3 Software Engineers on a Mission With Their Startup ‘OrganiKrishi’ – Promoting Natural Farming, Providing Authentic Organic Food

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India has a lot of potential for organic farming and is a significant global supplier of organic goods made by natural farming. But a large portion of the nation is exploited with pesticides that provide a rapid yield.

Through organic farming, these areas can be targeted to provide high and rich productivity. Realizing the need to promote natural farming and the available potential in India, Organic Krishi came into existence. The 5-year-old brand – OrganiKrishi deals with farmers from Haryana, Rajasthan, Meghalaya, and Uttar Pradesh who produce organic foods of various kinds, practicing organic farming.

OrganiKrishi promises a better nature and biodiversity for the next generations by promoting ancient ways of organic farming throughout the nation to make the soil fertile and raise the carbon content.

Product Portfolio of OrganiKrishi

Eating food grown in chemically treated soil is equivalent to a slow poison with nil nutritional value.

OrganiKrishi natural farming
Source – Rajat Saini

OrganiKrishi deals in 100% pure organic farming food gained by natural farming that is free from toxins, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. The product spread of OrganiKrishi includes natural foods with high nutritional value like Amla Juice, Aloe Vera Juice, Lakadong Turmeric, Moringa Powder, Premium Forest Bee Honey, Full Bilona Desi Ghee, Giloy Juice, Buransh Squash, Cold Pressed Mustard Oil and Wheat.

OrganiKrishi doing natural farming
Source: Linkedin

They provide you with the most nutrient-dense, healthy, and hygienic products of organic farming, which are tested in NABL-recognised labs in accordance with FSSAI regulations.

Journey of OrganiKrishi – Sourcing Products Grown by Natural Farming

Organic Food is not a trend, it has become a necessity. OrganiKrishi was founded in 2017 in response to the reality of non-organic harvests sold in markets with organic labels but not gained by natural farming.

The founders came from various walks of life but were dissatisfied with the food they were eating. Professional software engineers had enough money to spend on good organic food but were sceptical that anyone was selling authentic organic food in the name of organic farming.

organic Krishi doing natural farming
Source – Linkedin

“It was a bumpy ride. Making farmers understand the value of organic farming, and helping them make groups for PGS Certification was difficult but worth it. Expectations were high for farmers as natural farming has become a buzzword. They expected it would yield them a hefty source of income but it is not as easy as it seems to be”

Rajat Saini

It takes almost three years to make the soil fertile for natural farming or organic farming. It was difficult for them to pay the farmers a premium amount of money since it involved a lot of costs as the products had to transport from one place to another. But patience was the key.

Today, OrganiKrishi is a well-known brand that aims to promote community health, provide the best and healthiest selection of organic foods produced using organic farming, and infuse the food shopping experience with a spirit of discovery and adventure.

Walk Of Pride

Source – Rajat Saini

Recently, OrganiKrishi has been felicitated with the BioAg Asia Award 2022 in the category of Best BioAg Startup.

Source – Rajat Saini

Reducing The Carbon Footprint With Sustainable Packaging

OrganiKrishi is a no-plastic brand. All the products sold by this brand come in sustainable packaging adding a touch of consciousness to this incredible organic farming venture. Switching from bubble wraps to paper molds, OrganiKrishi made a great move towards sustainability.

OrganiKrishi further aims to pack the goods into 100% sustainable and recyclable packaging further reducing the carbon footprint and being a 100% sustainable and natural brand in the industry of organic farming.

Women – Constant Supporters

Source – Rajat Saini

Women’s lives are significantly improved by OrganiKrishi, by offering them the chance to collaborate on an organic farming mission.

Women make up the majority of our farmers and labourers, and they put their hearts into producing every item you buy & making the land Fertile for natural farming”.

Why OrganiKrishi?

In India, the market for organic farming food has skyrocketed. After the Covid-19 outbreak, people are more aware of their lifestyle choices and general health. Food has been shown to be the most necessary of all luxuries during the epidemic. Food that is grown naturally strengthens immunity to effectively combat daily obstacles.

But are you eating the right food? What if it just claims to be an organic farming harvest by natural farming and is still chemically treated? Answering all your questions, OrganiKrishi solves the authenticity issue for you.

OrganiKrishi offers items that are all-natural, hand-selected, and lovingly packaged by our Heroes! ensuring the finest produce of organic farming available, which may nourish, cure, and restore happiness to your life. So take action to improve your health and the environment for both current and future generations!

Another team – Pahalda Agro which was Once a sinking fertilizer company is now a leading exporter of organic farming harvest spices. Companies like Pahalda agro & Organic Krishi doing natural farming are the future of Indian organic farming & our health.

Source – Rajat Saini

Besides providing all-natural products, OrganiKrishi

  • Assist farmers to maintain a high degree of excellence while practising organic farming in order to support Organikrishi’s environmental leadership and keep up with farmers who raise only wholesome organic harvests.
  • Inform people to buy wholesome foods and consume only those produced organically.
  • Investing in Organic Farms to help them out financially.
Source – Mad4India

Challenges Faced

It has been a tough ride for this brand in organic farming as it was established way before the pandemic actually hit the sustainable thoughts of people. At that time, organic farming food was not a buzzword and wasn’t widespread.

  • Strenuous to make farmers understand the importance of organic farming and what it can do for the world and future generations.
  • The amount of naturally fertile land is less in India. Moreover, the production of naturally treated fertile land is lesser than that of chemically treated one. Making it difficult for the farmers to make a switch to organic farming.
  • Inconsistency of the products is bound to happen in case it grows organically. For instance, Desi Ghee produced in summers vs winters shows up in different hues of yellow. The colour of ghee depends on how much the cow’s backbone absorbs the heat. Naturally, it’s more in summer and less in winter. It makes people sceptical about the brand.
  • You might have heard people saying that GenZ has not tasted the natural products, they taste really different. So, the different and unusual taste of OrganiKrishi by natural farming products makes people think if it is even natural or not.
  • Scalability comes as a roadblock as this brand of organic farming is bootstrapped.

Road Ahead

Source – Rajat Saini

Selling Natural as Natural is what OrganiKrishi aims for. This brand wants to gradually restore Matrabhoomi to its natural state. They want to unite self-motivated and like-minded farmers from all states in India to manufacture OrganiKrishi grade products and would support them in selling those products both domestically and internationally in order to revolutionize this goal and make India “Atamanirbhar.”

Currently, the best stuff in India is exported, and we eat the leftovers. They have a mission to provide the best organic farming product possible to the nation first and to make every state like Sikkim – The First 100% Organic State In The World.

Feature Image Source: OrganiKrishi

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