10 Popular Indian Brands That You Thought Were Foreign 

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The international market is flourishing with the next-gen startup. We often get to know about Indian Brands turning into unicorns. These Indian Brands are celebrated and rightly so. But did you know there are a few Indian brands that are already swirling around the world and you didn’t notice? Well, that might be the case Mad4India presents 10 Indian brands that you thought were foreign. Well, some of it did surprise us as well.  

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield Indian brand
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A Bike of Pure Class and a dream for many bikers. Royal Enfield was founded in 1893 and was then known as the Enfield Cycle Company. In 1901, the Enfield Cycle produced its first motorcycle. The British company is now owned by the Indian company Eicher Motors. Eicher Motors bought Royal Enfield in 1994 and has since become known as Royal Enfield India. This bike is widely used by the Indian Army and defense personnel. 

The Old monk

Old Monk Indian Brand
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It takes 7 years to age a batch of old monks. This iconic black Indian rum was renamed in 1954 by Mohan Meakin Ltd. Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. In 2013, it became the world’s largest rum retailer. This Indian brand is the most popular liquor choice for the elites.  

Jaguar and Land Rover Vehicles

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One of the world’s most famous cars, the Jaguar and Land Rover have been owned by Tata Motors since 2008. Tata Motors is an Indian car manufacturer. Headquartered in Mumbai, it is popularly involved in various industries such as hospitality, metal, and telecommunications. The Jaguar was acquired by Ford in 1990, and they also bought a Land Rover from BMW. Ford then sold to Tata Motors both companies, making Jaguar and Land Rover an Indian brand. 

Da Milano

Source – Instagram

It sounds Italian, but what does it mean? The name refers to the powerful people from Milan who had the same as their surname. Aloisio da Milano, a former Italian architect who worked in Muscovy, Francesco Canova da Milano, a former lute and musician, and Giovanni da Milano, an Italian artist, are some of the inspired names of Da Milano, which is a completely Indian brand. They are great for high-quality leather products and home furniture that is provided regionally and overseas.


Lakme Indian Brand
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Lakme is an Indian cosmetic product owned by Hindustan Unilever. The company was started in 1952 as part of Tata Oil Mills and has been producing cosmetics for domestic and foreign buyers ever since. It got its name from the famous French opera Lakme, meaning Lakshmi.

Allen Solly

Allen Solly
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No matter how good the brand looks or how expensive it is, at the end of the day, it’s an Indian mind behind an Indian brand. Allen Solley is a zealot of Maura Fashion as well as Lifestyle and is part of Aditya Birla Fashion and lifestyle, one of the biggest and fastest-growing brands in India. All those shirts and wallets you own and see in showrooms are made only in India. 

 Louis Philippe

indian clothes brand
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Undoubtedly the genre of Indians! This is another great style of men’s clothing, and the name is considered an inspiration from the King of France. The product was introduced to the country in 1989. Louis Philippe is owned by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle.

Munich Polo

Source – Website

This sounds European but is an Indian type of children’s clothing. Many would-be shocked after knowing this as a German product without being told they were Indians. However, the concept of branding a firm as Munich polo to customers has worked well and, at the same time, created a great business idea.

Peter England

Peter england
Source – Instagram

Both English words, this can’t be from India, right? With all due respect, you all are erroneous. Another brand that is part of Madura Fashion style and partnered with Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd, Peter England has grown its reputation as one of the largest men’s clothing brands in India.

Monte Carlo

Indian Brands Monte carlo
Source – Website

 Another name that will attract Indian customers with “Made in India” products, Monte Carlo is a 100% completely Indian wool product of Nahar Group based in Ludhiana.

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