Widowed At The Age Of 20, She Began Nature’s Agriculture To Raise Her Kids; Today, She assists 500 Farmers

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Nature's Agriculture

Story of Usharani From Guntur

Konda Usharani of Nukki village in Guntur had to drop out of school after the tenth grade due to her family’s financial circumstances. She, like most girls in her village, was married at the age of 17.

Like most Indian girls, she was living a normal life, but fate was not in her favour. Her husband died in an accident. Usharani was suddenly saddled with the family’s financial responsibility for her home and kids.

During her early years, she started working as a housekeeper during the day and a watchwoman at night. But the pay she was getting was not enough for her family’s survival.

Nature's Agriculture
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With a lot more weight on her shoulders for her age, she dared to start farming on her family’s one-acre village property. In 2013, she began growing turmeric on her property.

Because most farmers in India use pesticides, Usharani also began using pesticides to get a profitable yield on the small plot of land she had. But she gradually realised how harmful these chemicals were to human health and her land.

Started Practicing Nature’s Agriculture

Due to her regular exposure to chemical substances, she started facing many health issues. In 2016, she took a few natural farming classes and then began Nature’s agriculture on rented land.

She was hesitant to use it on her entire property because she wasn’t sure if it would be profitable, but thanks to Subhash Palekar, a government agricultural officer who was supervising Usharani on the use of organic and Nature’s Agriculture.

She took her time, but after two successful years of Nature’s Agriculture, she decided to go all in. She now cultivates paddy on 5 acres of land and turmeric on a single acre. She has also planted trees of guava along the fence.

Nature's Agriculture
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Struggle Story Became Success Story for Usharani

She now makes her own pesticides and herbicides, which she also makes available for sale to other farmers through a village shop, in addition to practicing Nature’s Agriculture.

Her fertilizers are primarily composed of animal excrement, neem, cow urine, bio compost, and many other natural items.

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Not only that, Usharani also helps other farmers understand the benefits of organic farming. Farming expansion is critical for our country, but it must be done organically. Or else, the consequences will be disastrous; chemicals will devastate lands and people’s health for the rest of their lives.

So she decided to impart whatever knowledge she had gained in nature’s agriculture to those who were interested.

Nature's Agriculture
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So far, she has worked with over 500 farmers in Andhra Pradesh, providing advice, selling organic products, and other services regarding Nature’s Agriculture.

Sri Vasavi Durga Organic Products

Usharani established the ‘Sri Vasavi Durga Organic Products website in 2020 with the assistance of 2 students, Kalyani and Nithin Krishna, to sell organic fertilisers, pesticides and seeds online.

The students were health-conscious, and they were impressed by the way Usharani was working. They were well aware of the risks of eating chemically grown crops. Their conscience brought them into her business and eventually assisted her in creating the website for free.

Nature's Agriculture
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With the help of her website, she now sells her products without any middleman in 16 villages in Guntur and makes enough profit out of it without any split.

Not only her, but her website is also open to all the farmers in her village. This woman in Organic Farming is making nature’s agriculture beneficial and healthy for all around her.

Her goal is to spread nature’s agriculture throughout the country. As a first step toward this goal, she wants to reach out to every corner of her state. Usharani believes “We can only stay healthy if we have healthy soil.”

She believes that financial freedom is essential for all women. Even if someone is uneducated, there are numerous ways to make money, like nature’s agriculture, which was for her.

Nature's Agriculture
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