Vaishnavi Sinha – USA return, daughter of an IAS officer and a professional golfer chose farming over other professions and started Shoonya farms

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Shoonya farms

The methods of farming and animal rearing have significantly changed over the years. People have forgotten the traditional ways of living and their benefits. Some years back, to bring back the traditional practices, Vaishnavi Sinha, a golf player, opened up her Shoonya farms.

Vaishnavi Sinha Opens Up Shoonya

Vaishnavi Sinha has been playing golf since the age of 10. She was a part of various national and international tournaments. After playing on Symetra Tour for two years, she finally returned to India.

Vaishnavi always promoted healthy living. To promote this further, she pursued chemical-free natural farming. She named her farm Shoonya. The word Shoonya means zero. The farm was named Shoonaya because no adulteration, chemical, or preservative is used.

Shoonya farms
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Quality Over Quantity

The farm is in Greater Noida. The specialty of the farm is that it keeps the cows excellently. Vaishnavi said, “We provide food on time. We sell the milk and other products provided by these animals to people, adding no chemicals to the milk.”

The farm uses local cows. Compared to the jersey cows, the quantity of milk provided is less by the local cows. Vaishnavi believes that the quality of milk is much better. She focuses more on quality than quantity.

Shoonya farms
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Facilities For The Cows

Vaishnavi mentioned, “We have provided a lot of space for the cows to keep them in their natural habitat.” The cows can roam around, sit in mud or shade of tree according to their comfort. Water and food are always available for the cows.

With the help of a special water system, the water automatically gets refilled as soon as it gets over. Vaishnavi mentioned, “We do not separate the cows and their children. We do not control breeding as well. The cows and bulls may live freely with each other. Even the breeding naturally takes place with no interference from our side.”

Shoonya farms
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Traditional Treatments

She said, “We have installed several grooming brushes. These naturally help in easing the itching faced by a cow.”

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When the cows get ill, they give proper care to the cows. Natural remedies and traditional ways of treating are used. We have prepared a chart that mentions for which disease local medicine has to be given. In cases of extreme emergency, we turn to allopathy as well.

Shoonya farms
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Organic Farming

Apart from this, organic farming is done. Whatever waste gets generated from the cows is used as a bio-fertilizer for the crops. The waste is used to generate electricity. Different varieties of crops are grown including vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants.

Vaishnavi mentioned people do not see the effects of vegetables and fruits that are full of additives and preservatives. The harmful effects of those show up in 10-15 years. Nothing is better than eating pure fruits and vegetables.

Shoonya farms
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Plans for Future

Vaishnavi is trying her best to create a better India. She wishes to reach out to more people. She believes people should return to traditional and healthy ways of living and eating. To lead a healthy life, one needs to eat healthy, nutritious, and pure food.

Shoonya farms
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