Namrutha’s Upcyclie Is Making The World A Better Place – Know What The Entrepreneur Behind Upcyclie Thinks

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The Entrepreneur Behind Upcyclie

Namrutha Ramanathan turns waste into gold. She has been engaged in an extremely original project called Upcyclie, where she collects waste fabric and uses it to create vibrant fashionable bags. She is not only securing a bright future for the next generation with her brilliant idea but also providing jobs for uneducated women. She teaches them the craft of bag making by Upcycled Products and helps them earn a respectable living.

The problems were no less for her, she left a well-settled job and accepted the unacceptance of her parents while moving to this new venture. Her parents gave everything to make her independent and when life was all a bed of roses she choose to leave it, leaving them astonished and disappointed about it.

“My mum never went to the office, they educated me and one random day i told her i was leaving my job. She was not happy that I was going around and picking waste and making Upcycled Products. Maybe one day they will understand that what I am doing is for the greater good.”

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But those who know, know that her actions in the years to come will not only benefit the world but will also guarantee that her startup Upcyclie and her idea of making upcycled products will achieve incredible heights. Here is what we know about our upcyclie queen based on our rapid-fire interview with Namrutha.

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What inspires you the most, what keeps you motivated?

The messages I get every day for Upcyclie, saying “I am sending my fabric waste to you, I know you’ll put them to good use”- the fact that I am doing something for the environment.

Any advice you wish to give to the future generation?

The future generation sure has more clarity and exposure as compared to the current working population but has an issue of not getting down to the ground to build contacts. Sometimes, the old ways work.

What are your hobbies, other than work, what do You enjoy doing in your free time?

I play with my cats- one of them is blind and super goofy. It’s a lot of fun connecting with him. I work on what things I can build for them. I have long conversations with my grandmom- who lives downstairs. I love movies and Tamil cinema and discussing them. My mom is a huge movie buff. Connecting with family takes my mind off of things. I run and swim. I am an ocean swimmer.

Upcycled Products
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What is one piece of advice you wish to give to a young business entrepreneur who wishes to start something like Upcyclie?-

One thing from what I am doing right- I believe in relationships, long-term ones. Don’t hesitate to step out on the ground to get things done. Learning on the field is massive- no amount of internet search is gonna give- if you are doing business in India.
One thing from what I did wrong- never doubt yourself. Belief is very important. It’s okay to make mistakes, it’s okay to fall flat but to keep going.

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What excites you most about your industry?

The possibilities- of what all can we do with what’s already available.

What tools and processes make up your workflows? What apps, gadgets, or tools you can’t live without?

Canva, my iPad mini, Funelll (a tool that tracks what users’ paths are after they land on my website), Instagram

What are you currently reading, Any recommendations?

It’s year-end so, only the financials I am reading. Otherwise, I have picked up “Start with a why” by Simon Sinek.

Upcycled Products
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One achievement of yours while working as an entrepreneur that amuses you the most.

That there is always a way to figure it out. There is no time to get bogged down.

Are you open to collaboration? what kind of collaborators works for you?

Currently collaborating with a lot of brands who wish to dispose of their waste in a very sustainable way. If they want something made out of their waste, we are open to it. In fact, even if there is a designer who is to help me with design, ” hy friend”.
If a group of women wish to learn how to make bags and rest, I am your mate.

Describe yourself in three words.

Go-getter, Compassionate, with infectious energy

Namrutha is bringing a revolution in disguise, there is no drum betting but one day the world will hear the music Namrutha and her ladies are creating for all of us. My kids will have a day extra in their life and all thanks to the many people out there like Namrutha, who are okay walking a difficult path just so that the future generation smile a little more. I have placed my order that’s my way of thanking Namrutha, take my advice – Buy A Bag.

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