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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” Robert Swan, Author

Robert Swan, Author

This statement is more important than ever in the current circumstances, and probably every individual living on the planet should understand what it means. But sadly, this is not the case.

Global warming, the ill effects of plastic use, deforestation, pollution, and many other issues are threatening our planet. In this situation, anyone who takes the responsibility to set an example for others and inspire others is an extraordinary individual.

Komal Singh, The influencer

Meet Komal Singh, an engineer working for a prominent healthcare company, she demonstrates her expertise in her professional life. But what sets her apart is her unique passion for sustainable living and urban gardening.

Despite living in an apartment and holding a regular job, Komal has transformed her living space into a green oasis with an astonishing collection of over 120 plants. Her apartment is now a mini garden, an impressive feat in itself. But that’s not all – she has also cultivated a substantial online following of 110k on her Instagram channel, aptly named “Urbanhomevibes.”

Unlike typical social media influencers who focus on dance routines or entertaining videos, Komal Singh uses her platform to educate and inspire her followers about sustainable living and the art of cultivating plants in small spaces like houses and flats. Her dedication to promoting green living has garnered her a loyal and enthusiastic audience, eager to learn from her wisdom.

Komal singh
Source – Instagram

A trip to a slum and landfill changed her whole perspective on nature.

Komal belongs to an average middle-class family. Her roots are in Bihar, and she learned a little bit of gardening from her parents, but like many, Komal Singh lost interest in it during the hustle and bustle of life. But life had something special planned for her. 

Throughout her life, she became a special individual who inspired others and exemplified adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Komal Singh showed thousands of people how to embrace greenery and nature, even while living in a high-rise building within a concrete jungle

Sometimes people just need a moment to realize their life purpose or be inspired. In Komal’s life, that moment occurred when she took A trip to a slum area in Powai, Mumbai, with a landfill adjacent to it. She saw that despite people knowing that dumping plastic and other household waste goods into landfills is the wrong way to get rid of them, they persisted. But it was the residents of the slum who suffered from this as their lives became plagued with diseases, foul smells, and poor hygiene.

komal singh
Source – Pexels

This trip changed her inside out, and she chose a life of sustainability and do something to make others aware of this critical issue.

No preaching, but become an example yourself.

Many people preach, but not many set the example themselves. But Komal Singh is different. She knew that before expecting others to change, she needed to change herself.

She started with small steps like carrying her bottle to the office, restaurants, and public places so she didn’t have to buy and use market plastic bottles. Komal Singh gave up on straws and plastic bags. Then slowly, she started planting in her flat’s balcony area. With time, she gained expertise in various plant harvesting techniques at home in small containers and how to use household waste for compost.  Moreover, she started researching several ways in which she could make smart decisions to support the environment.

But changing her life was not enough for her; Komal Singh wanted to make a bigger impact, and she saw her big opportunity on social media.

How her dedication turned her into a big, successful online

When you have good intentions, the energy of the universe supports you, and it truly shows in the case of Komal.

komal singh
Source – Instagram

 She started making and posting videos about growing plants in small places and containers, making compost from household waste, sustainability, and ways to protect the environment on her Instagram channel called “Urbanhomevibes.”

 She studied and researched more, and many of her innovative ideas came into being with the “try, error, and improve” strategy. Today, she has more than 110 thousand followers.

 What’s the secret of her success, you might ask? The main reason is her dedication; she has not kept her content focused only on plants. On her channel, she showcases herself as a bubbly character filled with positivity and full of energy.

Komal not only talks about plants and fertilizer but also how to make delicious cakes by using natural products like fruits and she is not shy to try her hand at making delicious mango ice cream or even medicine powder made from seeds, which people generally throw away. Komal Singh is unorthodox and experimental in her approach, and this unique yet useful DIY information made her get ground on social media.

Big changes occur with small steps, and Komal Singh understands that. She says, “It is better to push a change where 1000 imperfect but sustainable supporters  come into existence than to push the agenda by preaching to create a perfect 100.”

Komal Singh aims to lead by example, not by criticizing others’ choices, but by showing a unique path towards environmental protection and sustainability in urban living. Through practical examples, she encourages her audience to make small yet meaningful contributions towards protecting the environment, even in city life.

komal singh
Source – Instagram

Her wonderful approach is a big reason for her success. Just imagine that you believe a big space is needed to cultivate plants or create a small garden, but she proves to everyone that it can be done in a small place.

While many believe they must venture to mountains and forests to connect with nature, but i believe, One can relish being close to nature, even in a bustling city and a small flat, all we need to do is, feel connected to the greens

She is still experimenting and finding new ways to sustain herself.

Komal Singh, these days, is experimenting with becoming vegan. It’s been difficult for her, but she is honest about it. She makes an extra effort in her videos to provide information for vegans, like in her cake recipe.

While many believe they must venture to mountains and forests to connect with nature, she challenges this notion. “One can relish being close to nature, even in a bustling city and a small flat,” she asserts.

Komal, the unique sustainability warrior, leads her own learning army, and Mad4India is delighted to have her. This bright and joyful lady is set to make a significant impact on the planet’s future. Discover the vibrant world of sustainable living with Komal, over her Instagram @Urbanhomevibes

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