Wanna Know About Organic Bee Farming? Madhu Pushp Is Turning Beekeeping Into A Huge Profit-making Business

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Organic Bee Farming

Two friends, Shirke and Prateek Karpe, together started Madhu Pushp, a start-up that does organic bee farming and delivers pure honey to their customers. Many other products available in the market these days are usually full of additives and preservatives. Pure products have become hard to find. Honey, a natural sweetener, stays high in demand. Many people sell impure honey that does not provide benefits to the customers. So, Madhu Pushp has come out with this innovative idea of organic bee farming.

The Composition Of The Honey Bee Box

Satish completed a diploma in agricultural education. In 2017, he took training to keep and maintain a beehive. A bee box has been designed by the duo for the honey bees to stay and make honey. The box has a lid to close it and two small holes for the honey bees to come in and go out to collect the nectar for flowers. Each box has 8-9 frames on which the honey gets collected. Each box contains a Queen bee, a male bee, and other bees. The queen bee gives eggs, the male bee fertilizes them, and the other bees go out and collect nectar. Usually, a honey bee travels 2 kilometers to collect nectar and pollens.

organic bee farming
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The Work Done by Honey Bees For Organic Bee Farming At Madhu Pushp

Mostly, while organic bee farming, the farmers prefer to have a water source nearby. For the bees to make honey, nectar and pollen are essential. The honey bees then add an enzyme from their side and make honey. November to April is a good time for the bees to make honey. The production is high. The ideal locations for organic bee farming are places with flora and hilly regions. At Madhu Pushp the bees are kept at ideal locations. The packing of products at Madhu Pushp is done properly to avoid spillage issues.

organic bee farming
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Quality Checks on Honey

The bees are kept in bee boxes in farms and forests. The honey is collected from these bee boxes. Once the honey gets collected it is ensured that the honey is pure. For this, various chemical and physical tests are carried out to check the quality of the honey. Once checked, the honey is filled in glass bottles and packed properly to be sold. One of the founders mentioned, “One way to check the quality of good and pure honey is to add it into a bottle of water. If the honey directly settles down at the bottom and does not get mixed with water at all then it is pure.

organic bee farming
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Different Types of Honey

Madhu Pushp provides different types of honey. For example – multi-floral honey, Ajwain honey, Tulsi honey, Jamun honey, Rosewood honey, Litchi honey, Sunflower honey, Berry honey. Each type of honey has a distinct flavor. Every honey has a different flavor because they are made from the nectar of one particular plant. Each type has its health benefits as well. Owing to the complexity of harvesting, the availability of this honey is seasonal.

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Additional Services Provided by Madhu Pushp

Additionally, Madhu Pushp undertakes the work of imparting training in beekeeping, supply of bee boxes, and providing technical guidance. A bee box usually costs around 5000-6000 rupees. The customers enjoy pure honey through the bee organic farming. Mad4India wishes Madhu Pushp all the best for all their future endeavors!

organic bee farming
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