This Unique School Of MP Has More Than 100 Ambidextrous Students, Not Just That All Students Here Are Multilingual

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Even if parents only speak one language, a child can become bilingual, trilingual, quadrilingual, or multilingual, given the condition: the child is encouraged and trained to do it. In fact, if schools provide adequate training, it is not difficult to produce multilingual and ambidextrous students before the age of 15.

If you don’t believe me, I have a live example to share with you. This Madhya Pradesh school has produced a whole troupe of ambidextrous student

Preparing A Group Of Ambidextrous Students

Every parent does everything in their power to educate their kids and ensures that they receive a top-notch education. Before enrolling a child in any school, parents research various school types and gather complete information.

For parents in Madhya Pradesh, however, the search is a little easier because they have a very strong backup option. They only need to arrange for their children to attend Veena Vadini Public School.

This school of Waidhan, Singrauli has a very unique USP. Here all the students are being made creative in a very different way.

Great Vission For Great Future

In this school, such a skill is being taught to the children that even thinking of it seems like a wonder, it must have been seen only in films. In this school, children are taught to write with both hands, yes this school is filled with ambidextrous students. Apart from this, one more special thing is that writing in different languages ​​with both hands is also taught.

This school is thought to be the first of its kind in the nation to have all Ambidextrous Students. The students in this school write with both hands and are fluent in five to six different languages. Numerous awards have also been given to the school.

This school is about 15 kilometres away from the Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh. There are not one or two children who write in different languages ​​with both hands, but there are more than 100.

Psychiatrists told the scientific reason behind this is the way children are moulded from the beginning, they shape in the same way.

It was started by Virangat Sharma. He says that he got this lesson from the first President of the country, Dr. Rajendra Prasad. About Virangat Sharma had read that he used to write with both hands.

Birangad Prasad Sharma, the school’s founder, asserts that his students are twice as quick as others because of their talent. Mr. Sharma is a former soldier. Researchers on ambidexterity from the United States, Canada, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, and the United Arab Emirates visited the school.

These students are capable of writing in six different languages, including Hindi, English, Urdu, Arabic, Roman and Sanskrit. They are able to write answers for several different topics at once. For instance, they can write science with their left hand and geography with their right!

Regular students who write a paper in three hours can finish it in a maximum of an hour or an hour and a half. These children can translate up to 250 words from two languages ​​in 1 minute.

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Feature Image – Veena Vadini Public School

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