Is Soil-less Farming Really Possible? With Hydroponics Farming Now It Is

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hydroponic farming

It is widely believed that only people who have access to a good amount of length can indulge in farming. People living in the cities or people who don’t have access to a piece of land can now practice farming and gardening with the help of hydroponic farming. It is soil-less and water-based farming that can be done in a tiny space such as a balcony. Hello, Kissan is an initiative that promotes and helps other farmers use the techniques of hydroponic farming.

Gaining Knowledge of Hydroponics Farming

Arvind Dhakar is the founder of Hello Kissan and belongs to Madhya Pradesh. In 2015, Arvind visited Israel to understand the farming and horticulture practices there. He learned about the practice of Hydroponic farming and decided to give it a try at his farms. In hydroponic farming, plants can be grown without the complete absence of soil. Things like water and cocopeat are used.

hydroponic farming

Nutrient Film Technique

A setup needs to be created through which the plants receive the nutrition and water that it requires to grow. In one such system, a network of pipes is created through which water continuously travels from a tank and touches the roots of all the plants, and then returns to the tank. This technique also helps in saving water as the same water keeps traveling through the same route. But only water isn’t enough for the growth of the plants. So, certain nutrients are added to the water that helps the plants grow. To support the growth of plants, the plants are put in pots, and cocopeat is added. This technique is known as Nutrient Film Technique.

hydroponic farming

Which Plants and Crops Can Be Grown?

A variety of crops, plants, and vegetables can be grown using hydroponic farming. Some of them are Cucumber, tomato, melons, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, chilies, etc. Arvind mentioned, “ Every crop has different requirements to grow. So, people who have enough knowledge of each plant’s nutrition requirement must only practice mixed crop/plant farming. Otherwise, they should engage in only one time at a point in time.”

hydroponic farming

Other Techniques

In another technique, plants are put into sacks with cocopeat. Water is provided only when required and a constant water supply is absent. In winters, the plants don’t need to be watered for up to seven days. The farmer needs to check manually when the plants require water and water then accordingly. Drip water cultivation is another method used for growing plants. A box containing water and nutrients is put inside a box. Plants are placed from above, and through a drip, they keep receiving water and nutrients for their growth.

Viable Option For All

Hydroponic farming is a viable option for anyone who wants to grow plants but doesn’t have enough time and space for plants. With the help of this method, plants can be grown with the availability of basic resources. The farmers who don’t have enough resources can use this method to grow a variety of plants and crops. Basic Knowledge and training are required. Hello Kissan helps in providing information about this technique. The people interested in farming need to know which technique is suitable for the growth of which plant. Mad4India wishes Hello Kissan all the best for their future endeavors!

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