This Amazing Couple Left The Glamour World Of USA To Set Up The Jeevantika Farm In Barnagar, Madhya Pradesh

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We all are running towards city life that we have forgotten the beauty of a simple lifestyle and simple living. Being close to nature is a blessing, but we foolish humans, are walking on the path of self-destruction by cutting down trees and making those skyscrapers and tall buildings.

The air is getting polluted day by day, and the food that we consume is full of pesticides and chemicals which are harmful to our health. The more we are progressing, the more we are destroying nature – which is harmful to us in the long run. We are not understanding that running towards the glamour world of city life is actually degrading the environment in a big way.

Meet Sakshi & Arpit – an IIT couple who left the glitz and glamour world of the USA. Well, you think,why? Because they fell in love with the natural farm life so they decided to say goodbye to their high-paying job. Read on to know more about their story.

What Compelled This Power Couple To Leave the Glamour World And Create Their Own Little Paradise?

Two roads diverged in the wood, and I-

I took the road less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference

Robert Frost

This beautiful verse from the famous poem ‘The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost’ fits very well here. Leaving a well-settled life which is built with years and years of hard work and patience- is not something everyone can do. What society will say? We are so afraid about that and live the life that we don’t want and feel pressured to live the life that has been decided for us by our parents. The ones who have the courage to travel the path not dictated by others- are the ones who made all the difference.

Similarly, Sakshi and Arpit tread on an unusual path and adopted a sustainable way of living, away from the glamour world.

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Sakshi and Arpit worked in some of the best tech and finance companies in India and the USA for so many years after graduating from IIT Bombay and Delhi respectively. After toiling for so many years in the corporate world, one tends to feel burn out.

After a point, this power couple realized that important exploration in life shouldn’t be brushed aside and they should not get blind sighted from the glitz of the glamour world. Well, then and there they made a decision and packed up their bags and took year long break and went to South America in 2016.

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They volunteered at the Chilean Public School. They interacted with the local people, explored the culture and expanded their comfort zone during the whole process. It was a period of mental awakening for this power couple- and they realized what they were missing in their own life.

From The Glamour World Of USA To Start Jeevantika Farm- Journey To A Sustainable Living

When you have that passion and zeal to do something, you do it even if the odds are against you. Sakshi and Arpit were so keen on making their farm-based life a reality that they went to Auroville, Tamil Nadu- just to learn about natural farming.

Then, they set up a mud house in Barnagar, Madhya Pradesh and started their farming journey from there.

We can’t even imagine our lives without ACs and fans because we are obsessed with our glamour world and modern lifestyle. But, Sakshi and Arpit don’t even feel the need, all thanks to their mud house- which remains cool even in the scorching summer days.

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They grow everything in their 1.5-acre farm – veggies, fruits and pulses – free from chemicals and pesticides: all naturally produced.

Their sustainable approach to living will definitely inspire us to do the needful and adopt the more sustainable approach in our lives.

Connect with the Jeevantika Farm

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If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily hectic life and the glitz of the glamour world is tough to handle sometimes, then you definitely are in a dire need of a detox break from your modern lifestyle.

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, where? It’s Jeevantika Farm ,of course! – you can visit there and spend it in the beautiful vicinity of the farm life , soak in the lush natural beauty and learn about natural farming as well.

To know more about their wonderful farm life or want to volunteer with them. Visit Jeevantika.

You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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