Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day With 5 Astounding Tales Of These Extraordinary Down Syndrome Fighters

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Fighting is all that fighters know, and in my opinion, the real fighters are the ones who are going up against their own personal demons. If someone is willing to face the demon in front of them, whether it be a financial, social or the demons of their own mind and soul, they are already the kind of warrior one should salute.

But the hardest demons to battle are physical ones, & those who persevere are more powerful than the mountains themselves. Today, we devote our time, energy, and emotions to all those who fought Down syndrome & came out victorious.

World Down Syndrome Day
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What is Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome is a circumstance in which a person has an additional chromosome. Around one in every eight hundred babies are born with this condition. This causes a varying level of intellectual and physical disability. To raise awareness of this condition among the general public, March 21 is celebrated as World Down Syndrome Day.

But instead of showing you the sickeningly dull aspects of being a special child, we’re prepared to take you on an inspirational tour of some of the children who have actually demonstrated why they deserve to be referred to as special children in the first place.

So, here we go and learn about a few people who suffer from Down syndrome, however, that didn’t hinder even an inch from what their life calling is, and it takes an equal amount of happiness to share that joy with every one of you to inspire and find your life calling too.

Riza Reji

The Beautiful Together Foundation, a Bengaluru-based NGO devoted to the empowerment of the differently-abled, was founded by Reji. She is the symbol of a group that needs to come into the public eye, she not only fought her demons but is constantly encouraging many others to stand up straight with pride and slay the world the way they should.

Riza is inspiring in so many ways that one can not count. She doesn’t hide behind her condition. She has always had a liking for the arts, and she is a skilled dancer. Riza Reji took part in the Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s annual “Be Beautiful, Be Yourself” fashion show, which was held in Colorado on November 12, 2022.

riza reji Down Syndrome
source – Instagram

She is the first from our country to take part in the show, which is held to raise money for research on cognitive health issues. Anita Rezi, Riza’s mom and co-founder of the ‘Beautiful Together institute for the care of the disabled, has remarked that her daughter is very expressive vocally and open about her emotions.

Pranay Burde

Meet Pranay Burde, a 33-year young boy living in Mumbai. He is proud of a strong family that enabled him right from his childhood to open his wings and fly and take a gigantic flight to cherish his life. He was once employed at the Leela Hotel. He proved himself by taking the lead in the various roles showered on him.

He had been involved in various creative works like greeting cards, table mats, wall hangings, and decorative envelopes to mention a few. During the pandemic, he lost his job, and his decision to make this kind of art his career turned out to be a fortunate accident.

 Down Syndrome fighter
Source – Facebook

He has won prestigious awards like the National Award 2017 for public recognition of his performance as a role model in the category of Intelectual Disability and the National Award 2014 for the most efficient employee in the same category too. He has also won World Down Syndrome Day Award 2014 which was presented by Down Syndrome International for upholding his rights as a person with Down syndrome.

Swasti Mehta

The story of Swasti’s life teaches the importance of staying optimistic despite setbacks. Swasti has Down syndrome, but that hasn’t stopped her from going after her dreams. It is said that it is a blessing to quench the thirst of one who is thirsty, and she is doing that with style by quenching the thirst of others with Pudina Punch, which is a marvellous way to beat the disastrous heat.

It all started with Covid 19 lockdown while experimenting in the kitchen and founding this great drink, which not only provided praise among family members but outside too.

World Down Syndrome Day swati mehta
Source – Instagram

That’s when she thought of capitalizing on this and earning and getting fame out of it. Her strong sense of self-assurance is what ultimately helped her succeed in this game.

Let us all send good vibes to the aspiring home business owner as she stands confidently with her eyes fixed firmly ahead, ready to march forward with her project and evolve further.

Zainika Jagasia

Born with down syndrome, Zainika Jagasia of Mumbai overcame many obstacles to become a model and skilled baker.
Despite having Down syndrome since birth, Zainika Jagasia was still able to succeed in her endeavours. She is a professional baker, an aspiring model, and an inspiration to many people at the age of 19. 

Down Syndrome model
Source – Instagram

With her baking prowess, the bright girl has become a well-known figure on social media. She began working as a professional baker during the initial lockdown alongside her sister Gitika Jagasia, who owns the bakery Homebred by Gitika.

Her current goal is to eventually work as a full-time model & walk the Gucci runway. 

Shurya Mehrotra

A young man with Down syndrome owns his art studio called the banana studio. His love of paints, brushes, water, and colours during his formative years enabled him to overcome his issues with poor muscle tone and short attention span.

start up by Down Syndrome fighter
Source – Bananastudio

With the help of supportive parents, he opened a pottery studio for himself that he named Banana Studio. He later received training in the art of shaping and colouring clay in South Africa and Thailand. He enjoys using clay and paint to communicate his thoughts, ideas, and emotions in this special place under the sun. Yes, Shurya has the tag of down syndrome with him but surely his soul is more colourful, vibrant and uplifted than many of the so-called normal people.

The main thing that down syndrome does, in my opinion, is make a person much cuter than anything else could. Bravo to all the cute people out there! More strength, more growth, and all the love to you. You make India proud.

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