Manvendra Left A Luxurious Life In the USA & Started Atulya Vikas Foundation To Uplift The Underprivileged Kids

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Atulya Vikas Foundation

“Janani Janmabhoomischa Swargadapi Gariyasi” is a famous Sanskrit shloka that means that your Mother and Motherland are above heaven.

Our greatest sense of pride comes from our duty and responsibility to our own motherland. But the young people of today are fleeing to the cities in order to create a safe and secure future for themselves and abandon their motherland in its neglected and abandoned state. Unfortunately, this is the stark reality of the present.

If everybody is keen on making a safe and secure place for themselves, then who will look after the underprivileged kids and work towards eradicating poverty from our country? That’s what motivated Manvendra Sharma to do something for society.

Manvendra Sharma founded the Atulya Vikas Foundation, an NGO for the upliftment of the underprivileged people of his village in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh.

The Brain-Body Of The Atulya Vikas Foundation

Manvendra had a fulfilled life; he was born and raised in NCR, Delhi. Manvendra Sharma was working for Infosys when he quickly worked his way up the corporate ladder and was offered a job in the US due to his above-average performance.

Although he spent most of his life in a city before moving to the US, his heart still belonged to the small village of Gonda in UP where his family had its beginnings. During his summer and winter breaks as a child, he used to frequently visit the village and spend time with the relatives living in Gonda village. 

How Did The Atulya Vikas Foundation Come Into Being?

When the corona hit India, Sharma’s family returned to the village to be safe and out of the way of the corona’s rush and touch.

During his time in the village. He came to the realisation that children in rural India are still not receiving the quality of education they deserve, despite the fact that the government is giving them a lot of money and resources. They ought to receive more exposure. They ought to think about learning in a new way.

He thought it was completely unfair that children in rural areas did not even have access to the same opportunities for growth as children in urban areas. He, therefore, made the decision to give the kids access to an educator who will teach them all the essentials in the most efficient and useful way possible in order to fill the gap in the system.

Atulya Vikas Foundation
Source : Manvendra Sharma

In a small room, he founded the Atulya Vikas Foundation. In no time, an increasing number of students joined him and started to enjoy reading and learning. He started out with just one instructor, personally paid the instructor, and provided the students with the services at no cost.

Children in rural areas rarely attend school on time, let alone learn, but as soon as Manvendra’s teachers began using a fun and engaging teaching method, more and more students began participating in the Atulya Vikas Foundation’s classes.

Atulya Vikas Foundation
Source : Manvendra Sharma

What is Atulya Vikas Foundation ?

As the name suggests, the main aim of this NGO is the total development of rural society. The Atulya Vikas foundation’s seeds were sown in December 2021 by Manvendra Sharma with the single aim of developing rural society.

Atulya Vikas Foundation
Source : Manvendra Sharma

They started their full-time free education centre in March 2022. Their main aim is to provide education to rural children and empower underprivileged communities through the gift of learning, in this way they are bringing them out of the shackles of poverty. They have 6 teachers and 250 students from 12 villages in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh.

Atulya Vikas Foundation
Source: Facebook

Atulya Vikas Foundation organizes plantation and cleanliness drives from time to time to inculcate the importance of a greener and cleaner environment in the minds of these young children from early on who will become the future of this country. So, that they build a safe space for themselves in the coming time.

Atulya Vikas Foundation
Source : Manvendra Sharma

Empower The Women Of Rural Society

Atulya Vikas foundation is working in many spheres in Gonda. They are working on education, women empowerment, environment, and plantation drives for clean and green, health and development, and poverty.

Atulya Vikas Foundation
Source : Manvendra Sharma

‘If a woman is educated and well aware, she empowers her whole family’- rightly said. Therefore, keeping in mind this idea, Atulya Vikas Foundation also ventured into the sphere of women empowerment and formed various SHGs (Self Help Groups) to give a voice to these ladies in society and directly address the issues faced by women in the rural community with the government.

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In the villages, people still lack basic access to health and nutrition. So many kids and pregnant ladies die because of these issues. To help the kids and pregnant women who are most affected, the Atulya Vikas Foundation is supporting them by providing food and medicine as well.

Atulya Vikas Foundation
Source : Manvendra Sharma

Manvendra Sharma is a firm believer in the fact that a life lived for others is a life worth living. And it is our responsibility to give back to society in whatever way we can to create a safe haven for the poor and needy.

Sharma Is A Role Model For Many Of Us Who Are Working day and night towards the upliftment of the needy.

Be A Part Of The Atulya Vikas Foundation

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