53 YO, With Daughter’s Help Upcycle Waste Into Quirky Home Decors: 80% Upcycled Treasures From Dumpyard

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Be it clothes or home decor, we often use things for a limited period of time and eventually dispose of it, either because they have lost their charm or because there is a newer, more attractive replacement available. However, if you love your planet, this practise will start to bother you.

Riti Jain Dhar

Most of us often discard items after brief use, but this mother-daughter duo is on a mission to give new life to old, broken, and forgotten objects. Meet Riti Jain Dhar and Maanya Dhar, the co-founders of Imarim, an upcycling home decor business based in Gurugram.

Through their hand-painted creations, they are not only adding beauty and vibrancy to everyday items but also promoting sustainable practises. 

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Painting Away the Ordinary:

Riti Jain Dhar, a skilled artist, started revitalizing worn-out items in her household, like her daughter’s desk, used cans, empty bottles and whatnot. This experience sparked her interest in extending her creative efforts to make something out of the box that can use waste in a very interesting way.

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Riti, who specialises in Applied Art and spent over 20 years in the advertising industry, Her interest in painting and art was sparked by her family’s culture. 

When she was a kid, her parents often took her to art exhibits or galleries. Art was always her friend, and at the age of 53, with the aid of her daughter, she named her hobby.

Maanya, too influenced by an art-respecting environment, pursued Animation and now works as a graphic designer. Encouraged by her mother, Maanya eagerly joined the artistic and upcycling journey.

They’ve created over a hundred distinct designs for a broad range of things, almost 80% of which were recovered from waste and given new life. Their final items are available for purchase via an internet marketplace.

I was in a store looking for plumbing supplies for our house renovation when I saw a wood plank. Immediately, an idea sprung into my head that, with a little DIY and a new coat of paint, It could turn into a very beautiful tray. Why not give it a try? And it was at this moment that Imarim came into existence.

As friends and family saw the colourful transformation of these previously unwanted home decor items, they started requesting similar makeovers. This overwhelming response led to the birth of Imarim in early 2017.

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The mother-daughter duo started visiting junkyards around Delhi, searching for treasures to transform into beautiful home decor items with their paintbrushes.

From Scrap to Stunning:

“Upcycling is basically advanced jugaad,” believes Maanya Dhar. Even with a cursory look, their website exudes an air of buoyancy, brightness, and irreverence. Notebooks, trays, ornate kettles, and thalis are just some of the items available, along with many home decor exclusives. Additionally, they create exquisite cushion covers from old scrap fabrics. 

Pieces that look ideal for sprucing up a dull corner of the home are made from materials that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill or a non-recyclable waste dump.

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The duo also takes on custom projects, allowing clients to have their choice of items upcycled INTO home decor according to their preferences. Imarim doesn’t stop at creating individual pieces; they also take on interior design projects, ensuring waste is minimized while transforming spaces.

home decor
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Animals are a popular source of inspiration for Riti’s designs, which frequently draw from nature. She has incorporated elements of traditional Indian art forms like Madhubani and Kalamkari into her creations, showcasing the diversity of her talent through mind-blowing home decor items. 

Instead of going with the standard muted colours and understated styles associated with eco-friendly products, Imarim injects vibrant life into its materials via the use of bold hues and ornate patterns.

“We do not have a particular art form, we just aim to bring more joy without any harm to the environment,” explains Maanya.

Each piece undergoes an organic painting process, with some completed in a day and others requiring more time for intricate details.

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Imarim’s home decor items are priced based on the effort and intricacy involved in creating each piece. Starting at just Rs. 300, their hand-painted treasures are accessible to a wide range of art enthusiasts.

Riti’s dedication to sustainability goes beyond her artwork; she has embraced a sustainable lifestyle by nurturing a home garden and growing her own food. Imperfections in sculptures and other items are celebrated, as Riti believes they add unique beauty to each piece.

Imarim has won the hearts of many clients who have purchased the home decor items made by this mother-daughter duo.

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While Imarim faces its share of challenges, such as navigating disruptions caused by the pandemic and building visibility as a small business, Riti’s passion and resilience keep her going.

Since the items we make are being upcycled, they may have flaws. They are not perfect, but their defects add to their character. These flaws are what make these home decor items unique and give them a feeling of depth and authenticity that no other product on the market can match.

She advises people not to be easily disheartened and emphasises the necessity of learning from errors. She advises to never give up, no matter what the situation is, and that success will always come to those who work hard for it.

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