Young College Students From YMCA, Faridabad Teach Poor Kids For Free In A Park – A Dream India Project

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Education is the basic right of every individual. But, still, it is unrequited for most. It is true when a person reads and has a resonance of knowledge. It promises them a better future. They are not only assets to the nation but become responsible human beings.

Everyone deserves the right to education. Hoping to accomplish this dream of educating India – a small NGO based in Faridabad has started the initiative of Dream India – to educate India under Nanhi Udaan.

Every child is different but special. They deserve attention like any other. Nanhi Udaan is prompting to educate children in various subjects. And surprisingly, those who are providing free education to students are themselves, students, too.

Churning the hopes under the sky, college students, retired professors, and teachers have taken the initiative to provide free education to students in a park in Faridabad. Apart from teaching, they also cater to values, morals, and ethics.

Mad4India brings an enlightening story that spreads smiles to young children by educating and nourishing them for a better future. It is the story of Dream India – to educate India under Nanhi Udaan.

Free education under the sky

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Formed in 2019 by four students from YMCA university in Faridabad, Nanhi Udaan is a growing institution that hopes to affect several students by providing them with education and clearing their doubts.

The students who have taken this noble initiative are from YMCA university, and many other students voluntarily stepped up to be a part of this movement. Several students volunteered to become a part of the small organization of Nanhi Udaan, which provides voluntary education at Sar Chotu Ram Park in Faridabad. The organizers of this set-up schedule classes in the evening depending on the weather. The confident voices of students with the sheer determination in the teaching of the teacher can be seen buzzing around the park. Students from Kindergarten to class 10th attend these classes in the park.

Park is an entertainment, get-together place, but students from YMCA university, with several other professors, surround themselves with students and provide them with education.

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Four YMCA students started the organization, and after that, other university students and teachers came together to be a part of it. When it first began, there were fewer students, but it quickly gained popularity.

Although the set-up is in a park, it has not deprived the students who teach and students who learn from gaining an education. There can be seen many teachers, retired professors, or those who wish to connect with the NGO is free to do so.

Sitting under the open sky, Nanhi Udaan has a mission to provide education to young students and nurture them. The young college students from the university of YMCA are pursuing the course of their dreams. Taking time through their busy schedule, they make a pact to provide education to students for their betterment.

Education is the fundamental right of an individual. Giving them knowledge, learning, and teachings should never be jeopardized. For a progressive and advanced nation, the minds of the young will favor. It will be their creativity that will enhance for the better. Thus, education is essential for a better future aspect.

What started with four young people as an initiative is now an organization for many.

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Mad4India is delighted to cover the story of Dream India – to educate India under Nanhi Udaan. The organization is small yet doing great things y providing free education to students. It is a form of extra class that makes the subject easier for them. We hope to cover more such inspiring stories that contribute to society selflessly.

To know more about Nanhi Udaan, please check – Instagram, Facebook, Website

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