year-old girl had been murdered. The fact that no one talked about this heartbreaking news left Madan Gowri in a dilemma. But then he decided to talk about it succumbing to the thought, “Who will watch it?”

But his thoughtful and honest chance took flight when his video received 10,000 views and his popularity spiked and he has become unstoppable since then. He started doing his research and started shooting videos, dedicating his whole time to his ambition. His hard work bore fruit when his viewership increased and people watched and listened to his opinions.

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Today his community has spiked from 6 million subscribers to 7.05 million which is commendable and remarkable. His success has made his Amma and Appa joyous and proud.

Elon Musk’s Reply to Madan Gowri

Madan Gowri’s popularity and fame reached globally and his name came under the international headlines when he received a reply from Elon Musk on Twitter. Madan’s happiness has no bounds after this. He boasted this infamous reply on his social media.

Today, Madan Gowri has become a household name in Tamil Nadu. His content is admired and appreciated by people and even the language barrier couldn’t stop him.

What makes Madan’s Content so different?

Madan Gowri chose his mother tongue to start with. His content revolves around the social issues still prevalent in our society. Since childhood, he loved reading the last page of his notebook which used to have facts and information, and his love for history and facts became the subject of his content. Well, as a YouTuber, he looked through the lens of his audience’s viewpoint and understood what he needed to show.

Furthermore, Madan’s content is a one-man show. Madan does everything himself, from ideation to photography to editing and everything else associated with video development. Today, He is creating his own videos and also collaborating with famous personalities. He has been a famous guest at the events done by Google and the G20 summit.

Google, Madan Gowri
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The Unstoppable Madan Gowri

Presently, Madan Gowri is a global YouTube star. He is currently at a point in his career where he has taken on various initiatives outside of YouTube. As a result, he intends to form an entire team. For example, Madan debuted his new enterprise, a news app named Kokru, in 2021; he will soon be entering into a web series; he also runs a hotel, among other things. Madan Gowri has also won various awards for his achievements such as Favourite Blogger of the Year.

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Madan Gowri is surely a rising star but he never forget his roots as he is also involved in helping and supporting people in addition to his content creation. During the second wave, he and his YouTube creators collaborated to acquire cash and set up an oxygen plant in a government hospital. Madan and other celebs also took part in YouTube India’s COVID awareness vaccination camps.

The story and achievements of Madan Gowri are a testament that listening to our hearts and creating our destiny is possible. We Mad4india appreciate Madan Gowri for giving wings to his dreams and becoming an inspiration for youngsters.

To know more about him, you can check out his Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn

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