33YO Switches Career From Banking To Organic Farming, Now Makes Crores From Hebbevu Farm Land

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In today’s era, agriculture heavily depends on the use of various chemicals. Chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers, have become an essential part of modern farming practices. While they have contributed to increased crop yields and improved food production, there is growing concern about their negative impact on the environment and human health.

Amith Kishan, 33, a former banker who recognised this issue, changed his life’s direction to pursue a goal of organic farming and sustainable agricultural practices. His organic farming farmland, known as Hebbevu Farm Land, is renowned for its organic farming practices and commitment to sustainable agriculture.

Join us on the journey through Amith Kishan’s path to becoming a fantastic founder and a passionate farmer of an organic farming venture. His story is filled with inspiration and challenges that will leave you in wonder.

How Amith Kishan’s Journey Began

Amith came from a household where farming was a way of life. His grandpa had been a farmer, thus he was inspired by his grandfather’s farming legacy. He completed his education and when he grew older, he began working as a banker. He spent eight years pursuing this career, but things suddenly changed for Amith when a close client of his passed away from cancer.

He was responsible for handling all of his client’s family’s insurance paperwork. This experience led him to wonder about the effects of chemically filled foods on our health. He realised he had to do something about this and start organic farming to solve this problem.

In year 2016, he decided to leave his banking job and pursue his career as a farmer doing organic farming. He founded Hebbevu Farms with his brother, Ashrith after three years of focused research on organic farming.

Facing Challenges: Building Hebbevu Farm Land

Amith and his brother invested a large amount of time and effort in learning about organic farming. Initially, they lacked knowledge about suitable crops for each season. However, they slowly begin their journey of discovering various sustainable farming methods and organic farming. Amith Kishan believes in natural organic farming and sustainable farming.

In his organic farming method, He digs the soil deep and adds cow dung, cow urine, and bananas instead of chemicals. This change has brought back earthworms and increased productivity by adding native animals to the farm to practice organic farming.

Competing was much more difficult in a market where the use of pesticides and chemical farming methods was prevalent. Amith and his brother faced various struggles on their journey to build Hebbevu Farm Land.

One difficult-to-manage hurdle was financial constraints and a lack of awareness among consumers regarding organic farming products. Still, they continued in their mission to create a farm that promotes ecological methods and provides healthier options through organic farming.

At Hebbevu Farm Land, one of their well-known products is A2 Gir cow ghee, which is obtained naturally from the Gir cows on their organic farming farmland. In a competitive market loaded with chemical-based products, Amith is unstoppable in his commitment to providing a high-quality product to consumers.

Organic Farming Will Change Your Way Of Life

The farm stay at Hebbevu Farm Land allows visitors to experience the beauty of living close to nature and understand organic farming. Guests can see the farm’s organic practices and learn about the importance of sustainable organic farming methods. It serves as an educational platform, inspiring people to make the right choices about their food and lifestyle.

By providing this unique farm stay experience, Hebbevu Farm Land aims to empower and educate people about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, give birth to an appreciation for nature, sustainable practices and promote organic farming.

Success Through Struggles

Hebbevu Farm Land has a wide variety of indigenous cows and buffaloes, including breeds like Sahiwal, and Jafarabadi. Amith is not only focused on organic farming methods but also cares about the environment. Amith started using solar power on his farmland for electricity and other purposes, which has greatly reduced his monthly electricity costs.

Amith has achieved impressive growth since he started with a loan amount of Rs 1.5 cr and a few acre farm. Hebbevu farmland has now grown to a massive 650 acres, and Amith earns an annual income of Rs 21 crore. Along with his team, Amith has created job opportunities for more than 3,000 women from nearby villages while growing organic farming in India.

Amith’s dedication to offering a quality product extends beyond his farming practices. He understands the importance of preserving the environment and the health of the people consuming his products. By opting for natural and sustainable organic farming methods, he strives to provide consumers with a safe and wholesome choice amidst a market saturated with chemically-driven alternatives.

Amith’s journey as the founder of Hebbevu Farm Land was filled with ups and downs, but he never gave up. His passion for organic farming and his dedication to creating a better world through sustainable agriculture led him to success.

You can Visit their organic farming project by visiting the Instagram on @Hebbevu and their Website.

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